Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Double Roar!!

Miss me?? No?? ROAR!! Yeah, it's tough and on the verge of being forgotten! Have been in MIA-mode for so long all thanks to academic pressure, stress and frustration!

Assignments, Final Year Project
and not to forget, upcoming EXAMINATIONS!

Oh well, I guess that's always the students' misfortune! But, this has kept me too long away from the "world". When's the last time I watched a movie with friends? When's the last time I hung out with the crazy bunch for a drink? When's the last the I attend a launching/opening/special event held at cool places? Yea, when I get the answer to that, I'll let you know. Right now, I can't even remember when was my last time doing any of that.

I guess there's really nothing much that's been going on (I know you'd be asking me "How're things man?", "What's new?" or something similar). Been so totally absorbed into the academic chapter, that I hadn't got much freedom to do nuts! Well, of course, right after submitting a whole bunch of assignments and projects, I managed to score a job at PC Fair (the recent August one). So if you're asking me what's new, mark my words - Top Performance Award on 1st day! =P Hahahaha, it's nothing to brag about, 'cause second and third day, similarly, others got it as well. But for me, it was awesome getting it on the first day 'cause the bonus was solidly mine xD

Other than that, it's been rather dull, except for the TCSS session at college with my mates =) If you're wondering what TCSS means it's Talk-C*ck-Sing-Song xD Gotta have a little cover up (I might have minors reading this =P). So that's all about my recent doings.

Until next time, DOUBLE ROAR!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Ichiban no Takaramono

One of the shows that I've been watching lately, well, to be more precise, animes, that I've been hooked on is Angel Beats. Watching this anime gave me a lot of ideas and somewhat inspiration towards life. Also within the anime itself, there are many awesome songs, of which I've been playing over and over again throughout my struggles with assignments and final year project.

Ichiban no Takaramono - My Most Precious Treasure
(not sure whether or not it's a correct translation)

Yeah, I've been pretty busy lately, just 2 weeks ago I've submitted my final year project (FYP), subsequently every 2 days I've to submit an assignment. Altogether, I believe I've submitted 6 assignments which includes the FYP. I'm a little relieved for the moment, but I've got exams coming right up in a few weeks time - my final examinations! I'm glad I didn't give up watching anime, 'cause songs like the one I've shared here, kinda make my day and gave me the mood to continue working =)

Hope you like it!