Saturday, April 24, 2010

Making Things Fun (Funny) at Hypermarket

Tonight was a little bored, with nothing to do at home, I decided to follow my mum and sis to a hypermarket. Boy hypermarket was no fun too, until I "opened my eyes" to some common things. They were common, but when told differently, it's entirely different =D

"MEAT Kids for sale!"
While others are going around with trolley full of products,
well this guy's selected "goods" was definitely the FRESHEST!

HP (Hewlett Packard) changed their TASTE xD

Alright so tell me, "Which is the original one?"
Tesco or Lady's?
It's a tough choice!

This guy was on his radio/walkie-talkie/talking-thingamajig
the entire time at the hypermarket, from the time I met him,
until the time I left (still seeing him with that thing)
Probably he's super spy reporting on duty,
or just someone listening to sports news
(But what on earth could be so important that he spend
nearly 2 hours on that, while shopping?)

My mistake, this MEAT kid is the FRESHEST!
Or maybe that's a new baby trolley? xD

Automatic sprinkler on display!
Errr... my bad it's just a spoilt and disfunctional water dispenser
No one bothers about it, so much for water-saving days...pfft!

I'm a lil confused here.
Prego's a brand or a type of flavor?
Even Campbell got Prego now!
OR MAYBE, just maybe it's a 2-in-1 joint venture between 2 companies?
Hmmmm... then again, they wouldn't do that right?
Or would they? =S

My mum has a sense of humor too!
According to her, she said that this beef is con-ed!
(meaning: got cheated, same pronunciation as corned)
I say the beef is corny!
Or perhaps you'll find corn in the beef (if you're taking it literally)?

My mum asked me to search for toilet rolls and tissue boxes..
"Hey mum, guess what I found?
BOTH tissue rolls and tissue boxes!!"
she rolled her eyes and walked away
"What? What did I do wrong?"

Okay, this is the biggest CON shown in a brochure handed out
by Central Mart!
"Normal price only RM11.69, Promotional Price RM14.50!"
Buy more and you'll "save" more too!
Mind you that this is under the Purchase&Purchase (P&P) section
Ripping people off is a known specialty now?
TOP brand, TOP sales! xD

Yeap, they're all up to no good...
This drink is only for guys...
Unless girls wanna find MisChief too =P

A lady should never, ever ever, and never wear this!
Imagine yourself (girls) in this...
People will think that
you're too DEEP, you got LAID, and you're just a JOKE
But hey, that's only my opinion right?
Try it if you think I'm wrong!

This people really need to do spelling-check/error-checking
spelling FAIL!

This is a cool gadget!
But I wonder how it actually works (not stated there)
Is it one of those buzzer, that buzzes in ear?
What if it got stuck in the ear and malfunctions?
OMG DIE! *evil grins*
But wait, for surveillance? What do they wanna do with that?
Buzz you when there is a theft alert??!!

A thief steals your wallet, and the thing above buzzes you till kingdom comes
"Hey you! *buzz* Stop *buzz* right *buzz* there! *buzz*"

Hmmm, BANG me eh? *grins*
If there's a gang and they ba... *whistles*

Thank you I know I'm sexy =P
If I put it up earlier, you'll never smile will you? *snickers*

Lastly, this is true to my core (maybe most of you as well)
"I was born to party, but forced to work!"
in my current state, it'd be forced to STUDY =(

Hope you had fun! =D

Acrobatics Performance @ MidValley

A few months back, when I was to attend for a dinner with my buddies, I saw an interesting performance by a group of young acrobats. Their performance captured the crowds' attention and within moments, the vicinity where they portrayed their elegant acrobatic skills was full of people, applauding at every magnificent move.

These girls have flexible body.
If it was me, I think I'd be in the hospital by then =S

I must admit this is pretty amazing,
her arms are definitely strong!

I admire their balance and focus...

(left) Ahem "How's the view there buddy?" *grins*
He'd probably done that a million times, and still enjoy every moment of it!

(right) *gulps* I better not get close to him, one knuckle sandwich,
and I'd be "full" enough to last me a lifetime!

