Monday, October 31, 2011

Master Toast @ The Scott Garden Mall

Had my dinner at Master Toast in The Scott Garden Mall. At a glance from afar (coming from the front entrance of the mall), anyone would thought it’s just another small café by the corner. Little did I know that was far from wrong…

30102011205 copy30102011206 copy30102011207 copy

Notice that? From the direction I came from I thought “Another pitiful café stuck at the corner, how in the world would it attract people?” Yeah, by the time I decided to take a peek inside, I was surprised by the size of it. I took back my words instantly!

30102011209 copy30102011210 copy

So I checked around to see what they have (besides the menu, and the promotions). They were once visited by the World’s #1 badminton player, Lee Chong Wei! They had a cozy corner with lots of fluffy pillow too! Not to forget, they actually had a bladeless stand fan! How cool is that?! Overall, the setup and environment was great!

I was also attracted to their monthly promotion, and decided to order a few (my family was around as well to try out the new café) items off the promotional menu.

We ordered 2 drinks for a start – Asam Kedondong and Choc Oreolicious. For bites, an MT Toast, an MT Club Sandwich and a Foot Long Sausage.

30102011211 copy30102011212 copy30102011214 copy 30102011215 copy30102011217 copy30102011218 copy

Oh-Em-Gee! They were delicious! The drinks were simply great! We couldn’t get enough of it! It was like the best drinks we had in a long time! Asam Kedondong’s taste was amazing, not unlike some other diluted drinks we tasted in other restaurants. The Choc Oreolicious was thick! and I believe they had grinded the Oreos to mix the chocolate! I’ve yet to try other drinks out, but these two were simply awesome! I’d go for more if I had the stomach for it.

I love the MT Toast – a rich mix of kaya and butter. It had enough taste that beats those of ”[insert name]’ kopitiams! But I believe the MT Club Sandwich is more of a bargain! The ingredients are fresh and Master Toast weren’t stingy! Usually I’d see really thin tomato slices, some half-beaten cabbages, a small cut of chicken ham and cheese, but the Club Sandwich was none of the above! They had sufficient ingredients to make me smile! *grins*

The Foot Long Sausage was a healthy foot long sausage! *laughs* I mean seriously, I went to some café before and ordered a similar dish, but it looked nothing as compared to Master Toast’s! To top that, they had this black pepper gravy that was outstanding! Blended perfectly with the sausage, fries and other stuffs on the plate. Needless to say, it’s darn worth it!

30102011219 copy

You’d think I’m kidding when I say it’s worth it, eh? Well, see for yourself! The receipt I had gotten for the delicacies above =)

Don’t worry you won’t be missing out much, as there’s next month’s promotional menu (and it’s only a day away!). Well, I didn’t capture the menu in much of a clear manner, but head over there and you’ll find yourself enjoying a good meal =)

30102011208 copy

More details on Master Toast:

Lot LG-68, The Scott Garden Mall,
Komplek Rimbun Scott,
289, Jalan Klang Lama,
58100, Kuala Lumpur

Multiple (Backdated) Post

Finally gotten myself to grab the pictures off my phone to blog about it. I must admit I was pretty lazy to send the pictures to my computer via Bluetooth, what more to say about dragging the card reader out. But, alas I did it! Boy there’s a whole bunch of picture I had forgotten about as well! *laughs*

Anyhoo, let’s get going on with it (before I run out of juice to do it) and let’s do it from the recent going backwards:

Walk Around @ The Scott Garden Mall

30102011203 copy30102011204 copy

On a hot day like no other, I usually hate to be in the house sweating (sit in front of a stand fan doesn’t help). Thus, I decided to head out with my family. Tesco in Old Klang Road, came to my mind and it seems to be a great idea as I hadn’t been there before. The place there was big, but quite a lot of empty lots there. But once everything is in place, believe me it’s gonna be a hit place to hang out. There’s a Zen area where there are pretty bonsais around!

In Tesco, well nothing’s different than the other Tesco outlets. So I went around wandering, especially at the cool section – Frozen goods. Saw a pretty interesting sticker at the coolers there – “We are able to reduce our prices as the temperature regulators in our freezes help save energy by up to 30%” by Tesco. Initially, I thought that the prices will be dropped by 30% but by the second time I read it, then I knew that was just my fat hopes. It’s like other F&B outlets saying “The above pictures are for illustration purposes only”, what gives! Then, walked around a little more, to find out that Tesco is really into ripping off people’s creating their own products, they’ve got drinks, food and snacks in their brands! How crappy cool is that?!

