Monday, June 30, 2008

Incredible Hulk @ Rames Arts

I found this piece of art when I was browsing through my friends' link.. The illustrator is Rames.. Cool ei? I've been trying to do this art piece a long time ago, but couldn't really do that, because lack of expertise (am still learning now, despite doing editing for quite some time now). This dude just takes the dream and brings it into reality! *applause* I wonder if he takes apprentice or not... Anyhow, I shall get a cup of tea ready first..

*zooooooms to the market to buy tea leaves*

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today is quite an important day for June, as it is the day where she will compete in a ballroom dancing competition against many other contestants. Haha, I guess it's not quite important, it's VERY important for her..

However, like everyone else, she has to face certain obstacles. But these "obstacles" she faced was purely jealousy from her friends towards her, IMO that is. Apparently the competition kick offs at 4pm, but June was told by her friends that it starts at 6pm. So what happened? She went late.. Her friends bullshit her.. Now should I even address them as friends? Low-life scumbags that cannot accept that others are simply better than them, shouldn't be called as friends..

Fortunately for June, though she did not head the competition for the championship, June managed to enter the finals and got 7th best position! So CONGRATULATIONS June! *hugs* You did well! Good job *pats on the back*

She did great! But she was mistreated with unfairness from her so-called friends. What do you think of them??

Saturday, June 28, 2008

ANIMAX Youth Festival

I just opened my mail and found out something interesting - The offer of being an entrepreneur! The ANIMAX Youth Festival provides this interesting opportunity to all secondary and tertiary students (Malaysians only) to showcase their creative talent and savvy business skills.

This is every entrepreneur-wannabe to become famous! You can either participate in a group or do it alone. Get a chance to show your talent and stand a chance to win yourself a booth absolutely FREE at the festival. Quickly click here to sign up!

For more information, click here..

A Prayer for my Closest Friend

Although I maybe a laid-back type of guy, most of the time a playful and fun-seeking person, however when it comes to friends who are in need, I would go all out for he or she, especially a closest friend. A few days back, my closest friend shared with me a bad news. My friend told me that she have a problem related to her health. She has been diagnosed with a cyst in her ovary. Apparently she has suffering from terrible menses pain for a few years. I was saddened. Though I did give her a few suggestions to seek for more opinions and to verify that diagnosis but I feel very bad as I am not able to help her much. And so I wish all my friends could pray together with me, for her health and recovery - pray that the cyst will fade away or "disappear".


Ahhhhh *feels relieved*... I finally gotten my beauty sleep and recharged myself..
Today I woke up at one of my favourite wake-up-late days.. around 3pm..
Yup! Whenever I'm really free or after some tiring days like one of my previous marathons, I will put myself to hibernation mode for about 13 hours or more.. My current record was 24 hours.. Don't doubt my sleeping ability.. LOL!

What I did today? Nothing much actually, I decided to give myself a day of rest because I've been working out hard.. Wrong.. not physically, but mentally.. Thinking too much about how to solve things, I guess..

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well though these few days, my friends and I were dang busy, however we did manage to find some time to fool around... just to straighten our heads again... cool off the stress level that has been building up over the days due to the problems arising one after another just when we thought we could chill.. *phew*

Oh yea, I've something to share with you all. When a person did not sleep for 2 nights in a row, the person's vision may get blur... I've got proof! This is what happened 2 days ago..

that day I was unpacking my bag..

took out my lappie

next I took out my boxfile

OMGWTFBBQLMAO???!!! a TV remote control??!!


ARHHHH!!! MUM's gonna screw me when she finds out!

Guess what? I found out it was a universal remote! See??!!

Well as you can see, no matter how busy we are, we could still have some fun.. *lame* LOL!


This thing has been spamming others
Check it out....



Even my friend who is busy working

It stole my friend's earphones??!!

Manage to find its twin sista?

Suddenly the madness spread around....

and the super duos appeared!

Finally, the heroin got hungry..

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Was too busy that I had to stay up late and do my work. Of course at the same time, I'm also doing my own personal work and chatting with friends. Yea, learning how to multi-task at the wrong time. But this is how I've been doing my work most of the time. That's why I can never complete my work in the faster way, because I want to enjoy and do work at the same time.

Weird? But it's true.. My working lifestyle has always been that way, though I do last minute, but I prepare things for my last minute work, so no matter how last-minute it is, I can still finish my work..

*yawns...* Not enough sleep from yesterday.. *slaps myself* I need to stay awake to complete my work.. What am I doing here? Well, I can't put my obligations asides no matter how busy I am...

*no matter by boyzone music playing in background*

Okies.. GtG back to work now.. Update later.. *waves*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Tonight and the rest of the nights for this week would be a busy time for me. I will have to concentrate on finishing my assignments so that I could catch up on my other activities. Hehe xD

So will update blog soon. Don't worry I still keep track of what's happening, just need some time to blog it out.

Friends of mine, don't worry, I'm still contactable if there's anything in particular. Just give me a holla, and I'll get back to you! *hugs*

Monday, June 23, 2008

Went Genting and Came back... Part 1

Yupz! Took a night off to cool down and ease off my stress and tension..
So I went up to Genting with my friends:

Aaron, Alex, Celine, Chung Lern, James, Jiun Jie, Ju Yau,
Saroj, Siew Mei, Stephanie and Yee Fong.

However, most of them went up early in the morning. So, the balance - Alex, Siew Mei and I went up and met them for dinner. Boy, was the weather up there cold! Coming to think of it, I haven't been to Genting since... since.. *scratches head*.. SINCE after my SPM!

Pictures taken before we were there.. How?
*Piak piak* Someone's else's camera lor..


From left: Stephanie, Aaron, Ju Yau, James, Jiun Jie,
Saroj, Yee Fong, Celine, Kevin (He cycled up Genting! *BOOYAH!*)

Chung Lern is in front..

Genting's Trademark

a view of Genting

Another view of genting


Now.. Pictures taken when we were all there.. Hehe xD


Celine aka Caelum

Sitting on the rail

Ju Yau smiling... Siew Mei wondering...

Aaron slurping away

Saroj aka Kouji

Yours Truly

Yee Foong aka Surei Sama

--pictures taken using a Canon EOS 30D--
--special thanks to Aaron--

SAD NEWS AHHHH!!!! Among my friends, I'm THE YOUNGEST!!
and I can't enter the Car-seee-NOOO!!
Luckily got a few pals to accompany me..


Was smiling, and got kicked!

Couldn't resist the mirror!

random shot

MatKooL, hang on there!

Look at her ride

Look at me ride!

I never knew riding train was this fun!

Harry Potter's portrait!


Don't go, don't leave me!

If you can't beat them, JOIN them!

Reminds you of Bollywood?

She asking me to chill

The dude can seriously craft pieces of art!


Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.. Can pose!

And.... NO! I did not forget my assignments, I'm working on it now..
Over and out!

ps: the pictures are being sorted out and adjusted, so do be patience ya.. *winks*

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have given myself some thoughts about modeling. I think I might wanna try modeling. I heard it's fun and I can get to know more people.. Which is totally great for me (if I get a chance) since I consider myself as a people guy and I like fun!!

SO tonight I decided to give it a try.. Put on some clothes.. and pose around..

Will you guys and girls give me some feedback?? Whether or not I qualify to be in modeling industry?

how I wish I could wear like this to college

Do I look funny?

Random pose

Trying to cool with jeans

Carlsberg anyone?


Emo style