Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 08 (MIFC) @ Putrajaya - Part II

Continuation from Part I

So in the evening, after planting our tripods at our strategic positions and adjusting the configurations of the cameras, we chilled. Nothing much to do, and it was soon turning dark. We saw more and more people arriving at our spot.

ChungLern with his spot

Schmae telling me her D40 rawks!
It does... =)

They went for a short walk, at the same time,
taking some stuffs from the car

Man, this pose just tells you how sweet they are..

Ok.. chill chill.. but O.M.G.
The tripod is eff-ing Cute weih!
I want oso!

Then it started turning dark, and soon we saw flashes from people's camera randomly here and there. I damn PAISEH lor, as I recall one incident. I swear IT WAS RANDOM, and it sounded silly, yesh I know, I'm L.A.M.E

*5 Flashes directly at me*
Me: OMG!! I'm blinded!! Red-eye Removal Flash...
Everyone: *LOL @ me*
Me: *paiseh*

See what I mean? I think Lameness was a nature gift to me. Well at least, people were happy and laughing at me. No harm at all. *winks* I pandai cover up kan?

Then the finale of MIFC kicked off, and it lasted 28 mins. Most of us were snapping at every moment of it, in hopes of getting great shots as memorable pictures. I volunteered to record it down with my camera (yesh, it's a camcorder as well).

Courtesy of Schmae =)

What I took..
I know it wasn't really that nice.
But gimme a break,
my first time.. LOL

Gimme another break k?
My second time..

After the event, we packed our stuffs and left the place to a mamak stall nearby Steph's place. On the way out, met some guys, whom I've been seeing quite frequently for most events, withouth planning that. Check out the BOMB which I laid upon them.

from my Random Things

At the mamak

This is a candid shot...
Okies, after this I'd better be running..
Steph's gonna KILL ME!

Okay, it didn't worked out for Aaron,
See Schmae's Killer look?
quoted from: Jeff's Dunham's Achmed the Terrorist.

Aaron Smiling Cheekily..
Schmae tak sukak ady..

LOL! The above 3 pictures/stouwies, I create one..
Not real at all...
Now you know how paparazzi's work,
they candid people, and tell you a whole new story..

HOWEVER, to my misery and despair...
when I got home OMFGWTF-SIA the video was corrupted, and to make things worse, my panaromic pictures "died" as well. OH F***, Oh S***! Profanity has gained its censorship here. But I was damn pissed about it. Couldn't really sleep thinking about it, and it gotten me emo all night.

See la, mau transfer oso cannot =(

I rant about it to Schmae and Aaron, who happened to be online. They're really nice, telling me that it's ok, and helping me to cool off. I even managed to crack a joke, signifying that I was okay. Wanna hear it? Even if you duwanna hear, you'll be reading it!
muahahahaha *winks*

Shorten Conversation of me and Schmae:
Schmae: O_o
Me: My pictures (some) got CORRUPTED!!
Schmae: WHYYY
Me: Even the vid of the fireworks pun takda!!
Schmae: !!!! HOW COMEEE
Me:ZOMG!!! DUNNO... *sad* I'm pissed
Schmae: =( I know you are
Me: I having cold war wif my camera now..

Me:I'm not gonna give it new batteries.. Pffft!
Schmae: hahahahahahahha
Schmae: omg so funny but so poor thing at the same time

Well that's how I NORMALLY turn things around, so that others wouldn't be drowned with my emo-ness. So that's all from MIFC 08 post. It's long, I know. But I like it!

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 08 (MIFC) @ Putrajaya - Part I

It's kinda long, so I thought of splitting it into two post =P

Was invited by Schmae
[Note: not her real name.. LOL] together with Aaron, ChungLern, and Stephanie. Fun time together with them. Seriously can LMAO with them. It's random.

Firstly, met ChungLern at APIIT, then met the rest at Steph's place, where we witness LIVE DOGGIE PORN - Doggie Style. LOL. I can still recall one of the dog's name called Milo. Okies... Nuff' of Doggie Porn (duwanna get yal aroused with it)

Try guessing where this pictures are from..

Then, we took off heading towards Putrajaya, and crap the whole journey. Oh btw, Please yal, GO GRAB A Seventeen's Magazine - the latest issue, NOW! You'll know why when you get it.

In Aaron's car

Schmae with the cute looks xD

Tersasar ady, but still nice.. *winks*

Try guessing who's holding the camera?
Hint: The person controlling the wheels.

We saw it!
ULO (Unidentified Landed Object) LIVE!!

Yours Truly... *Winks*

We arrived there EARLY and ChungLern was wondering WTF we're gonna do for the next freaking 4 hours there - the event was gonna start off at 10pm. So what else could we do? 5 people, 4 cameras, 1 place with nice scenery. You give it a thought.

At Putrajaya

So many bags kan?

This is beginning to seem like a documentary... LOL

Steph lying around, just enjoying the sun..
Heheheh xD

I took this shot, and the sampan ferry/boat
was more than 500m away..
Yesh, I know.. My cam is so COOL!
Awesome! *muackks to my camera*

Continue in next post...

