Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bowling: Bloopers!

Well since most of my coursemates and I are being kinda stressed out lately, because of the assignments... So my friends decided we'd take it out over bowling.. Release all of it out through the games.. And I thought to myself, why not this time I take bloopers of all of us? Hence the following pictures.. =D

This is how Karthik bowl..

There were funnier stance.. but they were blur.. =(

If I remove the background,
you won't know what he was doing.. =)

Alan looks like he's gonna do some sprinting..

Ahh this is what that got me incredible scores..
You'll find out later.. =D

Amazingly, Oly's bowling pretty well today..

Oly's doing the Cha-cha-Bowling

Suresh spiderman-like-bowling style.. He shoots the ball..
And man, he gotten quite a number of strikes.. O.o

Karthik finished his game quite early..
Well I had quite a number of bloopers on this dude..
And this is what he had to say:


Yeahh.. That's what we are...

The earlier games were like that..

but hey check my score out (J), that's my highest so far!
Awesome stance I had actually paid out..
And bowling this time had never been luckily..
I could even spare out the split pins.. WOOTZA!

by the time we knew it, it was time to go..
We didn't know we could take it out so much..
Look what happened to the bowling ball.. O_O
Sorry Mr Manager-of-the-bowling-center, it wasn't me =D

unfortunately for Alan, his shoe was "broken" too..
And it was only a few weeks old..
I wonder what he went through before coming to classes..
The Amazon? the grand Canyon?

But what I'm definitely sure off, is that we all went back
with smiling faces..
Errrmm, urrrmm, at least I had a smile on my face
after the games.. =D

So who wanna join in the next time??


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Ten random facts about me

  1. I'm attracted to techies stuffs
  2. Not a fan of books
  3. Love to sleep long hours..
  4. Is having a tough time trying to gain body mass..
  5. Hates assignment... ROAR!!
  6. During my free time in college, I play games.. CS rawks man!
  7. Am money-driven guy.. =D
  8. But a family man too..
  9. Likes to make new friends
  10. Weird and Lame (according to my friends)

Really sorry for breaking the chain..
Pardon me just this one time..

Or look at it from a different side,
I'm just trying to be different? LOL

Monday, November 17, 2008


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First Name : Jeffrey
Nickname: Jeffro
Birthday: August 11
Birthplace: Hospital Sentul
Time of Birth: Don't know (lazy to ask my mum)
Zodiac Sign: Leo (ROAR~!)

-This or That-

Flower or Chocolate: Chocolate
Pepsi or Coke: Both? (got that much difference in taste?)
Pop or Rock: Pop
Relationship or One Night Stand: Relationship =D
School or Work: Work
Love or Money: Both.. It's inter-related
Movies or Music: Music (I hear it everyday ma)
Country or City: City
Sunny days or Rainy days: Rainy days (without the lightning/thunder)
Friends or Family: Both~!

-Have you ever-

Smoked: nope =D
Broke someone’s heart: Yeah.. *Sorry =(*
Had your heart broken: A number of times..
Wish you were a prince/princess: Rich prince? yeah!
Liked someone who was taken: not liked.. Loved..
Shaved your head: nope
Been in love: yeaps.. I'm pretty sure I am..
Used chopsticks: Can use with both hands baybeh!
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Ooo.. I like mirrors! =D


Candy: Once in a while..
Song: Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
Scent: Something nice..
Musical Instrument: Accapella, Guitar, Piano
Movie: Comedies, Comic-based, Science Fiction, Action Packed, Romance
Actor/Actress: Non specifically.
Junk food: Hahaha.. Love 'em.. Just had Big Apple's Donuts for supper..
Animal: Hamsters
Ever cried over someone: yeah... =(
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: yesh.. but it's a long list..
Do you think you’re attractive: not really, but am trying to be.. =)
You had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: Alladin xD
You play any sports: Used to play basketball, badminton, sprinting, and more.. But now, it's all virtual sports.. CS is my primary sport, Dota comes in second.. =D

-(8) random facts about yourself-

1. People say I'm vain, I admit.
2. Likes working rather than studying.
3. Is allergic to hot weather =(
4. Is able to mimic dance moves, slang, and gestures..
5. Loves listening to sentimental and soothing songs..
6. Needs friends in order to move on..
7. Can be a very mean/serious/emo person some times (rarely)
8. Been very lucky and happy recently =D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Serious Thought(s)

As today wasn't a good day for me, and work couldn't be done further.. I just lay around and do some of thinking of my own..

What am I doing now?
What would I be doing later?
Which one should I do first before doing the other?

