Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nokia Giveaway X6, But I Got Ribena Instead

Earlier, I attended the Nokia event of 'selling' the new Nokia X6 for only RM66 for the lucky 66 coupon holders, in which I saw was promoted by SmashPop. Went there with a couple of friends. The event management was a total disaster, enough said. I wasn't pleased with how a big company such as Nokia, would handle an event as such so poorly that I believe, I'd be able to do it better than them, even though I'm only a student (not to mention, I'm not from the management field).

It started off with such a hot and sunny day...
Alex and I decided to take things slow,
went down to KL to collect our pay checks,
made some simple plans and stuffs,
before heading down to the place.

You think this is bad?
Well guess again!
My day was worse... bad luck signs were everywhere...
1st, Alex accidentally bumped into a car
(luckily, no damage on either side, so it was a close call)

2nd, on the Sg Besi highway, suddenly a motorcyclist

bumped into Alex's car
(personally I think the dude's drunk, he was swiveling all over)

3rd, we saw this page of a magazine!
(nothing much really, but cruelty against animals is BAD!)

4th, heard some people had coupons, even BEFORE the promised time!
(WTF is that? Some people who went in super early got it!
Pffft! So much for the 7pm-released of redemption coupons)
Note: coupons are given out to a number of candidates,
then a ballot is held and lucky coupon holders takes home an X6

5th, when wanting to pick up our friends and rush down,
it just had to FREAKING rain heavily, with strong wind!
(this is really ridiculous, and I didn't notice it until later,
that it was all BAD signs!)

6th, reached there kinda early, but gate's not open,
even better, there's 2 sets of crowd, THE EARLY ONES,
who were inside and beyond the gates
and the NOT SO EARLY ONES (like us),
who were stuck behind the gates, outside in the rain!
(telling us that the gate's to be open only at 6pm,
when there's already a set of crowd there, is nonsense)

Read it upside down!
Oops I mean the other way around...

Thankfully there always friends around to help make the day better...
They're all I have.. gotta love them..
They're my sunshine yo!
Who's the 3 peeps?
Jacquelyn, Audrey and Alex
(3 of many who were there)

See how many umbrella-ella-ella are there?
Oh yeah, I've learnt that some words can't be used,
cause they either sound funny, wrong or lame...

"Imma feeling wet"
"You're all wet now"
"It's raining heavily, don't COME here"
"It's really heavy now, no point COMING here"
"Ella, it's all your fault, ella ella"

See what I mean?

But no matter what, you'll always see this familiar face...
I smile no matter what, in hopes to turning things around =)
However, things went really rough after that...
Lots of pushing, inconsiderate gestures, etc.

The moment the gate opened, the crowd went mad!
They pushed through like a wave of Tsunami...
I'd just lifted up my legs, and I'm sweep to the front!
Awesome? No!
Some people were knocked down and stepped about,
with others suffered minor bashing about while pushing through...
Kinda scary when you're in the situation...

But I survived!
How? 'Cause I'm awesome =D
See that smile on my face?
Scratch-less from the 'battle'!
Managed to crack some jokes in between the wait
to get the redemption coupons, while still 'being in a sardine can'.

Alas, when I managed to get through,
when I was in, when I was happy I finally made it through,
when I thought I had a chance to get the X6,
when I thought I'd had things for the better,
"Redemption coupons are all given out...
All three thousand of them have been given out"

*speechless* ...

*curses* !@#%@)%^!%$(#^@#$*%!
What the hell? So fast?!
In just couple of minutes??!!
It wasn't enough 1000 people who went through...

But yes, the numbers were all up to 3000,
and that's the fact... All were gone...
So sadly, I'd to face the truth,
I couldn't take it no more, I'd suggested to the gang
to head out for dinner, and so we went!

We came back only to catch Boys Like Girls (BLG) singing their songs
The crowd was VERY much lesser than expected.
Apparently many had left, the moment they knew they lost their chance.
Still, the performance by BLG was nonetheless GREAT!

Wondering how this girl got up so high?
She was waving the thinga-majic like she never waved before!