Halloween Decoration @ Great Eastern Mall

I attended the newcomer’s session at Great Eastern Mall, and as I was about to head back home, I decided to call my friends out for a drink (didn’t want to waste my time driving all the way to Ampang from Sri Petaling, without meeting some buddies of mine). Instead of yumcha (Translate: drink or hangout session) with a bunch, I only manage to get hold of Colbie. As I called her out for a drink, I went walking around the mall (it’s a habit of mine – can’t stay still during a call; tend to walk around) and I came across an exhibition of Halloween Decoration! So quickly I snapped a couple of pictures =) Unfortunately, didn’t buy anything because I know this year I won’t be celebrating it.

3rd Wave Concert @ FGA, KL

15102011199 copy

On 15th October 2011, Brian Joo and Alexander Lee (from uKiss) came to perform at what is known as the Third Wave Evangelism. Not so sure about the entire occasion, but I know I enjoyed the awesome songs sang by the two Korean pop stars. Ooo, there was another Korean guy (grew up in the same city as Brian) by the name of Pastor Johnny (PJ) in whom, seems to me as the guy who spearheaded the event.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sales @ MAERPS, Serdang

11102011197 copy11102011198 copy

About a week before the 3rd Wave Concert, I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales. The size of the hall had me awed, but the selection on books didn’t impress me a bit. May be all the good ones were taken, I don’t know. I did after all went there about a week or so after its first day opening. *sigh* I reluctantly bought a book (which was okay, but not really what I wanted) for the sake of buying at least a book there. Thought I’d find something that would feed my interest in some areas – sales & marketing, biz management, people management, photography; but na-dah there was nothing of my liking.

Real Steel Screening @ GSC, Pavillion KL

08102011179 copy08102011176 copy

Was invited by Stephanie to catch the premier screening of Real Steel before it is officially released publicly in the local cinemas. Before the movies, Stephanie and I walked around Pavillion. Since neither Stephanie nor I had been to the Tokyo Street in Pavillion, I decided to talk a stroll there, and see if I could get any snacks before the movies (was rather hungry though), but to my dismay, the snacks there were awfully expensive. Maybe they are imported goods from Japan, but seriously a bag of chips about the size of Jack N’ Jills is about RM10? Gosh! Then, I saw bottles of sake being displayed at one of the shops. They weren’t affordable for me either. I guess alcohols are expensive, that I won’t deny. But a bag of chips costing around RM10, seriously?

Festival City - Building in Progress @ Setapak

08102011175 copy

Brought my car for tinting (bought somewhat a good deal off and as the personnel there attend to my car, I took a walk outside (I can’t sit still, what more to wait for at least an hour until my car is ready). Back then, I saw a mall that had a signage stating that it would be ready by 20th October 2011. I wonder if it’s all ready now…

VERTIGO KL’s Soft Launch @ Garden’s Rooftop

06102011171 copy

One the nights after work, I invited a colleague cum good friend of mine, Handy to a night club named VERTIGO. I had received an invitation via phone and email prior to it, and was allowed to invite a guest along. So the moment the clock hit 7pm, we were out of the building and heading towards to party! It wasn’t that all big, rather it’s kinda cramp once the crowd was all arrived there. Not to mentioned it was smoky as well, I could hardly breathe with all the cigarette puffs coming from all direction. We saw many hot and good looking ladies, but we were turned off once we saw most of them were smokers too! I don’t know about you or others, but I have a thing here – I don’t like lady smokers; whether they’re smart or they’re pretty, so long I see a cigarette at the lips of the lady or a smoke puff coming out of her mouth, I feel disgusted (>_<”)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Car Wash!

My car's squeaky clean! This is the result of an hour of hand-washed service, lol =P

Night + Ideas = Nideas!

Can't sleep at night, 'cause you've got a lot on your mind or suddenly there's a gush of ideas in your mind?

Well, one of the suggested solutions would to get them thoughts out of your mind. How? Fairly simple, move the thoughts out of your head and into a written form - paper, notes, etc.

If you're wondering whether this works or not, why not just give it a try and see what happens? Otherwise, your other choice would be to stay up pondering with it until you grow tired of it =P

Sometimes I do both! Only because when I write down an idea, it leads to another and soon grows to a concept which later on makes me really glad I managed to write it out =) Else, come morning, I'd be scratching my head over what happened last night that kept me awake the whole time =D

So what do you need to get the thoughts/ideas out? You just 3 things:
1. Night Lamp (optional but better to have some clear light, especially if you have a lot of things to write)
2. Paper (and lots of it, better in the form of a notebook)
3. Pen (duh, definitely!)