You think this is easy?
The girl must have lotsa trust in him...

(right) Okay I don't wanna mess with the lady too,
cause I don't wanna end up like him, with the except
that my head's going right through the ground! @_@

I wonder can I even lift up half my weight?

You're wondering what's going on?
Watch the pictures below
(Man I forgotten to put them as pictures in motion - .gif)

Well hope you enjoyed it!
That's all from me on Acrobatics Performance!
This is Jeffro, over and out ;)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ze Coolness!

Last week I was given a chance to try out a new haircut (done by hair stylist) from Toni&Guy Academy. I got to thank both Zoeyve and Billy (the hair stylist in training) for the new hairstyle. Of course, it was a little difficult for me, since it wasn't the usual barber hair cut. This time around it took longer time (hours) and more detailed cutting (so many estimations, man hair styling isn't that easy as it seems) but it was all worth it =D Check it out yo!

Tadah! That's me!
Hahahahaha, Just messing with you!

This is the style I wanted to get,
but due to the curly natural hair I've got,
many adjustments had to be done.

That's what I looked like initially.
I was a little doubtful though, since so many estimations
and adjustments needed to be thought through...
And I look retarded like that =.="

See the curls there?
Zoe said I look like a demon-reborn
with small curly horns!
Honestly I can't help laughing thinking of it too
LOL ain't she cute with her imagination? =P

Alright there's Billy!
When he saw me taking snapping here and there,
he was like "What the..."
Until I told him that I was into capturing stuffs and writing about them
Billy's pretty amazing, doing precision cutting...
I heard "vertical graduation and Point&Cut often"
(or something like that)

This was the result! =D
I won't say any further (else you'd be saying that I'm bragging)

So tell me how I look!
What are you waiting for?
Head on to Toni & Guy now!

Toni & Guy
Jalan Bukit Bintang
144/04 4th Floor Patent House, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, KUALA LUMPUR

The Time Has Come...

Hahaha, it's finally the last 16-18 weeks of college life as stated earlier in my personal blog, it's gonna be A LOT of STRESS. Well, that's that, I haven't posted up the stuffs I had done in the previous weeks/months. Darn it, I should get it going by this weekend (see! again procrastination, dang!) Anyways, I'm wondering how's everyone doing. I haven't been able to catch up with many friends (I fail as a socialist) and now with the lack of a camera, I'm having a difficult time trying to record/capture moments that I find interesting. No, don't get me wrong. I'm so over the Must-Update-Blog-Otherwise-No-Traffic, rather I'm more concerned that when I don't have any updates, it only means my life practically just stopped and died there. It's a way of me putting my stuffs together and put it up somewhere so that I know life as said, is going on.

Anyhoo, this is a random picture!
I just had my hair styled up!
I'll post more that later on =D

No matter how things go, this smiling face will not fade away

Sunday, April 11, 2010

All Random Shots

In the period of me being MIA most of the time, I was casually snapping around. I couldn't really shoot anything interesting on the outing due to piling assignments and exams that I need to worry about. So I just took pictures of whatever that came to mind.
Just a small note: I have actually sold my own DSLR some weeks back, these are the pictures from way before it was sold. Actually, it saddens me to just sell away. I had to do so, because I had no time for photo snapping in a while, at the same time I have to focus more on studies and I don't want the camera to grow fungus (I found that my house temperature and environment suits them best *sigh*)

Anyways, here's the pictures:

A shot of my guitar which is lying around in my room...

Mandarin Oranges during CNY

Some of the collection my family has.

Big baby bottle weih!

Ooo I love the sky! and the clouds~!

A fancy picture of which I captured during an outing at MidValley

They were all drawn by this dude~!
Awesome man!

During lunch time at Delicious, Mid Valley,
this is what I saw hanging around =)

Headless model!

This dude is fehh-ree-king out!
ROFL! Check out this link -!

Red Lantern!

More Lanterns! xD

A flower which bloomed, and fell from one of my mum's plant.

A different view of the sky

Hmmm, a girl tying a ribbon around her waist?
Well it's random alright, hahaha

I guess that's all I have shot randomly!
Enjoy! =D