She was comfortably sitting on someone's shoulder...
In fact, many girls had that privilege on the very night...
Lucky girls... If only I was one...
Then again... It wouldn't be too bad having a girl to sit on my shoulders

So what I gained from the event?
Nothing much, except for this pack of Ribena!
Actually I lost my appetite the moment I lost the chance for a coupon..
After so much trouble and stuffs, the least you wanna know is
when you're that close *pinches finger* they're all out!
And so when I was disappointed, Ribena played its part!
It was given out for free, I took it instantly,
grabbed a sip, and it sweeten out the bitterness inside =D
And so I had a great dinner with an awesome bunch of friends!
Yes, you guys (you know who you are) play a great part tonight!
Thanks guys!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Separation For Clarity

I've decided to changed a little more, as I believe that it'll be a little confusing since this blog is kinda mixed up. Well I've decided to separate my personal writings from the others, and so I've created an external link to it. So that those who aren't interested in my personal life, wouldn't need to go through reading the problems I face through the different phases in life.

Well that's pretty much of the small change I made. Nothing too big to bother anyone =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Astro B.yond Bloggers Night @ Modesto's

Last week, thanks to Nuffnang, Astro, Azaria and Shaz that I was able to attend the night celebrating Astro B.yond's enhancement into our (well actually for those who subscribed for Astro) daily screenings of TV (cartoons, discovery, sports, etc) and international movies (HBO, Star Movies, etc). For those who don't have Astro, it's never too late to subscribe for it. They have good deals and packages now.

High Definition (HD) is one of the latest and major improvements in TV technology today, allowing viewers to witness and experience roughly five times the details of standard definition television broadcast.

And now, Astro B.yond, Malaysia's first High-Definition broadcast, brings you a complete sensory experience – sharper pictures, more vibrant colours, cinematic surround sound, and a wider screen. Combined, it gives you crystal clear details and a viewing experience like never before. (Astro)

Alright, that's about it on Astro B.yond intro...
Now let's move on to the Bloggers Night!!

People (Duh, bloggers, media, etc)...
(Pizza was awesome! Buffet was great!)...
Game (Who is the Murderer?)... Booze (Free flows baby!)...

Experience, See, Hear, Touch and Feel...
(I'll show ya later how it is done *grins*)

Pizza was my favorite for the night!
Dang, it's thin, crusty, cheesy~~
Gosh so orgasmic~!
Gone within minutes... *nods* (not a second later)

I had the top view... The floor was too crowded...

And I never knew how good it felt to look DOWN on people..
Until I was ABOVE them all, like literally...
LOL, no offense people... Just kidding only *grins*
Everyone gathers on the floor as they will be soon
witness something amazing!

Spotted friends around on the floor...
They were thrilled already!

Then, Mr Henry Tan (CEO of Astro) stepped up to the stage...
Letting us on some kick-ass story on how powerful blogging has been,
reminding us that even Astro is changing their game for the people

And we for the first time, witness the HD of Astro B.yond TV commercial...
One of Malaysian's longest TV commercial... to about 2.30 minutes..
OMG, it was mind blasting! i was dumbfounded, like seriously!
Details... Colors... Sound...
if I could, I WANNA GET 1 MYSELF!

The crowd was definitely awed away by the awesome-ness of HD!

After that superb premiere of the commercial,
it was finally time for dinner-is-served-so-EAT-up!
The food was really good! Modesto's a fine choice for dining!

Then there was a game for everyone to play
"Guess who the Murderer is"
Players are grouped in each team of 5 members,
first one to guess who the murderer is heads to the next round.
Clues are hidden around the place... Find them... and make a guess...
Guess it wrong, and you're disqualified.

So here's the dead guy (Huai Bin in act)
But who's the murderer?
I'll leave that a mystery to you...
(Too bad you weren't there eh? =P)

This is the winning team.. KY, ShaolinTiger and gang...
Only one of them gets to take home
a 32" LG HDTV and 1 year free subscription of Astro B.yond!
Wootza! Lucky guy!
Who's the person? I'm sure you're smart enough to find out..
(hint: many other blogs has the answer)
[i like mysteries, do you? *grins*]

Not to forget, there was also a pretty cool live music performance for us!

Then, it's bloggers jumping around!
They're hyped up! =D

And Dustyhawk pretending to be dead...
Good boy, aren't you a good boy?

Of course when you have a pretty lady going around,
never miss the chance to snap a picture with her...
Give it up for JojoStruys!

Well I know this is the moment you've been waiting for...
I know I know.. Imma AWESOME~
Thank you thank you...
Seriously, thank you... *grins*

Suresh, Hitomi and Dusty...
Portraying a crime scene...
if only there was blood...

