Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Advice Ever!

Came to college early today. For those who knows my schedule, YES WTF right? Anyhoo, my friends and I were ARE in a discussion room, wasting out time away while waiting for the next class that will commence at 12.40pm.

Then, suddenly a while ago, my lecturer from a previous subject, walked in and asked us on how we did for the subject. So the usual answer any student SHOULD answer, we said "It was shitty, kinda screwed up I guess, sir".

After a few minutes of crapping with the lecturer, he left a piece of advice for us who are soon to enter the last year of college:

"God Bless All of You, Start Practicing how to SH*T bricks"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hanging Out at MidValley

Met up with my friends at MidValley on Tuesday, and I was introduced to a new friend. Her name's Chien Yi (I think that's how it is spelt). First look, I think she's gonna be a quiet one (like those of the goodie-good type) but turns out, she's heck lot of fun, and she's like one of us.

Well, according to the rest, she's an ex-APIITian who eventually left the college (good choice) to try out new environment (lame excuse ok?!), so that explains why I'd never seen her in person before. I only enrolled into APIIT (to be more exact UCTI) for degree Level 1.

After meeting up, we collected our movie tickets for Knowing (a review on that later) and head straight for lunch, at Chilli's Restaurant. Had lotsa chat and laughs there. Could have sworn that Miss Chien Yi was tearing with laughter there.

People, this is Miss Chien Yi.. =)

This is Vincent =)

This is the amazing Julian
He proved to us, that his mouth was big enough
to take a BIG bite out of the OldTimer

This is WaiHong =P
Seriously don't mess with him..
He can scare the sh*t out of you!

Was there from morning till almost evening, with crazy crappy talks and wild imaginations to do us nothing but endless laughter =P Well seeing those pictures, somewhat I think you'll know why.. =)

Review on "Knowing"

On Tuesday, my collegemates decided to meet up and watch a movie called Knowing starring Nicholas Cage.

Before I go on, as usual I'll share with you a short and brief summary of what the movie is about. Well at least you'll get a small picture of it (not too big I hope).

Knowing roughly involves predicting the future and somewhat about building a new world with those who/which are selected. So, the story initially tells about school children of 50 years ago, putting their imaginations of what the future lies, into a time capsule that would be buried only to be opened in 50 years to come, to signify the official opening of the school. So 50 years later after that burial, when the time capsule was dug out, what seems to be a bunch of written number turns out to be a troubling fact (or rather prophecy) found to be disturbing to a professor, his son and the those who were related to the girl who wrote it. The prophecy that foretold the destruction of the earth.

Alright so I guess that's simple enough to give a rough idea? So now let's go to the good and bad f things, shall we?

The Good:
  • Honestly, I really really like the special effects of the movie. The computer graphics really amazed me. Somewhat so real, unexpectable, and fresh. I bet those who haven't watched it, wouldn't expect it.
  • The movie was good like any movie should be - as in it has the start up, the peak and the ending.
The Bad:
  • Storyline, seriously sucks. At first, you'd like this is awesome! Then, towards the end, you'd go WTF? Gets you excited at first, turns you down the next.
  • Gave me the wrong impression of what the movie was suppose to be.
  • I don't understand what the ending was suppose to mean - there's no morale to the movie. I don't even understand why an actor such as Nicholas Cage would bother doing this movie.
  • Wouldn't even make the crowd feel like watching it for a second time, cause it's like a one time show. Well everything's revealed, nothing to think about or to wonder any further.
  • Contradictory to some biblical facts (complaints by those who are religiously defensive on it) - mixing technology, bible and aliens.
My Rating:
2.0 of 10.0

(Reason: 9.5 for the effects, but others spoilt the rest)

A piece of advice, if you want to watch it for the fun of it or to see great-mind-blowing-effects, this definitely suitable for you. If not, don't bother going for this, there are plenty better ones.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Play: Paroimia @ FGA Church, KL

Two Fridays ago, I attended an Easter Play called Paroimia at FGA Church, KL. The invitation was from both my family and Samantha. At first I was reluctant to go, because I'm not really a fan of church stuffs. The reason I went, was because of Samantha and WaiHong (whom I persuaded to go) and Chris (last minute decision to go). But at last I was glad I went there. The play was fantastic - so much energy and passion poured into the play. I'd say they even be good enough to set up a play in KLPAC if they could afford it!

