Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Screening!

Wootza! I watched the Prince of Persia (PoPTSoT) and it was awesome! Thanks to Nuffnang and Mister Potato (product of Mamee-Double Decker) for the invitation to the screenings!

Great show, great storyline,
awesome special effects & computer graphics...
more on this shortly...


Sorry can't help it!
We were watching the local version, Prince of Per-Chee-Ahh
Hahaha, a typo error =P

The queue for the ticket collecting was long!
And guess what, people were early!
Collection started at 8.30pm, but these people were already there by 8pm!
Can you believe it?
They broken our cultural rules: +1 into our GMT
Awesome movie awaits them, that's why!

The line went past the escalator!
to almost the stall in the mid of the floor O_O

Jacquelyn noticed me with the new camera,
so she quickly got to me and *click* Tadah!

Here's my date for the invitation - Stephy-nie!

Here's the proof of the invitation (in case if you're still doubting me, LOL)
Oh yea, in the hall, Samuel was spamming his flash before the movie started
with his new camera (D90+SB900+Tamron1750, Wootza)!

After movies some of us went for yumcha!

Alright that's that, back to the review eh, shall we?

What Is It About?:

An epic adventure kick started by a rogue prince who is reluctantly joins forces with princes from the mystical lands. Together they fought against the prince's uncle who secretly leads a dark force in hopes of obtaining an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time (which is believe to be the gift fro the gods once a upon a time, a dagger that can reverse time).

Rogue prince not of the royal family, but was brought into the noble family. Later part of the movie, he was suspected of killing his father, the King of Persia and was head hunted by many. That is where the journey to uncover the truth begins~

What's Good?

Other than the special effects, computer graphics, and storyline, I consider it as one of the best computer games adaptation. The characters were very much a like the ones in the game, in terms of appearances (not exact but an acceptable similarity)

What's Bad?

Well practically if you know the game or the show itself, you would know how this would be like. After all, it is an adaptation. Besides that, was the uninspired romance which is completely obvious and unrealistic. There wasn't anything surprising, even the separation of PoP's body when he used the Dagger of Time. Almost everything was anticipated for.

My Ratings:
for a great action-adventure movie!
A must watch movie! =)
A good movie to test out your HD TVs at home! =P

New Gadgets & Toys!

Few days ago, I bought myself some new stuffs and also gotten some free ones too!

Yes I own a Panasonic LUMIX now!
hahaha, you know when I said that, some people
thought I'd be getting myself a GF-1, or at least a LX-3
Well, truth is I just needed something to snap pictures of stuffs,
and perhaps record some moments here and there...
And this seemed to be a great bargain! =D

Say hello to Lumix F3, I called it the Fum33x =D
(I know, I'm good with coming up with weird names xD)

Bought a new hard disk as well =D
It's a Samsung 750GB spinning in my Gaming TreeTop now!

But for this two items, well I got them for free =P
Don't ask me how, 'cause I won't tell!
But now I've got a proper bag for my laptop (CaseLogic) and a BT mouse for it!

All I gotta say, is thanks to these people above
to accompanied me to get these stuffs (also not to forget my MUM too!)


It Was Sam's Birthday!

Yeah, it was, 22th (exactly a week ago) was his birthday. Birthday party held at his place, and amazingly about 30 people (mostly friends - college, ex-schoolmates and bloggers) or more came and celebrated together. Back then I didn't have a camera with me, so couldn't go around snapping pictures with just my phone (it'd be darn slow if I were to do it). So this is just a belated birthday post for Samuel xD

Check out the home-made cake by Audrey, Sam's sister
That's a lot of effort yo!

We spend great times there...
Playing games, card games, watching people getting punished...
Drinking and eating away =D
Wonderful evening indeed!

This was the reason we had have of what we ate (more than half I guess)
Fried Chicken Wings!
other than this, was spaghetti (hot item!), some food-balls,
and sandwiches =D

Party ended a little early though, by 12.30 or so almost everyone was gone..
I stayed till later, that's why it's called a party! =P
Well, there ain't anymore pictures to speak about...
You'll be hearing more about me and some new stuffs in the next post!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Swing Swang Swung

-I think I’m gonna change my layout to a pink one.








. OK maybe not.

-I feel VERY hungry right now. I want Cheezy Wedges by DOZENS!

