Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day #44

It's Valentine's day today and boy oh boy, was he an excited fellow that morning. He had dedicated a post to all his female friends and the joy he had looking at the comments and hearts of those he had touched that day, leaves him smiling almost endlessly!

As much as he was enjoying himself, he was wondering about the flowers and cookies that he had arranged for her. Since she's seeing someone else already, the gifts might seemed a little inappropriate. But he couldn't do anything about it, as everything was pre-arranged a month before the date. Yeah he seemed to have things pre-planned and worked out before the event actually happened. Since it cannot be changed, he just left it as it is, hoping she won't be able to tell who it is from. Pretty slim chance of that happening, because it was pretty obvious from the way he wrote the message.

She had received it and only thanked him for flowers and gifts. He didn't respond much and just said he was glad she liked them. Thereafter, he just continued his work. By end of the day, he had completed nearly all his office tasks. He had a dinner appointment with his old time buddies. Knowing that would be another evening of red packet collection and good food, he went there with an empty stomach.

Filled himself with lots of cookies and dried meat, he was contented. The whole bunch were chit chatting the whole evening, no one was bothered to play card games. He sat in to listen and occasionally jump in with a couple of stories himself.

Then it was time to head back to sleep! It's another working day for him, the following day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day #43

It's back to work for him! Fortunately, he wasn't feeling blue about it. Rather he felt enthusiastic about going to work that particular morning, because he had a couple of things arranged at office - Meeting clients, working out some plans and settling some backlogs.

He managed to arrive at workplace early despite leaving the house pretty late, 'cause traffic was unbelievably smooth - the perks of a festive celebration where hardly anyone is in town *snickers*

Though got work started with a rather slow engine that morning, things picked up pretty quickly. By the time he realized it, it was half way through the day. Thankfully, there weren't exactly much to do when most of his colleagues and clients are away on holiday. So it was pretty much a leisure at office.

After work, he picked up his mother and he took for a dinner to somewhat celebrate her birthday in advance, only because his mother's birthday actually falls on a special occasion in which he would not be able to bring his mother to a good dinner. They had a simple dinner, but a good chat and then went walking around the mall together - good mother and son bonding time.

Got back home, cleaned the house a little, and he had to clear up some stuffs from his room. A good couple of hours to re-arrange some items in his room, he managed to make a lot of space for himself. All those effort exhausted him completely and he went to bed rather early that night.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day #42

Waking up in the middle of the day, he saw a message from his ex-college mate who invited him to a gathering over at his place. He chilled out most of the time, enjoying himself on the couch flipping the channels. What a blissful time it was for him, as he had not been able to do that in a long while.

Got ready and head over to his ex-college mate's place after a dinner with his family. Reached the place, he was immediately called to feast on another set of dinner - there were so much food - Fried Chicken, Rojak, Cookies, Noodles, etc. He could not decline the kind offer of his ex-college mate's mother's request to help finish the food. Also, he could not resist such tempting food displayed there.

Helped himself to several servings, he then saw a couple of familiar faces - of some people whom he got to know through a public dance event. Chit chat, joke, drink and play card game - that became the routine of the night, and it went on for hours until it was finally time to call it a night for him.

Unfortunately, the following morning was a working day for him, so he had to call it in early to get back and rest. Reluctant to move out, he knew if he didn't do it any sooner, he most probably would end up like a zombie the next morning.

Headed home, cleaned up, did some simple facial and then turned off the lights.

Day #41

He visited his friends' place to eat, play cards and of course to collect some red packets. He had almost the entire day planned out from one house to another and of course not to forget he had some friends coming over to his place.

The amount of cookies he had that day was unbelievable! If he had counted the calories and carbs that he had consumed, he'd probably be head banging on the wall. *facepalm* But since it's a once in a year thing, and one can rarely find those sort of cookies out of the Chinese festive celebration, he turned a blind eye to them.

