Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm Going B&W

I know it sounds weird, but really I'm thinking of hitting things black and white in my pictures. It's a little tough, 'cause I'm still attracted to colors. But black and white isn't that all bad. In fact, it's quite cool if you ask me, I kinda like it!

I'm slowly converting to B&W pictures...
Hopefully I'll fare well in it!
... before heading back into the colorful world =)

I'm still getting the hang of it, it's really tough trying to make things monochromatic especially black and white photography. Reason is that I've always love colors and vividness of elements within the pictures, so this change would take some time to adjust to. Why am I changing to B&W? I wanna see things from a different perspective - to learn more, to make things look outstanding even in B&W as how it was back in the older days =)

Jessica's 21st!

On the very same night of Audrey's Farewell, was lucky to be invited and be part of Jess' 21st Party Bash... Lotsa people, drinks and chats not to forget LAUGHTER!!

Happy birthday Jess! =D
This year you were better! ;)
(you know what I mean xD)

PPC, Jess, ChrisThoo
PPC tells me the same answer everytime I ask her how she's been, "Busy la"
boring punya answer, hahaha
ChrisThoo tells me its going into the busy time of the year, hell yeah,
I get what you mean, me too!
Jess, well she's getting dru... 'happier' even before midnight! =P

DavidCheong, HsuJen, Diese, Gregory, Sharlyn
David and HsuJen discouraging me from entering the working world (=.=")
Same words coming from Gregory and Sharlyn, whom I've not seen in ages...
WHY LA?? College life wasn't that all good for me =(
Diese, as you can see, is doing pretty good there =D

Good looking lady, JenkinYat, David, HsuJen, Diese
Don't ask me who the lady is, cause I know is her looks... LOL
JenkinYat was all over the place, trying to catch up with everyone as well =D
Diese was caught up with her "live updates" xD
David and HsuJen, POSER LA =P

[left] PPC & ChrisThoo
[Right] Me & The GobblerYingZi
Ying Zi came all the way from Singapore, just for the 21st bash =D
Awesome friend isn't she? =)

The 21st Birthday Cake! hehehe =D

Well you can guess what happened to Jess by the end of the night
from these pictures =P

Audrey's Farewell

Yeah it's rather sad, but it's the fact. She dumpedleft us and Bolehland for a better place... Hahaha, it sounded wrong for a moment. Truth be told, as of this moment, she's on her way to her new home in Ireland =) So last Thursday, she held her farewell party in one of the parks nearby her house... Guess what? It was raining! (O_O)

We'll miss you Audrey!
Your mad jovial laughter...
Come back and visit sometime!! =P

I swear, it was raining! See those umbrellas?
Ok maybe it's not that obvious...

Nah, is that obvious enough?
There's plenty of food, but some of them went soggy, hahaha...

This is the past where they camped when it was pouring, LOL
(by the way, see there's more umbrellas!)

After being there, we found shelter! we went to
Samuel's place a while to chillax and get away from the rain...
Also to relax before moving on to the next party =)

Friday, July 02, 2010

UCSI Masquerade Night

Come one, come all and be mesmerized with a night full of fun, mystery and excitement. Come and witness who will win Ambassador’s title for Project Echo. Vote for this season’s winner for UCSI University’s Got Talent 2. There would be also Tarot Card Reading section where you can test your luck, foresee your future and also seek your love mate. In addition, there would also be a Magic Show where you can be dazzled with the world of magic. For those who appreciate the value of silence, come and be impressed with our Mime Performance where silence is golden.

Dress Code - Casually Smart (Black, Red or White), Masquerade Mask Required

Tickets Price :

For more detail, logon to or follow us at twitter