*feels awkwardness*
What? I'm just saying...
sheeessshh, can't you people take a joke?

And the peeps partying~!
Dancing and laughing around...

Hmmm.. I wasn't sure what this was all about...
Probably Huai Bin was making his moves...
To the left, to the left? (from my point of view)

This is you'll be seeing a lot, when you have too much of booze!
hahaha, kidding... I'm not drunk...
OooOoooo, I see light!

Here's a picture of me and Azaria!
is it me, or she looks drunk?
Hahaha.. Kidding Azaria... don't be mad at me k? =D

Last but not least, people signing on the welcome board...
This is not even half of the list yet...

So that's me, yours truly, Jeffro signing off...
See ya real soon!
Have a great time!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ain't Too Young, Ain't Too Old either..

Ain't the first time, neither would it be the last time. Well, FYI I've been known for my randomness and spontaneous nature, I mean really spontaneous! If I'm up with the hyped, I'd do the silliest/craziest or the most outraged thing if you've ever thought of doing. Nevertheless I always emphasizes on fun and togetherness. What's better than being around bunch of fun-loving people, who at the same time LOVES randomness as well? So, here I'll show you one of my craziest time and schedule (pre-planned as well as the last minute impromptu plan).

From the previous night, to the next night...

This was on the night of January 12th...
How did it started?
Well it began from a simple suggestion of an outing at 7pm on Twitter, started off between 3 girls - Samantha, Sherry and Wennie. Then, it all changed when I came into the picture... With just " I dun mind driving anytime.. someone needs to pay for the fuel only" and some discussion over Skype, we were already on the go the next minute (about 9+pm). Guess what? It took me two hours to reach the destination - Subang SS15 (which was only 20 minutes away from my place) because I had to pick up Wennie (Puncak Bukit Jalil), JasonOng (Ampang) and Samantha (Jalan Pahang). Reaching the place at around 11.30pm, we found out that the plan had changed. No longer was it at Snowflakes as planned earlier, the rest of the people decided to hang out at FBI (Food, Beverages, Ice) which was next lot. So the remaining people were: Samuel, Sherry, Shaz, Xiang and Alex (who arrived not long after we did). All in all, there were eight (8) of us...

Yeap, as shown, we were playing Up (also known as Jenga), while the others were playing Uno cards on the other side of the table. If you think Sherry's playing only Up, you're wrong! Hell she was multitasking! - Playing both Up and Uno cards (and she won in Uno despite having the most cards at first)

After that, we went for pool!
This was totally unplanned... I thought after food,
we'd head back for some good rest...
Didn't know we only head back at 2+am...

(taken from Samantha)
And you'd really think we'd just head home like that huh?
Hell no~! We had supper first.
And left close to 3am... *roll eyes*

Before leaving I received a package from Audrey,
through Samuel. What's inside?

Voila! My RED M.A.D badge!
Got it for RM3 (but I totally forgotten about it,
I only paid RM2.50 to Samuel, sorry man)

So now it's part of my other badges
(I have a few more, just that I haven't pinned them up yet)
By the time this was up, it was already close to 5am..

Recognize this?
It's definitely KL time alright...
I was already on the go by this time heading down to KL
to join JoyceTedoen for an adventure *grins*

Only to be joined by Nicole later on that morning...
We had fun walking around KL, enjoying the view and
having a jolly good time laughing...

Our 'trip': Pasar Seni -> Petaling Street -> PWTC -> Sg Wang
-> Jalan Alor -> Muzium Telekom -> Pasar Seni

How awesome is that??

We went into Muzium Telekom as visitors.
You know we weren't suppose to be taking pictures inside the muzium..

This is proof! LOL

These were shots taken on the way back to Pasar Seni (starting point)
Saw this big lizard swimming down the Sg Gombak...
Couldn't resist, I took a few snap shots of it!
Damn big way~

So after that, we parted and head home...
Reached home close to 4pm, took a short rest...
And by evening, I'm again up to head to the event of the night.

Astro B.yond Bloggers Night!
Started at 7pm at Modesto's
(will blog about it soon enough)
Went there with nearly the same people I met during the night before..
LOL coincidence? Not! =P
This was already planned ahead about a week ago...

In case if you don't know what Astro B.yond is about,
it's a HD version of the current Astro shows.
And by HD I'm referring to High Definition, not Head Damage (=.=")

Alright, that's all!
This is Jeffro, and Imma signing off!