Sunday, May 31, 2009

A day at LowYat & TimeSquare

2 weeks back, Diese was in KL, and decided to get some stuffs and I tagged along as I wanted to check out things at Plaza Low Yat (PLY). So I asked a few bloggers to join along for lunch. The ones who manage to join along are WenPink & JoshuaOng.

So it was Diese, her brother and I, raiding the floors of PLY in search of Diese's items. And finally we stopped at a shop where we were given a good price. So what was it that we were looking for? Take a look carefully:

Diese trying out Lumix LX3

Diese's brother checking out the menu on Lu

The accessory that could be mounted:
Miniature External Flash

Once done, we waited for both WenPink & JoshuaOng to arrive. Diese's brother had to leave early because he had some stuffs to do. So we waited, and while at it, I took some shots of Diese's BabyLexa.

Diese with BabyLexa

Different angles of the LX3

That the screen of the LX3

JoshuaOng arrived then, and not long after that, we all headed to Berjaya Time Square (BTS) to walk around (was getting bored of PLY anyways). And JoshuaOng suggested to have lunch at the BTS' Foodcourt. That's where WenPink showed up, just in time for lunch and not a minute later. LOL

After lunch we jalan jalan (translation: take a walk) around. Wanted to watch movie but no good shows for the time. Somewhat we all nearly had our jaws dropped and stared hard at JoshuaOng when he suggested Syurga Cinta. Like NOO WAY are we gonna watch that! So failed to watch a movie, we went to the arcade instead.

They are still young enough to "ride on alligators"

JoshuaOng left at around 4pm, leaving the 3 of us there. So we head to OldTown in PLY to have a drink, before heading home.

The ladies at OldTown, PLY

And I got some treat before heading home..
Hehehehe.. =D
Am one lucky dude, aren't I?

If you're asking why there weren't a picture of us four, well we did not camwhore that day =)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Annoying Neighbours

Alright, today is already a HOT-mind-blasting day, and to make things worse, one of my neighbours decided to do a karaoke session. That's not all, they went out of tune for every high pitch.

If YOU can't PULL it, why bother??
It's so loud I could hear it from my kitchen!

I've been patient with them.. and NOW, enough is enough! I'll show you something that happened couple of weeks back, when I recorded it (I know it's against human rights and policy, I'm sorry, please don't put me in jail..) during a rainy afternoon... They were LOUDER THAN RAIN itself.. WTF?!

Irritating/Annoying or not?
The heat + this torture = can die ady..

help me people.. help...
for the sake of all humanity & mankind...


With short updates:

#1: Jeffro HATES my neighbour who karaokes LOUDLY in the middle of the day, what's worse, OUT OF TUNE! (4pm @ Plurk/Twitter/Facebook)

#2: Jeffro SAYS it's TIME to FIGHT "FIRE" with "FIRE" *blast out my music like there's no tomorow!* MUAHAHAHA! (4.27 @ Plurk/Twitter/Facebook)

#3: Jeffro SAYS WTF??!!! From Womanizer, now they going "I'm a Barbie Girl..." Yeah, you mmg BABI! ROAR~! (5.34 @ Plurk/Twitter/Facebook)

Lucky I had a friend to company and to chat along..
to help me forget the darn singing..

Thank you Sandra!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

MDG2 #2 - During the Event

Continuation from MDG2 #1

Am not gonna talk much about the event here, cause there's plenty of pictures to show
and cause I actually forgotten most of what had happened.. The pictures shown below will speak for themselves..

The Start-off:

The event was started off by the MC's

A short entertainment for us...

The hostess and host of the night...

Let the show begin:

The runways..

The were camera-men&women on my left and right..

and even behind! Scary >.<>

Imma calling for help!
Save me from the camera-attacks!

Short Interval:

During the short break,
some would either live blog, or in this case,
live plurk about MDG2!

Back to the show:

The top 3 walking down the runway with style...
(L-R) Pinky, Dawn, Juanita

From fashion attires, to fashion accessories...

let's take a look from a different angle & perspective...

through different "eyes" as well...

The top 3 posing the fashion accessories...

Small-awards give-away:

Kenny was so excited as if he had won the award..

The Close-Ups:

Ming & Denezia

Natasha & Dawn


The Finale:

All top 12 walking gracefully down the runway...

And the winner is...
*drum rolls*


Winning an Aveo along...

and what did I get??

A goodie bag with these in it..
Gosh, will there be a MalaysianDreamBoy?
I wanna join and win a car too!

That's all from MDG2 people...
*Over and Out*

MDG2 #1 - The Before-Event Moments

I was invited to attend the MalaysianDreamGirl 2 (MDG2) event by Diese. Headed over to The Curve after classes, with NigelFlyGuy. As usual, I'd be early in any event or occassion. And by that, I met up with Andrew, Zoe, YennieDoll and WenPink, followed by (shortly after I arrived) Diese, her sister and brother.

While we were munching and chatting over tea-time, Zoe was had to concentrate on her 10-pages-of-homework-but-do-only-a-few which was on Algebra. Apparently she couldn't concentrate much especially when there's fun people like us around. *grins*

Yeah, Andrew was Zoe's tutor..
Pretty awesome and strict too..

I kinda like doing this.. :)

Zoe was playing with BabyShanon,
video-recording for like 13 minutes,
[ cannot upload to youtube, Zoe :( ]
and it ended with this shot..

This looks like some of play scene..

Oh and getting ready for the event, WenPink needed some touch up. And so did Diese. Girls... touch up's are very, very, VERY important. Do take note of that.

I must say, Zoe looks like a professional, no?

Diese carefully did hers too..

Then, we headed off to the event area, where we met the rest of the blogger friends. And I we camwhored and took funny pictures too! =P

This is how Dusty makes his entrance..
Jac tries to protect herself with the camera..

Diese showing her invite/pass to MDG2

Dusty makes a statement!

Cincau & Zoe

Me & WenPink

Hitomi & Me

Me & Kenny

Diese and Me

Me & PPC

Well that's all for the part 1 of MDG2

Stay tuned!