Well, I know some people would tell me don't think so much, 'cause it'll just bring you a massive load of questions and no answer.. But hey, as humans, we can't run away from questions that are in regards of our future, can we?

You see, I have my plans for the future (Yesh, even people like me have plans you know).. but from what I'm seeing, I'm lacking a lot of time and effort.. Believe me it's very hard to maintain the motivation to push.. And at times like this, when I'm not able to do anything (due to weather and mood), thoughts just come into my head: Am I doing the right thing now? Am I doing the things right?

Then, slowly thoughts about the future came about..

What would I be doing in years from now?
Would I be working in the same field as I'm studying?
Would I be rich? (million dollar question ok?!)
What would it differ from now?

There's no answer to them, unless I'm God.. But it's good to have a vision, so that we could have a direction to where we wanna head to..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Neighbour's Baby's 1-year-old Celebration dinner..

Earlier this evening, my family and I was invited to my neighbour's baby's (Natalie) 1-year-old birthday dinner (a tradition among the Chinese community). Food was great, baby was really CUTE and full of expressions, and had a good chat with the neighbours there (although I just got to know them)

Well I'll let my pictures do the explaining..

so much food..

I like this dish.. well cos I hardly eat it..

i took a picture of this..
but I didn't eat it..
was busy snapping that this Hot dish "sold out"

you want one?

going nuts...

Samantha, sis, and mum

the dinner table was crowded

Coz the food is good, that's why

This little boy look so similar to my Cousin..
Boy, I miss him...

Finally the birthday girl's picture (Natalie)
OMG she's so CUTE!

Unfortunately she doesn't like non-family members
to hold her too long.. She'll scream CRY!
But luckily I managed to hold her for about
a minute..

Then comes the birthday cake!

Natalie and mum

And Finally me!
Signing off! ^_^

Is it enough?

Had lunch with my friend today...
Well, I didn't really notice how much I could eat for lunch,
until I took a better look...

This is my average meal.. ^_^
My friend asked me:
"Would this be enough for you?"


(this part has nothing to do with the above)
Apart from that, last night..
I finally saw a nice round burger..


Friday, November 14, 2008

Nuffnang's Sharing Session with KY @ Italianese (Part II)

Continuing from Part I

Well previous post has lotsa food..
hope you're not drooling by now..

Hmmm.. Where were we again?
Oh ya.. The part where people were eating..
and some of us were doing something else..

Well Rui wanted to feed Karena
his butterstick

This I don't know what is it about..
LOL @ Simon

Snapping pictures together..

And when everyone starts to take out their camera..

Last but not least,
We have KY in the lime light again..

KY himself

and his camera..
(with wireless flash.. OMG.. I want I want!!)

Before we left the place,

Dessert cam in..
Was really rich choco..
I can still feel the taste on my tongue now..

And we were given some goodies too! ^^


I need not have to say much...
the group picture!
practically says everything.. XD

The food was great.. and plentiful for everyone there..
Thanks Nuffnang for this opportunity~~!

People who were there:

Anne Marie
Chee Hong
Chee Seng
Curry Egg
Debra Fong
Jou Yin
Nicholas Chay
Pinky Tham
Simon Seow
Timothy Tiah
Victoria Fong
Yee Hou
Yi May

Do forgive me if I left out the other links..
I don't have everyone's..
So do leave me a note and I'll update the links.. ^^

Nuffnang's Sharing Session with KY @ Italianese (Part I)

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was given a chance to participate in the sharing session.. A plus point, it was a session with KY too! Well because I took quite a number of pictures, I have to split this up into 2 parts.. (hope you guys don't mind ya)

Let's start from the very beginning..

I was there early...

Was with dear Anne Marie until it was time
to register ourselves..

Went to the front of Italianese
and Snapped a picture of..
KY, Robb, and Chingy

Saw the guys with matching shoes..
(don't ask me what happened between the two..
I don't even wanna know)
lol.. jz kidding.. =D

Then slowly everyone started appearing..

And soon everyone was there...

From the left to the right,
every chair has butts on 'em..

Then everyone takes a look at the menu..
only to find out there's ALOT to eat
that night.. *gulps*
Hope everyone had big appetite..

Shortly after that...

I saw Yee Hou..
with an awesom T-shirt..
You know why he doens't look happy?
Well, the moment you nang this..
He'll be happy.. LOL
(Yee Hou, if you see this..
Can I huh? Can I?
pwetty pwetty pwleasse...

And NOW, food is served!

And while we were having our meals..
Some of us were busy...

Snapping pictures of others..

Snapping picture of food

Playing with bread?

Continue in Part II of Sharing Session