His pals came over to visit and they had a good few hours of catching up, before he rushed off to meet his long time old buddy who has just is back for holidays from Australia. They were out for dinner and then a rather drink to catch up on things. However, most of their time were spent on playing card games as well as dominos. Guess that's how guys would catch up with each other? *laughs*

By the time he reached home, it was nearly midnight. Feeling all satisfied, he slides into bed, recalling what happened the whole day and slept through the good memories.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day #40

It's the day! - The 1st day of the Chinese festive celebration. He woke up excited, put on his new clothes and off he went for his first visit. It was his relative's place in which they will have breakfast together every year. As usually he and his family were there earliest. They were greeted warmly and invited to breakfast tradition which was one of the best he had ever tasted. He wondered how long the tradition had been going and decided to ask one of his cousins. His cousin weren't sure exactly how long it has been going, but told him that it started at least 2 decades ago. He was fascinated by how they managed to keep it together despite the many changes in the world and also to their family.
Soon, the other relatives arrived one after another. His red packet collection started then. Happily collecting one by one, he noticed that the number of red packets he had received were lesser than the years before. He knew by then a number of relatives didn't turn up that morning.

After the breakfast get together, he went off for yet another last minute shopping for tees. Since he was getting the clothes, he might as well just look at some new shoes for himself. Search from one shop to another, he couldn't find a pair of shoes that was affordable, to his liking and fitting size. He gave it a thought and figured it could wait till another time.

Then it was dinner time at another relative's place. His family and him was presented with more titbits and some beer - well surely, since he didn't know any family that served beer for breakfast. Toasting and eating, he was just eager for everyone to "open table" and start with card games. Unfortunately, 2 hours passed by, and there were only chit chats and more tit bits. He knew it was going to be a boring night, but was rather contented that he was still receiving red packets by then.

Went back home after a whole lot food, he was ready to slide into bed and sleep. Then he received a message from her, replying to his previous night's festive message. But it was more than that, she also told him that she was seeing someone else and that someone else would be there during a dinner later that week. He was stupefied. That very moment he knew that it was pretty much game over. Didn't know how else to react, he told her that everything's cool and he'll see her and the someone else soon.

What a buzz kill it is for him. Nevertheless, he should have expected that since there were a number of guys ahead of him who are better than him. That night just felt super long.


It's the eve before the Chinese festive celebration begins and he still hadn't done his shopping. Brought his family along and they went hunting for new clothes. He found a couple of nice designer clothes, but unfortunately many of them were either sold out or didn't have the fitting size.

That day was his swiftest shopping spree, with much excitement trying out new styles and buying them without much hesitation. He realized the size of clothes that would make him look sharper and buffer. Looking back at his previous set of clothes, he could see why it was so plain and common looking.

Hours passed by just like that, his family and himself gotten most of the items they needed. They were excited about celebrating the festive season with new stuffs! And he knew that it's a start for a whole new him.

Had dinner with family and thereafter was looking forward to the following day! - the first day of red packet collection! Started replying the text messages from random people and wishing them a good and prosperous year ahead.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day #38

It's the Friday all over again! Apparently most of the managers weren't in the office, so everyone at office was feeling pretty relieved. It was quite intense over the past few weeks, so it's a god-given day that they had a breather that day. He could work swiftly without feeling much pressure around his neck.

Though not much results was produced from the work that day, he felt confident that everything was in place for the upcoming weeks. Documents, meetings and office plannings were all done before the end of the day. Office admin told him and his colleagues that they could leave earlier. They were all overjoyed! Quickly they packed up and left the office.

Got back home, he rested a while and an old movie from before, was on TV and it caught his attention. He remembered watching the movie before but it didn't have much impact as it did that evening. He watched it as if it was a documentary; he studied it. Might not have been the best movie, but it was somewhat inspirational to him. Right after the movie, he quickly showered and got ready for the night's get together dance. He had missed it for over a month and it was the right timing that night for him. He wanted to let loose himself (the clubs didn't work for him) in the relaxing dance. He recalled some basic steps but wasn't sure if they were right.

In the first 30 minutes, the dance instructor went through the basics with them. He was a quick learner (added with his prior experience last year) so he was able to pick up pretty fast and was in the "moment". Switching partners to leading them on the dance floor, he was pretty smooth. Though he was feeling a little nervous, but he did well. His best buddy and his best buddy's boyfriend managed to join in halfway through. He showed them a couple of basic steps he had learned earlier, and let them do the rest.

After the dance, they have themselves some drinks and a long chat. He finally got to meet his best buddy's boyfriend, and they had a good conversation. He's very happy for his best buddy. The guy was mature, knew the best buddy well and is able to help achieve dreams.

