Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Retiring… I’m Changing Profession

Well, I guess this is a rather backdated post. Yeah, I’ve resigned from the company and I’m retiring as a Business Analyst only to go into what suits me better, which is Sales & Marketing. Though I’ve some basic exposure to Sales, but Marketing doesn’t appear all that foreign to me. I’m pretty enthusiastic about my new career… or should I say careers?

I’m changing profession is one thing, but I’m not just job hopping. I’m gonna be exploring the better side of me with hopes to solidify the strengths in the area I’m more comfortable with – Meeting people, making, negotiating and closing deals.

Just to share a little, I’ll be doing my best in simultaneously running several works – Insurance, Lifestyle Consultancy, Photography, eTrader and last but not least as a Sales person.

A little about Sales:

  • It’s the only job that allows one to earn more than his basic; it is known as commission.
  • Some of the big players in the world, came from sales background.
  • Sales is something everyone has been doing since they were born.
  • It allows one to learn how to be adaptive and responsive in a shorter amount of time.
  • Not to forget, one will be able to familiarize and study the different types of people around.

As you see, most of the works I stated earlier has something to do with Sales, but not much on Marketing. I’m hoping to learn more from my new job which starts next year!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clara C Live in KL!

Just got back from Clara C’s Live Performance in KL! It was Superb!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to not only see Clara in person, hear her sing live in front of a few hundreds of audience, observe her funny gestures and exciting hype on stage, but also to get her album with her autograph and also a warm hug from her! Totally awesome and wicked cool! =D
29112011298 copy
In case if you don’t know the lovely Clara Chung, better known has Clara C, do visit her Official Website or YouTube channel. Oh oh, she has Facebook and Twitter too! She has like one of a kind incredibly amazing voice! I’ve heard Jayesslee, Cathy Nguyen, Kina Grannis, Tiffany Alvord, Christina Grimmie, and many more to list, but I must say that Clara C. is on a league of her own.

Check out her videos below! Clara sang song of them at her live performance earlier!

Clara C–Rocketeer (Cover)

Clara C & Joseph Vincent–Rhythm Of Love (Cover)

Clara C–The Camel Song (Original) ONE OF MY FAVORITE!

She co-performed tonight with CharlesJTan (check him out too!)
Charles doing Clara C’s Original Song - Offbeat

What a cool collaboration eh? They were funny and very cool and stage. They seemed to be very comfortable on stage, and they were really in jive, blending with the crowd as their music resonates with our hearts. After their performance, it was time for Meet&Greet session. Did I mention that I got a warm hug from Clara? *grins*
29112011302 copy29112011300 copy

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture taken of ClaraC hugging me (but I’m certain the official photographers did, I hope). Anyways, I did get something else – Her album which is personally signed by Clara herself *yeays!*
29112011303 copy
Can’t wait for her next live performance in KL next year! Clara mentioned she’ll bring her band too! =D This is not to miss!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't Waste Your Life...

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drowned your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last 2 Days of Work

Well, I guess at this point of time, there's nothing much to be done here. I've pretty much closed up my tasks, transitioned out outstanding tasks to relevant parties, and followed up on some minor works... Today, they're all done!

Tomorrow's my last day at work!

However, another colleague beat me to it. Her last day is today itself (a day earlier than me!). So we went for her farewell lunch at the nearby KFC. The above picture has had their faces censored to protect their identities, lol.

After lunch, well, we headed back to office to continue our work. For me, I'm starting to clean up my desk, pack my stuffs, clear things out, and you know the drill goes on. I'd probably be missing my "island" (a term used by some colleagues of mine; referring to section of open cubicles). I still have a day left to do whatever there is to do here =)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Final Week at Workplace!

Wow, in a blink of the eye, months have passed and here I am serving my final week at office. Looking back at how I've started, things have been pretty great for me. From the simple-minded fresh grad I were a year ago, I joined the company as an associate consultant cum jr. business analyst and within the span of a year, I got promoted to senior consultant rank. Not bad for a rookie, huh? *grins* For those of you who are yet to know me, when I'm at work, I somehow transformed into a raging bull towards its target, or so I've been told.

