Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Office Update!

It’s been a while since I wrote much from office. Since I got some spare time, I’m taking the opportunity to explore the Windows Live Writer application. Speaking of it, I’ve had this installed on some of my machines (personal and work) but never actually used it. Sure I launched the program before, but I’ve never written nor published anything from the application.

So let’s see how this turns out in a bit, once I’ve submitted/published this online Smile

Temporarily, I’ve got quite some tasks in hand both personal and work. Personal-wise, well it’s friends and household stuffs; and work, well it’s just work. Challenging, yet intriguing Winking smile. Alright, so let’s see how this looks like when it’s up! *clicks on publish*

Update: Not bad I reckon, other than some formatting issues, I'd say it's pretty swell! I may start using the Live Writer after all! Smile

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You've Got Questions!

These are some questions that you want to start asking yourself, if you don't already know the answers to them. These questions are some of the questions that will shape your life around, and turn things for the better for you... because they allow you to re-discover yourself from the inside and you may also find out what hidden potential you have hidden there.

  • Who am I, really?

  • Why do I get out of bed every morning?

  • What part do I play in the betterment of the world?

  • Is this really what I want to do with my life?

  • What do I really want to do that I never made time for?

These questions are effective, because I too ask myself every now and then, to find out more about myself...

Special thanks to Mike Handcock for these! =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fright Night! review

Just got back from a movie premier screen by Nuffnang with thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia. We were watching Fright Night, a Disney flick which tales a vampire, by the name of Jerry, living in the neighborhood where Charley Brewster (the main character) lives in. This movie is a mix of comedy and horror - weird combination, no? But I must admit the jokes were rather hilarious and got many members of the audience laughing to it.

Note: Pictures are taken from Nuffnang.

I would not want to elaborate further on the movie, but would like to highlight some points as part of the review:
  • Was not much of a horror, rather more of suspense, but I do like the sound effects, makes your heart throb a little here and there.
  • The puns were hilarious and it made many members of the audience laugh.
  • The storyline was not that all interesting, but some of the actions were alright.
  • Character-wise, well they were alright too, but I think Colin Farrell did pretty well seeing there was all that was given to him. Anton Yelchin was average at the beginning, but his character picked up towards the end *thumbs up*
  • In terms of special effects, it was not that all impressive but it did fair well in its part of the show, except for the oozy blood that was really fake (I guess being part of a Disney movie, they can't have too much blood?)

 I would rate it as 7/10.
 An okay movie to watch, but it's not a movie you cannot miss.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Massive Jam, Why?!

On the way back home earlier, I was caught in a ridiculous jam (I believe it was partially due to the rain) in which rendered me bored nearly to death because I was stuck in a VERY slow motion traffic...

Must Fight Temptation!!

Made a mistake =( Played with the Lumix lx5 n so tempted to buy it =S *stares at credit card* cannot, must fight temptation! X|

Hmmm maybe I could sell of my Tamron SP90 and my compact for this... Hehehe =P

Blogging from Blogger App (via iPod)

Download the app from days ago, but only now that I wish to try the app myself. So far it looks great - simple and easy to navigate around.

Took a snapshot of it via my iPod, and let's see how it looks like in the post once it has been saved =)

And this is me wishing everyone a good day at work!
I'll be taking half day leave, so I'll be out of office by lunch =)

Oh, before I forget, Selamat Hari Malaysia! *winks*

Apparently, I can't arrange the picture uploads and their positions via the app =(
Or is there a way to do so, but I haven't found it?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Found Gifts, Lost Friends

I ran through some of the old stuffs I had lying around the house, and to my surprise, I found stuffs that not only I thought was long gone, but also reminded me of the good times I had with my buddies from high school back then. I've lost touch with them - their numbers, addresses, etc. (back then we weren't so into the whole internet thingy, so yeah, lost touch).

I wonder if I can find my old buddy Zizzi, and get in touch with her... Honestly, it's been like what.. more than 5 years, I think 7 or 8 years now?
It's worth a try to find out =)

Oh yes! I found her on Facebook, and added her! Thank God I can still recognize her =)
Gosh, it's a good thing that I'm a "collector" *grins*, I think this is one of the times I actually am happy of the stuffs I "archive" =P

Btw, HAPPY MONDAY to EVERYONE, well it certainly is for me!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Awesome Sunday

My today's To-do-List started off with only 3 items:

  1. Call Sandra
  2. Wash Car
  3. Arrange a meeting with (threadmill) buyer

Unfortunately, the primary #1 task I did not manage to do (because I had forgotten about it - entirely slipped off my mind *sobs*). However, things turned around when there were more items spontaneously added to the list, and it somewhat compensated the disappointment I felt, with joy and fulfillment when I completed the others =)

My new list and its status for each item was updated to the following:

  1. Call Sandra (Missed)
  2. Wash Car (Completed: Washed 3 cars instead *sweats*)
  3. Arrange a Meeting with (threadmill) Buyer (Completed)
  4. Edit Photo Album (Completed: Edited 3 albums instead *exhales in relief*)
  5. Clear Credit Card Bills (Completed)
  6. Clean Closet (Still in progress)
  7. Visit friend's open-house raya (Completed: Tapao a pack of rendang *grins*)
  8. Picked and send friend home safely (Completed: Retrieved missing bag too! *smiles*)

These may seem like petty work, however they were meaningful today. I'll do item #1 when Sandra gets settled down later on :) and I won't miss it the next time around! :)

With that I conclude it was an Awesome Sunday indeed! :D