Monday, August 31, 2009


f you're wondering, what I wore during the Mist Club Merdeka Celebration, well wonder no more.. (Well whether or not, you got wonder, I don't care, still show.. LOL.. damn kiasu) First time going to a merdeka celebration must wear the newly bought shirt.. First time... LOL!


Man I love this shirt

Apologies to everyone, as that night I thought of going hiphop to suit the theme... Well I was hip hop enough, but no one recognized me until I went to them... Even Nigel and Suresh, were like "Woah, So hip wan!" or "Dude! Can't recognize especially with the cap!" Alright this tells me not to wear anything out of my normal, otherwise, people will find it hard to believe it's me.. LOL

Mist Club Merdeka Celebration!

W ootza! I just made it back home a while ago.. Luckily there was no jam, otherwise, like other years, I might not have gotten home by now.. So, it's the first time I celebrated Merdeka in a club, with my friends. Usually, I'd be at home with family, watching fireworks from TV or if lucky we'd be seeing real live ones above the roofs.. =)

But this year's different, as I got an invitation by Nuffnang (THANKS SO MUCH!) to attend the party at MistClub, Bangsar to celebrate Merdeka along with friends and local celebrities. I'd say it was quite the fun, even though it's a little too smoky and loud on the inside, but it was alright. Though I have to say, the some of the songs sang were kinda out of place/tune.. But nonetheless a good performance, from them.. =)

Alright, let's have a look at some pichas shall we?

Before the party - 30 minutes too early!
Meet the peeps who were early! =D

Diese's sister and NigelTee

Left to Right: Diese, her sister, and DustyHawk

Left to Right: That's me, Jeffro and Shaz

On the inside - Party at Mist Club!

Ooo~ the pretty lights...

The start of party...

Dusty with Diese
*cheers people!*

People partying in the corners, having drinks..
and snapping shots here and there!
Holding the camera: Suresh
Hiding from the camera: Samantha

P.s: If anyone has any picture(s) of dancers, do forward your pictures to Melvin ( Do not worry as credits will be given. Thank you.

Diese's sis and herself.. =)

Center stage performance yo!

Singing it all out~

These are random shots I had from the party,
with a little tips from Shaz, Cool eh?

After the countdown - Drinking at Telawi Street Bistro!

We ordered 2 jugs of beer...
So who were we?

Left to Right: Jeffro, Terri, Alex, PinkPorkChop (PPC), PPC's brother,
Diese's sister, and Diese =D
Note: Diese did not drink the beer, nuff said. =P

Hahaha.. If you're wondering what I'm doing,
think no further, I'M NOT DRUNK!
yes I was in the middle of the road, but I was not drunk!
Actually I was dared to go down to the road,
and shout out loud, "Terri I Love You!"
But the best part is that she replied,
"Jeffro I love you too!"
Or so I heard, maybe hallucinating I guess..
Or wasn't I? *grins and winks* =P
(Note: it's just a joke people)

After the drinks - Supper at Nasi Lemak Famous!

What an adventure...

Yes, the good ol' Nasi Lemak Ayam!
"Where's the sambal?"
Well, I don't eat spicy food, that's why!

And that was how Merdeka was celebrated!
Happy 52nd Merdeka!

P.s: If anyone has any picture(s) of dancers, do forward your pictures to Melvin ( Do not worry as credits will be given. Thank you.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Here I wanna wish everyone who's facing the SPM trials the best of luck! and all the best! And also HAPPY MERDEKA since today's the eve of August 31st =P So what's up? What's planned? Anything awesome? I know I do, tonight am heading to MistClub for partay (10.30pm onwards)!

Yesh! I got the invitations to MistClub,
and I have an extra one!
So if anyone's interested (1 only), holla me!

Nways, what struck me to wish all the form 5-er's a good luck is that when i saw something that my sis was working on...

Chemistry notes...

And then I asked, "Hey what's going these days?" and she told me SPM trial's around the corner, and she had test at the same time too.. And yeah, since I have a number of friends sitting for the trials soon, so this I what I could do for them...

So Form 5-er's out there~~

Alright, and it's time for me to get my clothes ready for tonight's partay.. Hip-hop theme I was told.. Cool! I have just the clothes for it.. =P See ya there!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Twitter Overflow...

I guess their upgrades just can't comprehend the never-ending increase number of twitters..

"Twitter is over capacity"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Movie Review: Aliens in the Attic

ALIENS IN THE ATTIC, is an adventure/comedy about kids on a family vacation who must fight off an attack by knee-high alien invaders with world-destroying ambitions – while the youngsters’ parents remain clueless about the battle.

It’s the Pearsons versus the aliens who “came from upstairs,” in an all-out battle that will decide the fate of the Earth – and kick-off the ultimate summer vacation.

It all starts as a meteor shower rockets across the dark galaxy. Four glowing pods sparkle and crackle while hiding behind the meteor show. A mysterious force makes the meteor shower turn a hard right towards a bright blue ball in the distance – planet Earth.

In a comfortable suburban house in Michigan, Stuart Pearson (Kevin Nealon) and his wife Nina (Gillian Vigman) head a family that includes adorable seven-year-old Hannah (Ashley Boettcher); 15-year-old Tom (Carter Jenkins), a techno-geek whose grades have gone south; and big sister Bethany (Ashley Tisdale), who’s just returned from a secret outing with boyfriend Ricky Dillman (Robert Hoffman).