"You're very aggressive at work.. Slow down la, chill a bit"
"The word 'BUSY' never seems to run away from you. In fact, I believe its your synonym..."

Yea those are the words coming from friends. And I'm happy that I'm being noticed by my efforts, and to have them supported by friends and the management team from the company. It's been a superb experience, I'd say!

I'll bring forward all the things I've learnt and apply whatever I can, as I move forward into the next "ship".

For now, I've gotta get back to work... Wanna ensure that I cover all ends on my side, before I hand over the tasks back to my team =)

Monday, November 07, 2011

It seems good things are on a streak! I've gotten more great deals, in which I'm very lucky to have budget for - It's my version of investment =) Check out the previous "New, new, new" post, if you're curious what had happened *winks*

So what's new this time around? Haha, well it's another 3 things to mark off my list!
  1. New Laptop - Asus K43U
    One of the latest ones in the market, highly recommended by a friend of mine. It's using one of the latest APU, AMD Brazos Dual Core E-450 processor and is equipped with AMD 6320 discreet GPU. It's so new that it's not even fully updated on Asus's site itself by the time I bought it! Cool eh?!

    I got it upgraded to 6GB of RAM (from it's original 2GB). Many wouldn't believe me if I'd say I got it for less than RM1,300, but I did! Keep in mind that it's 14.1" laptop =P Well, before I got this, I did consider getting the MSI CR650 (15.6" version of this) but I prefer this Asus model because of its battery life span - it can last me more than 5 hours (whilst Internet and document works)! What can I say, it's a good bargain! *winks*

    If you're interested, let me know, I know someone who can get you a good price as he did for me *grins* =D

  2. New Graphic Card for Desktop - ATi Radeon HD 5830
    Not a particular new one in the market, but it's an upgrade in which I can afford. Performing at an average 50% in many areas, this 5830 out performs my previous 4850. Not to forget it comes with a better cooling system and an HDMI support.

    I saw the proven difference in scoring with I tested it with Furmark. What seems to be lagging when tested with the 4850, was so much smoother with the 5830.

    I know, I know.. Many asked the same question too - "Why not 5850 or better? It's not that expensive you know.." But what can I say more, when I was offered less than RM300 for the HD5830? A darn good bargain if you ask me =)

  3. Voltage Stabilizer! for my car...
    Sweet! Finally, I've gotten a DIY voltage stabilizer (VS) that's better than the Zaptor Fusion for a fraction of the price! I got this from an Lowyat Forumer who produces the voltage stabilizers and ground cables for cars as a hobby.

    So what's this VS about? Well, I'll just share what I know about it (I've only done a little research about it, and asked some friends whom had it installed in their cars) The significance of the VS are:
    • Smoother gear shifts (for auto car)
    • Brighter lights and less dim when air-cond compressor kicks in
    • Increases battery life span - stable voltage production through VS
    • Improve fuel consumption
    • Increases engine performance
    • Increase life span of car's electrical and electronic components
    • Etc.

    Except for the fuel consumption (because I had just installed it), the rest are obviously apparent after installation. I'd gotten the VS installed for less than RM200 (yes, another great bargain! *smiles from left ear to the right ear*)

Happy Diwali funny moments!

A few weeks ago, most of us celebrated with friends and/or family, the special occasion of "Festival of Lights". As a cultural tradition, Indian friends would invite over family and friends to their open houses to share a wonderful time and eat/drink a splendid meal together.

Well, of course that's not the funny part. What'll make you laugh would be about my visit to a friend's place...

So on 26th October, I went to a friend's (a friend whom I call Raja) place for Diwali lunch. But it turned out to be an awkward moment. How? Here's what happened...