Before they knew it, it was already nearing midnight. Everyone parted ways and headed home. After all, the following day is new year's eve; there's much to prepare and much cleaning to do.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day #37

First phase of his big project was a success! Clients were absolutely happy with the solutions given and look forward to more opportunities together. Second phase commenced thereafter. There were a number of absentees but nevertheless it went smoothly. He had to report to his clients and superiors regarding the attendance list. Morning meeting that day was postponed. Most of his colleagues was overjoyed; some knew that being postponed means, the next meeting would be longer and more tedious.

He was practically running up and down from one office to another, busy as any day could be. Meeting new clients as well as existing ones. Did a couple of successful ones; looking ahead to greater news. She called him while he was on the go, asking for directions to a certain office. Couldn't answer in time, he told her he'll buzz her in a short while. He texted her on the possible whereabouts but she replied him saying she found it. He thought since her meeting is somewhere near his office, that they could catch up for lunch, but she texted a single word "No." Felt the cold shoulder, he was pretty disturbed a while. Since there's many hours of work left to be done, he couldn't let that drag him. So, he continued his work.

So caught up at work, he even forgotten to even bank in his pay cheque. By the time he did it, he knew he wouldn't have much to spare over festive season. But he considered it a blessing in disguise because he figured it would benefit him - he wouldn't be "spending" unnecessarily during this festive period.

Somewhat satisfied with his work, treated himself a good meal and went home. Couldn't stop wondering if there's something happening going on with her. He didn't knew what, but he felt something was just off. Since there was no answer to the question, he just left at there. He did his nightly prayers, hoping everything's alright, then quickly cleared his head and went to bed.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Day #35 & #36

These two days were pretty similar during day time, except for the events after working hours. First night there, had a get together with his partners and associates to run through some business details. Everyone was clear and in agreement with plans ahead. Had a toast and a good laugh to welcome the new year with great hopes ahead!

Second night, after quite the day at work, everyone at the office went for the company dinner. The directors treated everyone to a luxury seafood cuisine at fancy seafood restaurant. According to one of the directors, the restaurant is the most expensive seafood restaurant in the area. They had prawns, fish, crab, chicken, and beers~! He was super filled with delicious food! They toast to greater success. bigger deals and to more bonuses! After dinner, they all head back home, because the following day was a working day (boohoo~)

Originally, she invited a group of friends to her company's party. But due to the company dinner he had to miss it. After his dinner, he texted her but there wasn't any reply. He figured she must be having a good time there. Knowing he ate a little too much, he couldn't sleep too early. After resting a while, he did some very light exercises before heading to bed.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Day #34

He wondered if it's going to be a routine to wake up so early to work. He is not definitely a day-guy. Went in early in the morning and got started on all his work. This week is the week before the Chinese festive week, hence it would be a tedious closing week as most of the clients would be out of office or too busy in meetings.

His work took away his sense of time, and when he realized that, it was dark outside already. Then he remembered he had a workshop that he had to rush to facilitate. He quickly packed up his stuffs and rushed to the venue. Managed to get there on time, he resumed his role as a facilitator for the evening.

The workshop went well with pretty good response from the audience. The event team went back feeling proud and happy. Reached home after grabbing a quick supper.

Lying on his bed earlier than usual, he thought to himself it seemed pretty quiet the whole day. She didn't seem to be replying him; he wondered if all is alright on her end. He hoped that everything is okay with her and went to bed early.

Day #33

Sunday became a boring day. After completing his backlog tasks and some housework, he went to meet with his business associate on a casual meeting to talk about plans for expansion. The meeting lasted a few hours. Right after that, he took his family to do some grocery shopping. Had a good walk around the place cleared his mind a little.

It's been a while that he finds his phone an inconvenience since it's bulking, but couldn't find a replacement that is affordable and value for money. Went from shop to shop only to be disappointed by the current value of his phone. Nearly 1/3 of the original value. He was hoping for 1/2 the value, but apparently the value has dropped to that point. He felt it would be too much of an expense to trade in at such a low value.

Went to look around for suiting and fashionable clothes to change his style a little, but the nearby complexes didn't have anything new. Returned home with family for dinner, and that was practically a complete day for him. Relaxed himself in the night, just listening to some music, he wondered a lot about what he can achieve over the next few weeks. The thought of her just tends to pop in here and there from time to time. Keeping her in his prayers, he ends the night, looking forward to Monday.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Day #32

It was nearly afternoon when he woke up. Wondering what to do, he asked her and her friend what they were going to do. They were going to attend an event that day, followed by a photo-shoot and an evening swim thereafter. He was invited along.

