Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry X'mas!

Time flies, and guess what? It's almost the end of the year, and it's Christmas! A week from now it's a whole New Year! A month from then, it's Chinese New Year!

So how has it been for you?
Had a great time?

I sure hope you do, 'cause I know I did!

So for those of you who celebrate Christmas,
Have a SPLENDID X'mas!!

For those who don't,
Have a wonder holiday!!

Ho Ho Ho!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Future is Here!

I was able to send out an email yesterday but dating next week...

Even my colleagues were puzzled...

Usually, we have "Today", "Yesterday", "Last Two Days" and so forth...
But today we have "Next Week" in our inboxes! LOL
(I usually a copy back to myself)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Official!

Guess what??!! Yes way!! I'm officially a Business Analyst / Consultant. Things couldn't go better than it already is =D Well actually I hope it does! Next thing, would be turning into a Senior, or directly go into the Management level =D

"You're doing a good job here. Keep it up!" says Boss.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feast Your Eyes!

What I'm about to show you would be somewhat unbelievable, or something rare in sight. Even I had to see it twice to make sure my eyes didn't fool me =D Nevertheless let's take a look at them shall we?

Months ago, when I first joined my company and celebrated
with the September babies ...
(no, not these guys, they're the hungry ghost! =P)
... There were a lot of MOONCAKES, and cakes!

Yeah, believe it or not, all these went swooosh-and-gone~!
All within 2 hours or less, cleaned up, like it weren't there to begin with =P

Found this at some supermarket...
Like O-EM-GEE, can this even sell out?
Pringles sure are getting weirder by the years...
What next? Durian and Mango? (=.=")

Anyways, by any chance anyone actually tried these,
Could you tell me how it taste like? Would you recommend it?

(thanks in advance!)

Okay, back in office, I passed by and took a peek at my colleague's desk.
You see that?!

Now let's jump to another supermart...
I found this price tag!
A&W has gone wild in pricing!!

With that kinda price, I'd rather spend on 2-3 bottles
of Mountain Dew then!

Look at me browser's memory consumption!
It's hitting off the charts!

Could it get any worse? Yes it can!
I only had 2GB worth of RAM... And this crap takes more than 3/4 of it
(=.=") Major PITA (Pain in the arse)
No wonder my laptop was SUPER slow...

Last but not least, the winning picture for today...
A Cash Voucher worth RM0.20 or 20sens!
Damn "BIG" prize lah...

All I can get is 1 small candy! =(

Hehehe, I hope you enjoyed the pictures! =P

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hate to Admit It, But It's True ...

This is something about myself, in which I wish wasn't true...

Sadly and unfortunately, it is...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Heat, Heat, Heat... Huat Ah!

It's been some time since the iStyle KLIA kickstarted, time flies... and guess what tomorrow (23rd Nov 2010) is the finale of it =( Some of you may have followed it and some of you may have missed it, but never fear for Jeffro is here *tattadahdah*. I'll take the liberty to brief you up on what's been going on so far, so even if you've missed out on it, you still know what's going on =D

1st Heat – BeAccesserized

2nd November 2010 (Tuesday), the day iStyle KLIA kickstarted its second year of fashion styling competition and the 1st Heat was BeAccerized. Meeting point was at KLIA *like duh* Cut the story short, all teams had to work their models. Whilst the make-ups and hair-dos were done by the make-up artist and hairstylists, my good friend, Celine and her team - SML Volatile was doing the styling for their model, Eliana Efendieva. Thereafter, there was a photo shooting session with Kim Mum, the photographer.

Eliana Efendieva getting her make-up done

Eliana getting her hair-do

Rehearsing poses

Kim Mum, the photographer doing the photo shooting,
with advice from SML Volatile on how they wanted the style to be

Group photo (Left to Right): NingJen, Eliana, Celine and Gizo

2nd Heat – Man About Town

9th November 2010 (Tuesday), was the second photo shoot. However, this time around the model was a male model, Isaac Ong. The same process again, each team will require to select their apparels, and start styling up the models based on their sense of creativity. We'll get a closer look at team SML Volatile =)

Everyone arrives, gets their tags and wrist bands before obtaining
their budget of RM200 for front liner uniforms.

Then, all gathered for a briefing

While the publicist gets briefed on restrictions on posting photos
with brand labels

Isaac Ong, getting his make up done

Next, comes the hair-do

After that, the styling by team SML Volatile

Isaac striking a pose before the photo shoot session

Kim Mum, conducting the session professionally

Viewing of the shoots

Group photo (Left to Right): NingJen, Issac, Gizo and Celine

3rd Heat Ad Campaign – Indulge Till You Fly

16th November 2010 (Tuesday) marks the 3rd Heat of the competition. So this time around, it's different than the 1st and 2nd; each team had to do an ad campaign for KLIA with the theme title – Indulge Till You Fly. Ooo that sounds fun eh? Let's see what's it like...