With this I hope you can get a good night rest! =D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wanna Print Something?

Does anyone knows where I can get a cheap t-shirt printing services? If I have enough funds I’d like to print this out on a bulk of t-shirt. Any thoughts people?

Taken off the Internet some time ago.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Popular Ain't That All Good

Just visited Nuffnang's post, I saw a section which shows some of the most popular posts on Innit, and guess what was there?

That ain't very pleasant, is it?

Back then, when there I was active (alongside with many other bloggers whose name shall not be mentioned), I've never seen anything like that posted up! I may not be refreshing the post every few seconds/minutes, but I sure was checking it everyday, and BELIEVE me when I say, there were more decent blog post then.

*sigh* Times have changed..
For the worse? What do you think?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Real Steel! review

A big thanks to Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia for the chance of being part of Premiere Screening of Real Steel. It is certainly one of the best action movie I've seen in a long time, and I'll let you know why just in a bit =) Before that, I just wanna share what my answer was for the question posted by Nuffnang:
Question: How you would build your own fighter robot?

Simple! A shape-shifting robot, with state of the art technology and abilities... flexible adamantium build, with nano-suit abilities that allows restructuring of any part quick and without problem.. You don't need a chainsaw if you have the awesome hybrid martial arts (JiuJitsu, Kickboxing, Aikido, etc) programmed into it... Virtually undefeatable, #1 in the ring, #1 in your hearts (for the fans; gotta love the crowd right?), #1 in the world, the 1 and only, The Real Steel! =) Let's not forget its great sponsor and partner, Nuffnang *grins*.

Hehehe, that was how I scored a pair of invitations to the screening. Alright enough about that. So let's move onto the review of the show. The movie Real Steel, is no doubt an awesome show, and I bet those who had watched me with me would say so too.

Some super awesome technology was shown - Transparent and Flexible OLED screen panels for phones and computers! I think they are concept phones and computers on screen for marketing/promoting purposes, by Nokia and HP as I saw them repeatedly shown in obvious manners. Boy will Nokia and HP be a big talk once they go on screen officially to the public! The future technology displayed throughout the movie was rather realistic (we'll prepare ourselves for lots of robot-action sports?)
The storyline is touching - I can still clearly remember the heartfelt sentence between a father and a son "I've tried my best, what do you want me to do?", then "I just want you to fight for me, that's all that I ever wanted". From distanced strangers to close bonding, it's simply the perfect storyline!

This is a movie that can be watched by anyone. I would say it's a family movie, because it shows the value of appreciation, family bonds and teamwork! An important aspect was brought to the screen, in that the power of recognizing opportunities that will potentially change everything and the power of will to see it through. It proves that size does not matter, it's the heart that counts. One may have the best technology, best program, best experts to operate it, but if it does not have the heart for it, it's just another thing that comes along and goes away eventually.

Max found his robot

Also, the movie exhibits that humans in the future are more civilized - though they want more action, but they are aware of the consequences of directly involving human in the process, hence replaced it with disposable or expandable technology - Get the humans out and let the robots do the fighting!
For the characters, I like the kid (Dakota Goyo aka Max Kenton) who starred in the show, his emotions were genuine and I gotta admit it, he was the key person who made the show pretty touching. Also you gotta love his eyes! (Watch the movie and you'll know! *grins*) Also, not to forget both Hugh Jackman (Charlie Kenton) and Evangeline Lilly (Bailey Tallet) who were both SEXY and HOT, yet expressing a great deal of affection - Not many people are able to show genuine love and gratefulness.

Charlie talking to the robot, Atom
Charlie and the Ninja Boy 

So how do I rate this movie? I guess from all the points above, I could sum into a figure of:

9.5 out of 10

What happened to the balance of 0.5? Well, let's just say, when you pay attention to the details. Heavy object should have a heavy impact on the ground, unless it's rubber, but in the case of metal, well I didn't quite see that. Also, there's a certain truth that was not reveal, in regards to Max Kenton's ability to interact with robots (or perhaps that's part of the mystery that should be adding value to the movie). Last but not least, in case if others didn't notice this (can't blame anyone, the overall was great, and many would close one eye on this) the continuous battle of robots, though show great damage impact throughout the fight, but have seemed to "restored" back to an earlier condition once it had ended. The dent that was created, seem to have gone away. But all these were minor stuffs, hence only the 0.5. When giving a review, one should be fair =)

I wouldn't mind watching this movie for the second time! (Well, but in fact I did! How? That's for me to know, and for you to find out *winks*)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Listen to Your Dentist!