They headed to the event venue, but it took them longer than expected to reach there. He made a couple of wrong turns and his GPS went nuts on him; by the time they reached the venue, it was 3 hours late. Boy was he feeling bad about it. He was worried she'll flip, but she didn't and somewhat he was a little relieved. Knowing the event ended, they went around the place and after that, went for a little shopping.

He had common looks and his sense of fashion made him look more common - that explains why he doesn't stand out in a crowd. So, the girls decided to help him a little on his clothing selection. A major difference in the taste, but he knew that it is a needed change to break away from the old looks. He got a rough idea of what sort of clothes he should be getting. He also realized that he needed to be a little more buffed up, to fit into the newer look.

After the quick shopping, they went to an apartment (it's her colleague's) for a swim. On the way there, they stopped at a convenient shop to get some drinks. Swim + Drinks = An awesome session! Unfortunately, timing wasn't good enough. The apartment has issued a memo that the swimming pool is to undergo a maintenance period of a week. They were disappointed. But they continued on with a photo-shoot of her friend. Make-up session, fitting session and finally doing the shooting itself. It was quite a process. Modeling shoot isn't his forte so he couldn't help much. They had their drinks and toast to the night for being together.

Then, they headed for dinner. She recommended an awesome place for a Korean meal. They were so happy and contented with the food! They were very full and satisfied! He took care of the bill and they went home after that. What an enjoyable day it had been for him. Before he went to sleep, he was working out and setting out a 12 weeks workout regime to buff up. He didn't have much things at home, but he remembered some techniques which his personal trainer taught from some time ago.

Day #31

He woke up pretty early that morning, unsure of the reason. He knew she might not have slept well either for the past few nights as the unpleasant conversation they had left a pretty uncomfortable feel to them. He received a text from her that morning, and was pretty infuriated by the context. He might have perceived it in a different manner than it was written. Managed to stop himself to utter out unpleasant remarks as an immediate response; he took his time to reply. After a couple of hours later, he finally managed to reply her but he knew in no way it was going to sound pleasant as he was not in the best of mood.

Somehow she knew that if it carried on via text, it might lead to more misunderstanding, and so she called him. She explained to him and then, she apologized. She told him that she should have gotten it straight with him rather than let the matter build up into an issue. He maybe mad, but he has a soft spot for her. Added with her apologetic tone and her heartfelt apology, everything just cooled down. He knew he couldn't stay mad at her, because it wasn't her fault entirely either. He then proceed to give her an explanation because she was ready to listen to him. Long story short, by the end of the call they were alright and back to talking terms.

His admiration for her grew and he knew there's more to her than meets the eye (Cliche as it may sound, that's very true for him). He wanted to get to know her more - the bad and the good; he didn't want to rush into things without knowing her inside out. Though he knew by heart that he has some feelings for her, he knows he has to accept her for who she really is, and not how or she looks like - he doesn't want to be just another guy who went after her, and walk away when she needed him most. Sounds like he's being noble and all, but really he just wants her to be happy and keep her safe at all times.


I should probably take some time to write what he knows, thinks and hopes of her. I'm pretty curious too =D

Day #30

Looks like there's a "cold war" between them. Still doesn't know what to expect, the only thing he knew he could do is make sure he does his work accordingly and not screw up as it was a very crucial moment for him. This was another short week at work for him and it's the last day of the month to ensure everything in January went smoothly.

Figured the best way to get his head straight is to indulge in more work, and he did. Arranged the whole evening going from one place to another, he ensured that no minute was wasted. Went to his client's place quite north up to deliver goods, then rushed mid way down from there in attempt to buy household goods (but ended up with nothing, because it was all sold out) and finally headed to city centre to join some friends at a night part. Unfortunately, his friends left early. By the time he reached there, they were all no where to be found. But he decided since he was already there, he'd just hang about. He got a couple of drinks (bottoms them up). Attempted to smoke but failed miserably led him to cough a good 2-3 minutes. Guess smoking is not his thing.

Got a text from his business partner wondering where he had been, he suddenly sobered up. Immediately realized he had other stuffs to attend to, then he left the party and headed home. Reached home, got straight to working again - he almost forgotten the stuffs he had to submit to his partners. After a couple of hours fighting the lethargy, he had completed the work and then finally dozed off.