Tom who decides the family needs some good old-fashioned togetherness, plans a holiday in the middle of nowhere. Joining along is Uncle Nate (Andy Richter), Nate’s son Jake (Austin Butler), dear old Nana Rose (Doris Roberts) and identical 12-year-old twins Art (Henri Young) and Lee (Regan Young).

However, their holiday was about to spice up with a stranger visit from the aliens. The kids rise to the occasion, battling against the aliens while finding new strengths and self-sufficiency. As the battle continues, the laughs, action and danger escalate. And it becomes clear that the aliens never stood a chance…

The Good:
  • Funny! If you have the funny bone for humors of this kind. It's not lame, it's not obscene, it's funny. The way things are done and the way things work.
  • Cool! Creativity point is awarded here. Who'd figured out that this movie includes stunt like shuoryuken, and flips you'd wouldn't expect?
  • Great technology today leads to animation that is almost real. It blended it well with the live characters in the movie.

The Bad:
  • The base storyline is pretty much expected, not even a small moment of suspense although it was partially an adventure movie.
  • Comedy parts only revolves around the few characters, and not as a whole.
  • It's a movie just to laugh about, then it gets left behind. I'd think people could forget this movie in a matter of days to weeks.
  • Well, you'd pretty much get the expectations of a movie that relates to alien-invasion. Nothing much inventive to create something memorable for audience.
My Rating:
6.5 of 10.0
for a comedy movie


If you wanna get your mind off something, this movie is great to ease off the stress with laughter from certain scenes. I'd say this would be suitable for family to watch, or even after-working-hours =)


Lunch and Movie!

It's the day before the exams, and what am I doing? Well, I just got back from lunch and movie with some fellow blogger friends. Those who were there for lunch (during and slightly after) are JackieLoi, Jacquelyn, JessTan, NigelTee, PinkPorkChop and Josh (who came seconds later after PinkPorkChop made her exit) Lunch was great... Nothing beats a great lunch than eating together with a bunch of friends... Oh wait, lunch was on Jackie, so that makes even better! AWESOME~~ However, only the four of us - Jackie, Jacquelyn, Nigel and I went for the movie, 'cause the other had other plans. Boohoo...

Time: 12PM
Venue: KFC, MidValley
Food: FREE!

If you wanna know why lunch's on him? Ask him... =P

Well, as the usual habit of being somewhere early, I managed to snap a couple of before-lunch pictures. Apparently, there were some promotions by Sony in MidValley, and there were free-gifts alongside with short games.

Over this side, their giving our FREE cokes!
Free drinks! and I got myself one too!

Over the other side, there were games
for the kids and adults..
Participants and winners both get prizes..

After that, met the rest for lunch! We planned properly for lunch, to ensure, no free food was wasted *winks* and to make sure we all have a good meal together...

Yummy! Free and plenty to go!

After lunch, JessTan, Josh and PinkPorkChop ditched us for their own plans... *hmmph!* ROAR~! hahaha kidding! JessTan and Josh are having dinner with Family, while I think Porkie had to meet someone else.. So clueless of what to do next, the remaining guys came up with a plan - MOVIE TIME! Been a while since I watched a movie with friends (at a cinema) and we watched "Aliens in the Attic"! Cool movie I must say =D (review on the movie later)

4 Tickets for "Alien in the Attic" please..

Before the movie, we had some time in the arcade, where I kicked Nigel's arse in Daytona twice, before losing to him on the 3rd round (bugger, play cheat slamming me side by side), while Jackie was rocking away on Time Crisis 2. It's been a while since I played that. But poor Jacquelyn, she didn't play, rather she watched us play instead.

Went into the hall 15 minutes before the movie starts, and already the ads were running. Movie was great though! And after the movies, we all went back. Why? I HAD TO STUDY, 'cause tomorrow's the start of exams! (=.=") Gosh, wish I could spare more time with friends. *sigh*

Oh well, before I leave to do my last minute revision, I shall share with you a picture of a twirl in the clouds.

Is that how a hurricane starts off?
a lil' twist at first, and if it goes more...

Well, have a great day yal!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Baby You're Simply Gorgeous

As I've promised earlier, I'll be introducing to yal my baby... Sorry it took me so long to do so, haven't got the proper time.

Say hello to my new baby, BabyTee!

Isn't she simply wonderful? *muacks muacks*

So what's packed along with this wonder baby?

Current Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 (2.66GHz)
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L
Memory: Corsair (CGM) 4GB DDR2 800MHz
Video Card: Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD4850 512MB
Hard Disk: Western Digital 1TB (32MB)
Power Supply: Cooler Master Extreme 500W
Optical Drive: LG 22x DVD Super Multi DVD Rewriter
Monitor: Samsung 22" LCD
Casing: Treetop ATX Tower
Speaker: Acer USB-powered 2.0 Speaker (Had it from before but exchanged it with my Edifier X200 to save space)
Keyboard / Mouse: Logitech Desktop Combo (Had it from before)

All these for a price less than RM3k. Love is affordable in a way =P But it takes lots of time and patience *coughs* Mind you that it's 5 years of saving.. *phew* It's a put-together specifications to produce this baby. A delicate piece of wonder *smiles in satisfaction*

So far I've been working and spending time with BabyTee, and it's been fun! No problems whatsoever, and she's got fast response. Teehee. Looks beautiful, silent, elegant even when she's asleep, and don't make any fuss despite what I've been doing. *Muacks* I love my BabyTee...