I had learned a great lesson as I stepped out of the dentist clinic earlier today. To be honest, I've not visited the clinic in a long while, or more specifically in years. Dentist tells me to be regular, but I guess the fright of the screeching sounds from the tools kept me away. But not today, as I gathered my courage *takes a deep breath* and walked into the room. It wasn't all pleasant for me, after all, it had been years since I was last there (and no I didn't go anywhere else). So, I got my check up, my cleaning and patching for some minor cavities *yikes!* Okay I didn't do a great job at dental care, so sue me! (Noooo, I'm kidding! Don't sue me, I'm broke... and you'll know why in a bit)

The price to pay for the time I've missed is great (somewhat RM500) but considered rather small if you calculate it based on the years. Nevertheless, there's still traces of burning in my wallet as I "speak" this. "Why so expensive?" Well, I guess I missed out the part on the x-ray? "What x-ray?" Yeah I got some abnormal wisdom tooth (molar) growth, and according to the dentist, whom by the way is very good, I've got to undergo a dental surgery soon, otherwise I'll be potentially losing more teeth. (See the illustration below for better understanding)

Impacted Molar

You see, in the recent years I've somewhat grown extra wisdom teeth (molar) on bothleft and right ends of my jaws. Well, that's normal, but what's not normal is the position they grew in. Though not normal, this kind of scenario happens rather frequently amongst people, but they are usually taken care of when found. In my case, I only thought they were broken tooth, since I could only see a portion of it. Little did I know, after the x-ray was done, they were full grown teeth with good, strong and long nerves with it *facepalm*. The risk is here that if left there for long, I may lose out my front molars, and eventually have nothing to chew my food. I may have to wear denture!!! *OMGosh!!!*

So lesson learned well - Visit the dentist often, and keep your teeth in good care. Otherwise, you'll soon regret it!

P.s: But I guess it's a good thing for me, if I had waited until next year, I might be in real trouble. Hehe, so for now, I've gotta plan for the right time and plan financially how to take care of this - It's a surgery after all, big time money investment in dental care!

Monday, October 10, 2011


“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.” - Charles R. Swindoll 

Magical Night!

Today, I woke up to a blue sky and my heart skipped a beat! It was breathtaking! or maybe perhaps it's just an exciting moment because it's been quite a while since I last saw such a clear blue sky... For those who don't know, it's been pretty hazy lately (probably due to the bushfire from Indonesia, not sure) and boy I could not differentiation clouds from the sky. At that moment, I'm very sure that today's gonna be a great day!

Took my family out to Sunway Pyramid, had good meals, and got some really cool and nice pictures of cats from a Cat Exhibition (MCFA Cat Exhibition 2011) =)

And alas, tonight, when told by my Sis about the moon, I witnessed something truly amazing! I saw a clear full moon, with its moonbeam radiance (halo) SO HUGE like you've never seen anything like it before! What's more if it's directly above MY HOUSE! Yes, I had to strain my neck look directly up! To top that experience, I saw the slow motion of the cloud curtain moving from one point of the radiance to the other... IT WAS SO COOL! (Update: this phenomenon is known as the Moon Dog, now I can't wait for Sun Dog to appear!)

Sorry, I stood at different angles to take the picture, but you could see motion of the line there (except for the last 2 pictures which were taken for fun, after the cloud curtain disappeared) =)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Importance of Appreciation

Each and everyone of us needs some words of affirmation every now and then. And knowing that at least someone acknowledges our efforts in performing a certain task, makes a whole lot of difference to us, and somewhat impacts our future performances. If you didn't already know about this, maybe you might want to try and see the positive effects of the affirming words when used on someone you appreciate. Below are some words that you might want to affect on others:
"You do such a great job!  Keep it up."
"I just wanted to let you know—the things you do for (me, the company, our group) do not go unnoticed.  You’re a necessary piece to this puzzle.  I appreciate your dedication and service, and I know others do too."
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment.  You are not only a valued member of this group, you’re a dear friend.  I can’t imagine working without you." 
"If I tried to tell you how much I appreciate you, I’d be talking the rest of my life.  I hope that, in some small way, you realize how much you’ve meant to me, and how truly I desire to give back to you."
"Someday I hope to give to you a fraction of all you’ve given me."
"No words can express, no act of gratitude can relay, no gift can represent what your love and support have meant to me.  Please accept this note as an indicator of my heartfelt appreciation for everything you are."
“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire
At my workplace, I notice that regardless of positions and ranks, many yearns for some form of appreciation and one of them would be words of affirmation. I'm planning to leverage on this to see how they can better impact the organization and its employees.