In case you don't know what an ad campaign looks like,
here's a good reference - an ongoing campaign ad at KLIA – Dine Till You Fly

So here's what the styling area for the models and stylist looks like
when it's empty
Pretty neat eh? =)

And here's me telling that SML Volatile is simply awesome! =D
Can you see how happy Celine is? =P

So here's SML Volatile's model for the 3rd Heat, Constance Lau
getting her make up done

Constance getting her hair-do

After styling, she was ready to practice her poses

Then, Kim Mum does his cool job with the photo shooting session

Constance giving us her signature smile, whilst striking a nice pose =D

The pictures are then transferred to laptop for easy viewing

Group photo (Left to Right): NingJen, Constance, Gizo and Celine

Alright, so we've pretty much covered everything from day one till the recent 3rd Heat. So what's left? The finale of course! That will be held at KLIA *again, duh* and it'll be the final judging for the 3rd Heat and the front liner attire, not to forget also showcasing all the styling work and the grand final results =D

Try not to miss it, k?

This is Jeffro saying Cheers to all!
and have a great day! =D

Be Careful or Be FRat!

Yeah, that's what I meant!

Better watch your lefts and rights when crossing the road!
Else you'll be like that FRat (Flat Rat)!

It's as flat as a couple of quality A4s together...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Impressions

As normal humans, we are all about first impressions by nature – while many of us like or love to look good in front of others, there are those who are not bothered by how they may appear. But nevertheless, all of us subconsciously will tend to be impressed upon seeing a good appearance of something or someone. Only difference between one person and the other is how long it takes until this subconscious is overruled or overridden by our own reality. For example, despite how much a person says he or she don’t judge others by their looks, that person for a split moment will be impressed if others are all dressed in creative or well-mannered fashion, and will be disgusted by dirty and filthy looking people. Perhaps if that person has a strong mind, in an instant those thoughts would vanish and his or her senses of his or her own reality returns. There’s nothing wrong with anyone who prefers looks over anything, and vice versa, because that is what we are – human.

Bear in mind that regardless of what you think, you should always dress, act and respond properly because even though you don’t mind your looks, others just might mind it. Think of it from another point of view; if you can get things done easily, why make things difficult for yourself? Unless you’re the M-type or in some cases S-type, then just ignore what I mentioned. I’m only referring to the general humans, not to any specific person.

Long time ago, back when I was still a kid, I too initially thought that appearance, looks or even first impressions are overrated, so long you’re good on the inside, it doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. But I was very wrong. As I grew up, I slowly yearn for things that look nicer than others, unless I can’t afford it. Funny is that, even for the cheap and affordable items, I still look for the outstanding ones rather the old and dirty or the less shiny ones. I’m not sure if you’re the same, but if you truly the ones that don’t matter bother about appearance, then you shouldn’t have thought nor done the way I did.

Going into my teen days and finally into adulthood, my opinions of first impressions grew stronger, as I saw its “power”, or rather possibilities and opportunities it may bring. This is not a statement, but a fact that is proven over and over again. When I’m in my casual and friendly attitude, many would see me as approachable and easy to get along with. But when I’m in my formal attire, even with friendly attitude, many would see me as a more serious person and would only approach if there’s something important despite my friendliness. That’s just an example of many trials I’ve tried.

If you don’t believe it, try it for yourself. Get a simple makeover or just put on some new clothes, put a friendly or serious gesture and expression, you’ll experience what impressions can offer you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Desktop

Ahhh, don't you like a clean and neat desk?

Keep 'Em Coming!

Gotta love 'em colleagues. They're pretty thoughtful in many ways, no matter what they do. I haven't been around that long, but I've met some pretty nice colleagues.

I feel loved.

LOL, actually I grabbed this from one of my colleagues.
I was lucky, 'cause it's the last on her table.
Then, I winked at her.

I'm very playful at my workplace...
But don't get me wrong though, by playful means I'm jovial and
I get along well with others =)

Yeah gotta zip it up for now =P

Got this from my 'neighbor' who has just recently 'moved away'
to another corner of the 'neighborhood' =(

This is from another colleague of another department...
Oh did I mention that our departments here means different project?
Well I just did! =P
So technically different departments (projects) but
same floor of the same building =D

All this makes my day better than it is

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

iStyle Fashion KLIA 2010

Well if you haven't heard about iStyle Fashion KLIA 2010, then you'd probably missed the preliminaries. No worries, you can still catch up with it! Till date, 6 finalist have been chosen (via popularity voting on Facebook) and will be on the go to compete against each other in the tight struggle to be the winning team.

iStyle press conf

As stated, it is held at KLIA. And if you're thinking KLIA is just a place where airplanes arrive and depart, well think again. Last week, my friend's team, SML Volatile and others were running around to complete one of their first task - accessories selections at selected participating outlets at KLIA, followed by a garment selections, sponsored by Eclipse, Pavillion KL.