They were studying the showlist...

That's my friend too, Macarios =)

Yesh, a sticker which acts as a visitor pass =)

He appeared during the opening of the show,
and also in the middle of the show..
He's got a good voice to act as a screamer.. =P

This is the scene where the Evil side appears,
and mocks the Good side..

Yeah, he looks good, but he ain't..
He persuades people to only have fun and
forget everything else..
A good role played by this guy..

I think her casting name is Emilia, if not mistaken..
She plays a sweet and innocent girl,
but was led into trouble by her curiosity
and naive-nature.
She fits the character perfectly..

The prince was to requested to give up fame and title,
as a sacrificial to save the people in suffer..
He was reluctant at first, but with proper
reasoning, he soon stepped down willingly..

This is where the Prince was seated earlier..

This is one of the last parts of the play..
All sorts of stunts and gestures were portrayed.
I couldn't catch the last part.. =(

At the end, all the casting crew appeared to the crowd,
to receive their honourable applause.. =P
The guy 3rd from the top right is the director..
Seriously he is brilliant and creative..
Love this play!

Wasn't me, but everyone else in the crowd who were watching..
Everyone there, LOVES IT!

The whole play was absolutely brilliant. Instead of bringing out the old stories that most of us would have probably heard, they came out with an interesting fresh scenes acted out by the youths of FGA church. Though they're young, but they were all very professional. It was really a great job well done in sending an easter message to everyone who attended that night. =)

P/s: I apologize for the noisy pictures. BabyShanon couldn't handle high ISO that well. Pictures were taken in ISO400 & ISO800, f2.8 & f3.2, shutter ranging from 1/5 to 60, non with flash.

Beware of Dell's Defective Part(s)

Recently, my friend and I have received a couple of complaints in regards of Dell's laptop - the 1420 series and 1525 series. When promised performance on the laptop, some complaint they were seeing anything different from laptops with a much lower specification. My friend and I, opened and tested the laptop. Apparently the problem was the RAM (Random-Access Memory) provided by Dell. Many of it from a brand called Hynix (so-called made in Korea) were defective and began to fail after a period of time after purchase.

the hynix DDR2 RAM

Seriously, they died after some time. Tested the same RAM and boy it is confirmed dead, unusable, defected and ready-to-be-in-oblivion!

First time, you use them all things are okay. Then it slows down. Suddenly reboot error, and eventually can't even boot up or pass the BIOS-boot-up screen. Plus, it happens at critical times. Wtf?!

Damnit Dell! If you wanna sell your stuffs, please do some QC (Quality Control) first... Nearly scared the shit out of your clients you know?

People, for your sake, please do check whether or not you're using this brand of RAM. If you are, please request for a change, immediately!

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with Nuffnang

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) by Diese (thank you! *hugs*). Honestly, it is MY FIRST TIME attending an orchestra. I've only heard it over mp3 that my friends have, but this is different. The orchestra was simply extraordinary, I say.

the 5 gentlemen

Tzia adjusting her camera
Check out ChrisTock's camera...
which is on top of iphone, phone, nds and psp..

All of us who were there =)

Ceiling on the inside hall

Check out the atmosphere.. Awesome!

But there are some laughs in regards of this too. During the first half of the MPO, some of us were spotted meddling with phones, by our friends. An example was ChrisTock, messing with his iphone, even facebooked about it. Swt & LOL!

Once the orchestra was over, all of us headed down to OldTown in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. On the way there, a embarassing moment was revealed to Diese (she got shocked as well). I got lost in the carpark. I know like WTF?!, LOL! Spent 3-5 minutes looking for my car. At first, I told Diese to not mention about this embarassing-giler-can-die-incident, but this is funny to share out too.. =P

This is some of us at OldTown

This is the rest of us at OldTown

That's all from me on the MPO..
More information on MPO, visit their official site..
Lastly, special thanks to Nuffnang for this chance..

P/s: Pictures are credits to ChrisTock (last two) & Ren (first few)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Studying with Jeffro and Jamie

Remember this? Yesh this was taken at the
Nuffnang Music Bash.. So uncool, yet COOL at the same time! XD C'mon how often do you see people even bringing a textbook to a club?? You tell me!