Raja stays in one of those shop-lot houses (houses about the shop-lot; somewhat like apartments). I kind of forgotten which road his house is at, so I called him and he had his nephew guided me there. Upon reaching the his place, I lost sight of his nephew, but I saw a friendly lass whom I believe was a relative of Raja's. I thought she'll be guiding me to Raja's place... Perfectly normal I think; when a friend's coming over, you'll have an escort awaiting for your friend if you're busy preparing stuffs, right? Plus, she was smiling at me! I swear I didn't drink, nor I was on any cough syrups!

Anyhoo, I followed the girl and went up to the house.. and this is where it starts:

Me: HAPPY DEEPAVALI!! *looks around*
The family: Happy Diwali, thank you for coming. Come come, please come in.. *escorts me into the house*
Me: *smiles* Where's Raja?
The Guy: *looks at me, a little puzzled* I'm Raja.
Me: O_O *Looks blur, 'cause though it's been a while, I know that guy ain't the Raja I know* Err, you're Raja?
The Guy: *smiling at me* Yes, I'm Raja.
Me: @_@ *Looks super blur now* Then, where's Sugu? (Sugu's my friend's other nephew.. at least if I had forgotten Raja, I wouldn't forget the charming Sugu)
The Guy: *now he looks blur at me* Who?
*Awkward silence*
Me: hahaha *laughs softly at myself* I think I got the wrong house... *paced out of the door, passed the other members of the family*

I must admit at the sudden moment, it was awkwardly silent, worse still is that everyone's looking at me, till the very end (>_<")

Guess what, not long after I left the house, to catch a breather, my friend (the actual Raja) called and asked me what happened, and why have I not arrived at his place yet. Then, I told him about the incident. He laughed! Well, that's not a surprise at all. He then explained that he had stepped out for a while to get something, and the people whom I met earlier, are his family and relatives. LOL! It means I was at the right place after all!!

So, why wasn't the Raja I met, not the Raja I know? There's a simple explanation for that. Both of them have the same nickname. I can't reveal their full names, but both of their names goes "....raja".

Imagine that...
The same name can be pretty confusing eh?

until today, I'm still laughing at it~! XD

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Student Engagement Center (SEC)

Last Tuesday, I attended a session, SPARC Series 2, conducted by SEC. Well, initially my reasons are to meet Zlwin (aka The Magician), who was the guest start during the session, and also to catch up with ChrisTock (aka Spinzer). But I came to find out that there was more to the whole engagement – It is the idea I’m hoping to realize it one day!
So what’s SEC about? Here’s some info for you:
The Student Engagement Center (SEC) aims to be a coalition or an umbrella body for interest and hobbies-based societies across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The organization serves as a common platform of interaction for college and university students across the region, fostering greater synergy between students in different locations and of different tertiary education system by placing emphasis on community building through interests, leadership development and a more effective method of communication with the advent of the internet age.
The Student Engagement Center (SEC) Malaysia aims to be the umbrella body of all clubs & societies in Universities all over Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak. For more detail information, please visit
How cool is that? I can actually see my vision come true, and it doesn’t have to be years from now. IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! And that is what SEC is all about! *excited!*
This is SPARC Series 2…
The guy there,that’s ChrisTock Smile One heck of a chap! and an inspiration he is!

There’ll be another SPARC Series, The 3rd [EYE]Con coming up! *points to poster*
See Joel Neoh, CEO of Groupon live in person..
and get to know and learn from
Joel, Malaysian Youth Entrepreneur Open-mouthed smile

New, New and New

What is new? Well, quite a few to mention. I finally gotten some stuffs done. After months of planning and waiting, it finally turned into a reality!
So what are the new stuffs?
  • New setup for my home desktop – New installation of Windows 7 64-bit Operating System (and yes it is original *support genuine stuffs* =P)
Took me a while to get everything sorted..
Including backup, installation and restoring, it totaled up to 16 hours worth of work!
*wipes sweat* Weeew..
  • New Internet connection – Unifi 5Mbps alas!
After months of waiting, calling, checking and waiting again, it finally came true!
I’m officially running Unifi here!
  • New face – Facial do?!
How do I look now? Smile with tongue out
Like the new face?
Too bad I missed Halloween party, otherwise this would be what you see walking down the streets Open-mouthed smile