Thursday, August 25, 2011

5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

By doing the following, it could potentially increase the value of your company and productivity + efficiency of your employees:

Express genuine appreciation to coworkers & staff — even on a tight budget.
Increase loyalty with the employees and volunteers in your organization.
Reduce cynicism and create a more positive work environment.
Decrease staff burnout and the sense of being ‘used’.
Improve your ability to show appreciation for difficult colleagues.

Taken from, written by Dr. Chapman and Dr. White, though I’m yet to buy the book, but having to read through the 1st chapter of the book simply made me realize the power of true communication using sincerity not just at home or with friends, but at workplace.

How I came across this? This was actually recommended by a good friend of mine, Dave Rogers, and so, I searched up for it. It’s a really good read, and I urge anyone who has been running or working in a business to get a copy of this book! =) I’ll soon be getting my copy! *grins*

Monday, August 08, 2011

Rock Your Business Malaysia

Have you ever felt like there was things could have been better, but you don't know what or how to do? Or ponder on how things are, but you've yet to figure it out? Well, I used to indulge into what seems as answer-less questions, most times I get through, sometimes I don't and for this, it repeatedly haunts me every now and then, like your shadow that appears when there's light.

How can it be done?
How is it possible?
How to change?

During 29th to the 31st July 2011, I was invited to join in a highly interactive international business convention, known as Rock Your Business (RYB) Malaysia. That weekend session turned things around for me. No longer was I held back by miserable questions, but I found CLARITY in what I have been needing all the while. Whilst I'm no starting-up entrepreneur or any ongoing businessman, I had found the benefits that empowered my personal life as well as my working life.

Before & After
Haha, this is an illustration of how I was to how I am..
Note: that's not me, and neither was he lost like me *grins*

Now you may wonder what RYB is about and what it does that makes me go saying all this, I'll gladly tell you that RYB is unlike any conventional event or business program that only teaches you 'HOWs' of business. As a matter of fact, RYB is the opposite of it, as it focuses on the cruciality of asking the eminent questions in the order of 'WHY', 'WHO', 'WHEN', 'WHERE' and last but not least 'HOW'.

WHY is it in this order? "Yes, you've asked a great question! And for that you'll get a great answer!" The reason or the secret behind most successful entrepreneurs or businesses, is the WHY they started it in the first place. The magnitude of the WHY is what defines the dignified success of entrepreneurs such as Jack Welch, Tony Fernandez or even Oprah Winfrey. This 'WHY' then leads to the next question, WHO am I, WHO inspires you or WHO you aspire to be. By understanding that, you'll then kick start your plans that states 'WHEN' it is to be actualized and 'WHERE' it would take you to. Leveraging on these areas, it articulates to the success you want and opening windows to 'HOW' you can do it.

Magnitude of WHY
Dave showing the magnitude of WHY that elevates the success factor

"Yes, you've asked a great question! And for that you'll get a great answer!" - Mike Handcock

This is Mike Handcock showing us some awesomeness!
Well, not quite the best picture, but it certainly shows you
what you might get if you had asked the right question =)

Btw, the question there and then was "Pose?" =P

"HOW this applies to me?" Nooooo, you got the order all wrong! *points back to the 2 paragraphs above, that's merely the last question to ask...* RYB not only helps entrepreneurs or businessman in gaining CLARITY, but those who attends RYB 3-days session will learn the tips and tricks that applies to personal life. The questions that was mentioned above, if you were to fine tune those to your current life, you would know how much you'll be able to change your life around or enhance it for the better. The things anyone could learn from are from the vast experience that the business experts have acquired throughout their years in the respective fields. For me, it was the best thing that had happened to me in years!

'WHO' were there, and 'WHO' are they? I'll cut it short; The people there were ranging from successful businessmen to starting entrepreneurs, to students (Note: the students weren't from business courses). They, from all ages, backgrounds and/or business, came for a common reason, which is to learn to bring themselves/their business to the next level and of course, to gain/branch network ("One can never have too many friends, only too many to properly take care of" - Rod McKuen).

"Play a bigger game" - Mike Handcock

Rock Your Business (which came from Rock Your Life), as the name states, it aims to get anyone to start rocking their businesses and/or lives! RYB helps one to rediscover him/herself with the possibility of unlocking the hidden potentials of one's self with the different levels of value and learning to take home after each session at RYB.

"When people asked what will they get out of Rock Your Business. My best response would be – What are you looking for? Different people is in search of different things in life, their career and for their business. And … Rock Your Business will amaze you.. it’s all about asking the right questions, shifting the energy, knowing who should be in your team, finding out what sort of collaboration or partnerships you should have, or understanding the investors’ mindset. That’s just to name a few.." - Terri Chan

So what has it done for me? Since I'd mentioned RYB had given me a boost to my personal and work life, I'll just share with you some of the things you could see happening instantaneously once you put it to practice:
  • I learned that using the word 'AWESOME' had a significantly big difference as compared to 'Good' or 'Not bad', as it somewhat gives an empowering effect onto the energy that I emit. Try this when someone asks you how are you doing, answer "I'm AWESOME!" with a big heartfelt smile on your face. You'd be surprised by the atmosphere you've just created!

  • Speaking of energy, one is able to SHIFT from the 'Dull', 'Gloomy' or 'Stormy' energy to 'Sunny', 'Bright' and 'Awesome' energy by simply changing locations (for discussions, work or personal matters), alternating the breathing methods and changing the choice of words to more constructive manners (this can be related to the above point).

  • GRATITUDE - An amazing word which simply means to show appreciation. Instead of putting blame or plunge yourself in the depths of helplessness, why not show thankfulness to those who have taught you well? WHO are these teachers? Everyone! Be it a Mentor, Stranger or even your Enemy, these people have indeed showed you much lessons in ways you've least expected. A good example would be disappointment or failure, the Teachers have demonstrated what it looks, feels, smells and tastes like. With that, when we show gratitude, we are able to look at things from a whole new perspective, not only can we are able to fall forward but we can also stand up taller and reach out (and possibly take quantum leaps) to greater heights of success (whether personal or business wise, or both!)

Let's not forget to show gratitude to the wonderful people whom were present during the 3-days session at RYBM:

Introducing the panel SAGES that has very much guided us,
harnessing their expertise in respective fields to
share their experience and knowledge with us:
(in a clock-wise order, starting from top left)
  • Mike Handcock – Bestselling author of 11 books, founder of Rock Your Life and Asia’s leading Edutainer.
  • Matthias Gelber – Greenest Man on the Planet & Eco Mentor.
  • Paul Zaman – He led the equity research and marketing of the world’s largest A$14 Billion IPO of Telstra in 1998.
  • Dave Rogers - Asia’s leading Entrepreneur Coach.
  • Lilian Lim – Franchising & Licensing expert.

"The RYBM Family of July 2011!"
Simply an awesome bunch! =)