Well since I couldn't do much at the party (was having too much fun partaying away), I decided to postponed it until I completed my exams. So we. Jamie and yours truly, continued again today, at MidValley.. LOL!

One thing I learnt from school back in those days is,
"Don't study with an empty stomach.." LOL
This was Jamie's of course..

These stuffs filled 3/4 of the table!
Mind you it's only additional mathematics..

There's more!
There's Chemistry, History, and Physics...
*blink blink*

She look damn serious when studying weih..

Trying to understand questions like these...
I also had trouble understanding it for the first time k?

Jamie's quite satisfied with today's tutorials..

After a few hours of revisions there (yesh, I revised SPM materials too.. wtf lol), we packed up. After being a tutor, I became her companion for window shopping (LOL!) and then had dinner before leaving.. Somewhat weird, but it was fun too..

Then I headed home, but upon exiting, I faced a certain obstacle..

I paid my parking ticket.. But wasn't allowed out..

I asked what happened...
She didn't answered, but panicked instead..
She even tried contacting the operator or whosoever..

Then she couldn't wait, cause the queue was growing..
She opened the thingamajig and pressed a little here and there..
And I was FREED!! WOOHOO~~!

And I ended up home safely... *grins*
Thank you for your concern.. =)

What Can You Do With This?

This is some crazy shit lens I tell you..

Some brief information

Lense Name: Sigma 200-500mm f2.8 EX DG
Weight: 35 Pounds (~11.4kg)

Focal length: 1000mm with 2x extender

Price: $24,000 (~RM91.2k)

A user had to take shots from 15-30 meters away from a fashion photography *blink blink*

This is some whacked up lense I tell you, but if I ever had one, I'd probably snap pictures 24/7 or zoom into the apartment down the street, to see what's showing on TV... or then again, I'd probably just frame it up and get stoned by staring at it every single minute, cause it would be my priced-possession-that-led-me-into-bankruptcy-wtf *grins*

Source: juzaphoto & juzaphoto

Playing Cards @ KLCC - PC FAIR APR 09

This is a week back. A funny day as I still recall what happened on that day. Went to PC Fair with Wai Hong and Samantha, to scout out a new laptop for Samantha (that reminds me of me getting my BabyNovo). Somehow anticipating that there might be a jam, we left early only to reach there so much earlier than expected...

People were running out of patience under
the hot blazing sun, I think..

Foolishly early, we thought we'd walked to the exhibition hall first. And we saw a bunch of people waiting outside... Staffs, employees, etc were waiting there... Blardie hot I tell you, since we can't go in just yet, I suggested we head back into KLCC where there's some decent air conditioning. *grins* On the way back there, I took some shots of KLCC and its surrounding. However only KLCC's shots were okay.. Swt!

Behold! My first shot of KLCC...
(seriously it's my first.. with my Baby Shanon)

I was wondering what the heck was below the bridge..
Only to find out it's just air conditioner =P

Back in KLCC, I decided that we should chill out at the food court (Signatures Level 2), and have a drink while waiting for the exhibition to open.. Another 1 hour of waiting, yesh 1 hour... So what did we do? Other than having early breakfast, lucky for me, I usually carry around a pack of poker cards for fun. So we played cards - Cho Tai Tee (Big 2). That was when a familiar face - my coursemate, Jian Yi aka Jamie (given by Samantha) came along.

LOL! And we were, in the middle of the foodcourt,
and everyone could see..
Surprisingly no one came to halau (kick us out) or
interrupt our game.. hehehe xD

We played so many rounds, like until it 1/2 hour pass the opening time, only to call it a stop when one of us remembered the time. Hahaha.. =P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I think I Screwed up

Well, just came out from the exam hall a moment ago... without a smile on my face... I did read a lot, and have been revising on the particular subject like crazy... The fact is I'm not good at the technical terminologies and their oh-so-logical-logics...

Damn it!

Oh well, it's over and done... Like my friends here said, prepare for the next... "Pack up your stuffs, and let's eat... and go Bowling!"

LOL.. darn random..
But it's exactly what I need now..

*quickly packs up stuffs,
and leaves the building*

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Downgrading is Expensive!