-I’m trying to be a ninja. Haiyakk!



- *Shakes head around and round and round while singing*

“You spin my head right round right round”


i likey.

-I am REALLY REALLY BORED. Like SERIOUSLY very muchy. uh huh uh huh.

-I LOVE GLEE! Glee is the bomb! Mr Shu’s curls are CHO CUTE!

-I want swang-ing.

And Booyah! Daddy’s HOME!


P.s: I have been hijacked (Am not modifying anything about this post, except adding this note in proof that I have acknowledge the hijack) LOL

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Got It!

Yeah YOU heard/saw that! I got it! Got what? Hehehe =D

1. JOB-upon-graduation!

2. Invitations to watch POP-TSOD
(Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time)

HOW THE HELL, you ask?

A week back, a company (I shall not reveal its name, until I start officially =P) came to the AWUOL (Award Winning University of Life - Try and guess what university/college is that, by Googling out the first 3 words. A hint: there's a hyphen "-" included in the results). I applied for a job (can't reveal that too) in which is not common to IT future-graduates, sent in my CV, sat for two interviews, and voila! I was notified of employment =D

That wasn't just all, at the same time, I was randomly checking Nuffnang's site and saw a 'contest-like' post for invitations to watch POP-TSOD, tried my luck and here's what I received in my email earlier:

Pretty lucky eh?

Hope my lucky streak don't stop there!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Miss The HOs

LoL eh, when you read the title? If you're wondering what HO means in this context, well it's actually Hang Outs! Yeah, it's been a while that I've actually hung out with the bunch (or perhaps to be exact, bunches). Being stuck busy with assignments and the thoughts of my FYP (not to forget the exams to come) keeps me away from them and limits me to freedom-n-fun. Talk about absence, when I met a couple of old pals recently, they said the same thing, "hey, you've been gone for ages, where have you been?" (well not the precise same words, but they all meant the same)

I remember this, a fun bunch that went wall-climbing earlier this year...

And this from last year's!

Yup, last year too!

Dang, now that I recall, I hardly have pictures of myself with a big group
in my own camera (or previous camera), and no pictures taken with just
one other person is not considered a group to me - that would be called
a pair instead.

Dang, I miss them all!
Well, the sooner I graduate, the sooner I'll see yal!
'Till then wish me luck!

P.s: Sorry I don't have the full collection of pictures, so I was limited in my
choice of picture uploads. Seriously there's more groups I hang out with than
the ones shown there :) If I were to list them out, it'll be quite a list :)

Networking Lab Session @ College

Finally, I got a chance to do some hands-on work. But it's only so called hands-on, truth is, there weren't enough equipment for us. So most of us (including me) were just plain standing/sitting around waiting for further instructions. Whatever it was, alas we have practical sessions (even though they are not related to any of our assignments or exams or even final year project - seriously, I don't get the point of it), in college!!!

The dedicated lecturer and diligent student =D
He's explaining what each command means,
and when it should be used

My classmates doing their thing, looking professional techies
(the guy furthest behind isn't doing much,
but he was asked to make an appearance xD)

The lecturer does a demo...

Then, it's the student's turn to do his job
(actually he's just looking at it... but it depends on what is said right?
Hehehehe xD)

Check it out! 1 switch, 3 routers...
"We just might die from radiation" said one of my classmates

Lecturer and student crimping the wires carefully...

This is how the wires were initially arranged...
(I believe it's not the proper the sorting yet)

Check the equipments out!
Cisco stuffs yo!

Another bunch of Cisco stuffs...

Here's a mate who's busy getting the equipments working...
My guess is that he's configuration the IOS and settings...

2600 and 3600 series...
Old stuffs, I hear *shrugs*
But it's new to me! (I haven't "touch" it before)

High end PCs for networking
(Honestly I don't understand why these high end PCs were used,
Quad Cores, 8GB Ram, Good Graphics... For?
I don't recall networking to be so high end *shrugs*
There goes our money)

Nothing's perfect, especially if you're not careful in crimping the wires..
*coughs* this was the BIG GUY's fault *coughs*
Here's a device to show whether or not the both ends of
a straight wire is consistent.
Apparently it's not, see the lights are at different positions?
It means Wire1 and Wire2 are in wrong positions at one of the ends..

