Wednesday, January 26, 2011

System Down Kicking in a Song

Am doing testing for a new system, in which is still under development, but apparently there's many down time. And off late, these plentiful of down times have spark a song which somewhat make sense to me now...

"Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down?
Down... down...
You oughta know,
Tonight is the night to let it go
We'll put on a show
I wanna see how you lose control

So leave it behind
'Cause we have a night to get away
So come on and fly with me
As we make our great escape"

See what I mean? It makes perfect sense now. It's time to get away! =P Unfortunately for me, that "great escape" of mine is in another 1.5 hours from now. *singing Baby are you down, down, down, down, down*...

Friday, January 21, 2011

When I'm in Singapore

A few weeks back, I had gotten my first opportunity to work outstation (as in out of the country) and Singapore was a good start (there'll be more, and UK's one of the future destination *smiles*). Well, since I can't snap picture of work, and neither did I get the chance to roam Singapore freely on my own due to time constraint, what I managed to do is during my free time (after working hours) I got hold of Nathalie and YingZi (more like the other way around actually) for a dinner / supper. So that was the only time I managed to take pictures.

By the way, we had our dinner at Astons
(which requires a lot of waiting!)

Here's a snap of Nath while waiting in-line of the queue,
and also for YingZi to arrive

We finally got seated... look at their happy faces~~

Here's Nath and I,
she's my lifesaver in Singapore, and I'm geographically-retarded

They insisted that I did the Asian-pose...

Alright enough of them or me
(cause that's the only pictures I have on people *ashamed*)

Let's check out the food shall we??

Astons about western style, so here's what we ate:

Chargrill Chicken
w/ Mashed Potato and Tasty Rice
(served at SGD 6.90)

Lemon Lime Chicken
w/ Mashed Potato and Onion Rings
(served at SGD 6.90)

Hickory BBQ Chicken
w/ Baked Potato and French Fries
(served at SGD 6.90)

Awwww... Did I make you hungry?
I'm sorry... Not!! It's lunch time!
What are ya doing looking at this? You should be out eating by now!


Well, FYI, I only found Astons in Singapore..
In fact, I believe they're all over Singapore...

So which one doesn't require waiting?
My best guess is the outlet in Changi Airport...
How would I know? Simple, I ate there before I left back to ye' ol' KL

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We'll Knock 'em Doors!

Opportunity is a unique thing - a thing that everyone searches for and for everyone, it appears in different forms and comes in different manner. How so? Simple as it sounds I'll just refresh your minds on 'Opportunity'

"The window of opportunity"

"Opportunity is knocking on your door"

"You found an opportunity!"

But with that being said, some of us just can't seem to find this "Opportunity" or know what "Opportunity" is. Fret not! Don't wait for it to appear or hunt something that you can't see/smell/hear (yes, in some cases people have said "I smell opportunity around the corner" or even "I hear opportunity's foot-stepping towards my front door"). Believe it or not, everyone will come across this opportunity but at different times, and for those who can't wait for that time to come, well what more can I say than, make the time yours! Do whatever it takes to get a breakthrough in whatever you're doing or I should say "Opportunity" in anyway...

Well, it's my way of saying:

"If Opportunity don't come knocking on your door or window,
then knock on Opportunity's door instead!"

You'd be surprised in what you may find then


Moments before Midnight

In the midst of being busy with work, I still spare time for myself - just enough to step back and take a good look at how things have turned out

Taken a week ago
between Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th

And sometimes, because you take that moment for yourself...
You might even be able to surprise yourself with what you see...


Monday, January 03, 2011

HOLLA from Me Office!

Time flies and little did you know that ... Well, if you're guessing that I was going to continue with "it's the new year already", you're about to be corrected. Here's what I was about to say:

"Time flies and little did you know that, I'm already back in office and it feels like an old year again (doesn't feel any different out of the norm, especially for a new year). Guess it's back to the rush-for-deadlines moments for most of us. Yes, note the 'most of us' statement, because some of you reading this ain't rushing at all. In fact, some middle-schoolers have just completed their SPM about a month ago and have been enjoying their holiday spree. Yea, yea, yea, enjoy it while it last! *evil laughs*"

Well, that was exactly what I wanted to say. See, told ya (especially SOME of you out there) not to try and play guessing with me =P Anyways, I've gotta get back to work.

Those of you feeling the Monday-blues,
chillax, it'll be in no time till its off-work hours!
So have a great day, and enjoy the splendid week!