I was running through some research online, when I happen to stumble upon some news articles that wrote about Operating Systems. Here's what it is about:

Everyone's almost familiar with the term Windows Vista Operating System. Vista's the IN thing now, and XP's being almost obselete. But not so fast, I guess... According to some sources, XP Operating System will still continue on (being distributed) until next year (2010).. But it's gonna cost you to downgrade. Who'd ever thought that downgrading from Vista to XP would be even near the term expensive?

Here's something that'll show you the price
of a simple downgrade...
Feast your eyes people:

ain't it crazy??
I can buy like extra few laptops with that price!

Source: Gizmodo & Gizmodo

Matt Nathanson - All We Are

Doing my revision and listening to some song, then came across this one. I like the catchy guitar strums and plucking. Really nice, tried following it but couldn't cause my fingers couldn't catch up with my eyes and ears. So all I could do is just listen to it. I managed to catch the tune and was able to sing to it. Yeay me! So prasan-can-die~ LOL

Artist: Matt Nathanson
Title: All we are

I tasted, tasted love so sweet
And all of it was lost on me
Buttons sold like property
Sugar on my tongue

I kept falling over
I kept looking backward
I went broke believing
That the simple should be hard

All we are, we are
All we are, we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful

I wasted, wasted love for you
Traded out for something new
Well, it's hard to change the way you lose
If you think you never won

'Cause all we are, we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful

And in the end, the words won't matter
'Cause in the end, nothing stays the same
And in the end, dreams just scatter
and fall like rain

'Cause all we are, we are
All we are, we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful, something real

All we are, we are
All we are, we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful, beautiful

Hope you enjoy it, like I do
*sings* All we are, we are~
*continues his revision*

Their 6 Months Anniversary - From LOL to Awwwwh

Was taking a break from my studies, and read up on the few blogs I usually go to... Guess what? Tonight's entertainment was one of the best. I was reading up on Boss Tim's post on his 6 months anniversary with Audrey (or known as Princess).

I went from laughing my ass off, to going awwww... Even my mum thought I went crazy for a moment.. Haha.. Can't blame her, cause when I allowed her to read it, she went the same way.. Haha! (too bad my reaction's slow, couldn't take a picture of her face)..

I'll share with you with some of the funny stuffs that were written there:
6) Tell us something funny about her?

I don't think it'll be as funny if I tell it as opposed to actually seeing/hearing it. Sometimes for the fun of it I will fart around her. Her reaction to it is always hilarious!

There's always an grace period from the moment you fart to the moment everyone around you smells it right? And you know when it's going to be a smelly fart when it's a quiet one. (Yes, the smelliest ones are the silent ones).

So during the grace period and before it hits Princess I would just take a look at her and wait for her reaction. Sometimes, she'll notice me looking at her and she'll turn around and say

Then after a few seconds her nose will pick something up and she'll have a few short "verifying sniffs". It'll take just about 2 seconds for her to verify that there was fart in the air then she would let out a very loud

Then she'll grab a pillow or anything nearby to cover her nose and scream into it


and more..

And the following, would make you all go "Awwww":
I also think that she will be an asset to the lucky man who gets to marry her. That she will be a good companion and she will eventually be the woman behind a very successful man. Whether that man is me or not.... he'll be so lucky to have her.

30) What is the coolest gift that she has ever given you?

I guess this would be.... her heart.

Then I found Princess and while there are some things that she thinks she isn't able to match up to some of my exes (she calls one of them "superwoman"), she forgets one very important thing she was able to do. That is.... she taught me how to fall in love again. She made me realize that sometimes you fall back hard from love and it hurts but the the risk is just worth taking for when you are with someone you love, your life just feels complete.

Princess... makes me feel complete....


Though it's none of my business.. but..
I'd like to wish Happy Anniversary
to Boss Tim and Audrey

May more joyous moments spark and
create precious memories between you two..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr. Lizard's In Da House!

Going through the kitchen, looking for some stuffs, I saw "him"! Sneaking around the fridge.. WTF! Then, I chased it... and like lizard's do best, they drop their tails. So lame I tell you.. Imma NOT BLIND man, I can still see you!

Halfway through that, then "he" stopped, didn't move an inch, and I stopped for dunno what reasons too. I looked at "him", and he was showing that innocent look of "his"... like "he's" lost or something..


Took a good look at "him" from sideview

And cause of that, I let him loose..
Damnit I'm such a softie..

Oh.. nevermind~