When one of the routers are not functioning properly,
we tried checking them out, guess what we saw?
"There's no way to setup ..."
let's read that again...
"There's no way to setup ..."
Ohhh, that clearly explains it!

Then, in the midst of us doing our work,
this is what one of my classmates was "researching" on...

Other than the equipments, PCs and humans around,
these were the only other stuffs...
My friend said Cisco stuffs suck terribly!!

Then, suddenly!
One of the configuring PC acted on its own...
Well for a high tech institution, their PCs are surely "superb"
I think it's artificial intelligence, where the PC has a mind of its own

I guess it was tired as well (after all, it was like 3 hours of work)
We had no choice, but to stop our operations...
It's disappointing, but to some it was an experience to remember
(Not me though, I couldn't remember anything,
except being hungry most of the time)

Alright so that's all from the networking session!
Hope you enjoyed it! Hehehe,
don't say I didn't bring you on a tour! =P

Here's me giving a falsified "Thumbs up"

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

First off, I'd like to wish all you mothers out there a HAPPY MUM's DAY especially to my mum! She's been great throughout the years, supporting and encouraging all the way. She's not just my mum, she's the reason why I'm still around, doing the things I do. She's also my best friends, and when I say that, I mean we talk a lot, we joke a lot and WE ARGUE A LOT. Sometimes it's meaningless argument (all for the sake of arguing) but that's what brought us closer. This year, my family decided to celebrate it at one of the nearby restaurant, Kari Kepala Ikan Puchong (Translate: Puchong's Curry Fish Head) as mum had long yearn to eat curry fish head. She hadn't had that in years (only reason was due to my body condition and sensitivity to spice, and only recently that I'm able to adapt to it, so yeah).

Mmm, look at that~!
Fried sotong/squid on the left,
and a big pot of the famous curry fish head on the right!

We even ordered butter-fried prawns!
Seriously, they are awesome~!

Well, we still needed our daily dosage of greens,
Hong Kong Kai Lan (Translate: Hong Kong's Chinese Brocoli)

You're probaby wondering where's the family picture?
Well, unfortunately the food was so splendid that we forgotten about it..
LOL, like seriously we cleaned out the dishes!
Though it's a little pricey (not my usual spending on a meal),
but it was certainly worth it!

I'd say I'll probably pay the restaurant another visit
for another special occasion *winks*

Jamie's Birthday - Pink Party!

I was lucky to be invited to Jamie's Pink Party cum Splendid 18th! Held at her own place, we enjoyed our time there, with food and drinks (and by drinks, I don't mean it's just juice and kids' drink, I'm talking about 'Big people's drink' - "Chinese Tea"~). It's been a while since I was last with my camera (running around snapping pictures) surprisingly I think I've gotten used to not taking shots or moments, rather I was really getting the hang of just sitting back and enjoying the moments.

I love this picture!
Pink FTW~

Here's another shot coming from Jamie's camera

A shot of the birthday cake
(Pictures I took, are using my phone,
so pardon the quality)

The sweet lovely birthday girl, JamieLiew =)

We pop a couple of these sweethearts xD

SimonSo, SandraWong, JosephLee
Jamie and Me!

SimonSo, ZoeYve, SandraWong and Me!

The alco-addict and me, LOL
It's seems only fair, since she drank many cups...
And to imagine she firstly declined a whole bottle,
pffft, they're all the same, first say "Nooo.."
then they go "I want more~"

Hahaha... I don't have anymore pictures...
But you can catch them at the birthday girl's,
JamieLiew's Blog - 9th Of May

"thank you Sandra Lee, Sandra Wong, Darren, Zhong, Yao, Kai, Bun, Bitto, Emest, Thong Kai, Kaye, Sin Yin, Carmen, Afina, Aaron, Ben, Jason Chiam, Ah PoP, Simon, Chee Wei and girlfriend, Jone, Shep, Wei Lee, John, Nic, Xun Hao, Yau, Xiang, Zoe, William, Jeffro, Yernny, Keng Sein, Ee Quin, Yee Jin, Lionel, Adam, Suzuki, Howard, Samantha, Yee Cow, Bryan, Anne, Leonard." (Jamie Liew, 2010)

Till next time, this is Jeffro
wishing everyone a great week ahead!