Web Hacking Talk @ APIIT

Last Tuesday, went back to college for a talk on Web Hacking by HITB in APIIT. Seriously either I was too noob, or I wasn't the type for hacking, not yet, I guess.

I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND MUCH OF WHAT THEY SAID, in regards of the terms they have used. I only know the theory, and if they showed the codes properly, I could probably interpret a lil' of it.

So guess what I end up doing? Hint: I took out my camera.

The Talker is on the left.
The right guy? The assistant.

Don't ask me why they're both on the floor.
Probably there weren't enough chairs.
(I know you sure ask why so I answered it first)

Looks like almost everyone got their seats
and are already listening to the talk

Guess again then..
There were many at the back that didn't

Then we had a short game time for hacking.
Use your skills man!
Can you spot me? Hint: I'm second in Level 2
note: by fluke only I got there..

Seriously, I have lots to learn about hacking. Though it's interesting, and of course TV shows you the easy part (like 5 secs hacking) but they skipped all the important parts.. Hahaha.. So that's all from Web Hacking talk.

Random Things

This are some random-ness I found..

Check out the transfer rate man..
WTF??!! 42724 Days and 19 hours??
Either I'm blardie old, or I'm dead by then..

Those on Facebook, and have FFS (FriendsForSale) applications,
You would know how bored it is for me nowadays

"Busy till no time wear pants"
OMGWTF Since when I said that???
Then came my Lame hit back,
"So You've been around with Boxers?"

This is one of me favorites...
I'll just brief yal with it,
The scenario:
My friends and I were at an event finale,
met some other friends after it ended,
they asked, "What are you doing here?"
I answered, "Isn't it obvious?"



Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bouquet of Chocolates?

Remember the convo I attended recently? and I asked a question to everyone who has read it, "Guess what I got for Siew Mei as her graduation gift".

Well, today I'll reveal it

It's green in color (on the outside)
It's not made of flowers..
Took 1 hour plus to put it in position..

Hint: banana leaves + Ferrero Rocher!



The Green Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher

If you're wondering who is the person holding that,
well that's my sis...

Weird? Freaky?
NO! It's cool!!


Simply because it is
by yours truly

Well, someone has answered it right, but gave a lame name for it..

TarzJane??? O_O

That person is no other than Alex!

He'll be walking/driving away with a
SonicGear Earphone iPlug100


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Phew, after 2 days of working @ Menara TM for some Microsoft's Product's Promotion, I feel kinda exhausted. Haven't been working that long for some time now...

In addition to that, I couldn't take pictures, because I was kinda running up and down most of the time. So gonna disappointed both myself and everyone else. Hmm, this time around, working for an event, I'm surprised I didn't get any goodie bags even though there was a heap of leftovers Even more surprising, it was from Microsoft

Kinda tired now, I guess I'm heading for bed early tonight.

Ps: The Prize is still available. Refer to my previous post for details.
Note: Must tell me what I gave her for Convocation Gift. *winks*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SiewMei's Convo @ Wisma MCA

Went to SiewMei's Convocation last Sunday, Yesh! She's now a fresh graduate! Mmm-mm.. Fresh indeed! LOL..

I had a surprise for her.. Hehehe.. For her once in a lifetime event, I had thought of something only, the Great Lame King would do.. Muahahaha! See more to find out...

Flooded with people.. *gulps*

See that?
She was smiling happily with it!

Siew Mei and Boyfriend

Besties =)

me, siew mei, sook yee

our lunch @ manhattan fish market..
we ordered almost the same dish,
so no point taking the similar pictures

This picture was taken before the lunch was served..
Guess that's what hunger can do to a hungry guy..

Sook Yee likes pictures

I mean she likes to take pictures..
there's 20 over pictures of her on my camera

After that it was my turn..

Silap budget on the camera angle..

So guess what I got for Siew Mei as her graduation gift..

The first one to guess it right,
wins a SonicGear Earphone iPlug 100 from me.
Note#1: Must let me know the name you think suitable
for it... ^_^
Note#2: Siew Mei, Sook Yee and Patrick cannot play.. =P

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RWP @ KL Central

Last Saturday, there was a Read While Waiting Project (RWP) at KL Central, ongoing where there were quite a lot of supporters who attended it. What is this about? Well the project's name tells it, to get people reading while waiting, regardless of the location, time, and environment; as long as you're waiting, it is encouraged to pull out any reading materials and start reading.

So let's see how it went...

Met new friends there.. Am Happy! =D

is me!

Joshua Ong

Thomas Yap

Supporters (believe me, there's more than this)
there were 3 spots, and this is 1 of them..

some reading newpapers

some brought their novels

our spot @ front of KFC

Zain, the person who spearheaded the RWP

even after the event, people continued reading..
*claps!* good job guys!

Book lovers!

And we all went back after that...
Both Joshua and I went back by train..
but we're going to different destinations,
therefore, different platforms..

so from across the platform..
*psst, he didn't know*

he got snapped!

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