Team SML Volatile - Celine, NingJeng and Gizo

The team doing their apparel selection

Then, they worked on cut outs from magazine, for their mood board.

Fashion stuffs pretty exciting don'cha think?
If you're interested on what's happening this week, you can also follow up on
SML Volatile's Blog

Don't miss out the fun moments! *winks*


Friday, October 29, 2010

There's a Clown in the Office!

Guess who's the clown?


Friday, October 22, 2010

Work Has Gotten to Me!

Dang, at first I thought it was joke. But subsequently, I've been told that I look and sound WAY older than I am. A few weeks after I started, I've got colleagues asking me how it is that I don't know certain stuffs since I'm an experience worker. I said, "huh? I just graduated and this is my first official and full time job." They kept silent. I've been working hard (and smart) ever since the day I first started, and I think it's really showing up now...

Look what Facebook has to say?!


So depressing man...
(and demotivating as well)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Money, No Love

Most people know that I am the really down-to-earth and practical person. I evaluate things most of the time before I indulge or commit myself to a certain matter. However, relationships aren't really my area of expertise, and no matter how good I am at work, I can't really use back the knowledge and experience I have into it.

Nevertheless, there is one thing in common factor for everything in life - that is MONEY. A friend of mine sent me this link and I find the lyrics somewhat true to most cases revolving around us. Listen to it, it's a little old-styled but whether or not it's true, you'll only know once you've listened to it =)

No Money, No Love,
Poverty IS a CRIME

Artist : Mighty Sparrow
Title : No Money, No Love
Lyrics :

Ivy pack up she clothes to leave
Because John was down and out
All alone he was left to grieve
She had a next man in South
She said openly
I really love you Johnny
But you ain't have no money
So what will my future be
Even though you love me?

We can't love without money
We can't make love on hungry belly
Johnny you'll be the only one I'm dreaming of
You're my turtle dove
But no money no love

If you hear how he plead with she to get she to understand
Listen, mister, she tell Johnny
Let go me blasted hand
And make up your mind
We got to break up this lime
She said poverty is a crime
You got no money
Still you tanglin' me all the blinkin' time

Gentleman let me tell you plain
She say I don't want to make a scene
But if you only touch me again
The police will intervene
You ain't got a cent
I couldn't even pay me rent
I had to give up me apartment
You give me nothing to eat
Now you want me to sleep on the pavement?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Unfairness, Really!

It's only my first 6th week of long-life-career, and guess what? Job opportunities are coming in to me like meteor shower - random time, random place, and numerous counts! Even I can't believe it! *disturbed expression*

"Are you free to come over this weekend to help us out?"

"Hey I've got a job for you in [insert month], would you be able to make it?"

"Hi, I'm calling from a recommendation of your friend, [insert name]
are you good to do [insert job scope] on [insert date]?"

Just great, of all the times, they had to come in now. What happen to weeks or even months ago when I probably could have even more free time? Well, if you'd asked me earlier, I most certainly would have said yes. However, ever since I started work, I had been placing my focus entirely on work that I only have the weekends off, and none of the jobs, I repeat, NONE OF THE JOBS were vacant on weekends (=.=")

Yes, my friend, I have no doubts about that now!

but still .......


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Different Than Usual

I've been seeing this everyday now, ever since I started working. But somehow that very Wednesday, the view's a little different, and I can't quite seem to describe it...

Random Shot at the Parking Lot

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Happens at Work?!

Coming week will be my sixth (6th) week at work. And yes, the reason why I've stalled updating my blog is due to the workload I've been given. I'm involved in quite a big project, which is certainly a good opportunity for me to gain exposure. However, at the same time, it has been draining my energy every since I started, because I had to absorb a lot of new knowledge, apply them and improve/enhance my skills throughout the entire process.

No worries, it's not going to be all about boring text post,
what you'll be seeing from here forth is what I've been doing so far =P
(in a rather unique manner I'd say)

That snail represents me...
That's all I see...

Created by an ex-colleague during his free time..

I get to drink coffee/milo/teh tarik

"Sometimes we just walk pass someone but we don't say Hi,
or maybe it's just a "HI!" and that's all, then we move on...
At times we'll walk in different directions heading to different/same destination,
and we'll not see each others back when that happens..."

"But no matter what, we'll always need the support of another,
even if it looks like we're hitching a free ride..."

LOL Random-nyer =P

Alright that's how my desk looks like when I'm busy doing work...

This is how it looks like when I've sorted out the place properly

At first week, it was blank and nothing but an empty drawer...
Then comes second week, where I start placing tasty "animal" there...

Subsequently and there after, it's fully packed! =P
Colleague: "People's drawer full of documents, why yours full of food??!!"
Me: *snickers and smirks* "Jealous ar? *grins*"

Yes that's what I put up to keep my stuffs as it is =P