Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous!

Watch a movie last Saturday, and it was Bangkok Dangerous...

A short run-through on the movie.. Bangkok Dangerous starring Nicholas Cage as Joe, a hitman who's doing what hitmans do best. Being a professional hitman, he has his own principles and rules (You have find out what the rules are by watching the movie *winks*). Upon completion of his previous task, he was given the last job in Bangkok (Duh, it's called Bangkok Dangerous) before he can finally retire (or so). Somehow, things don't remain the same every time. There's gotta be some up and downs which no one can avoid, and that's where Dangerous comes into the scene..

Alright, the movie is supposingly an action-packed movie, however, I guess the director decided to have a little humor in it, just to make things more interesting..

Here's a scene on the negotiation of salary
between assistant-to-be and the boss.
It's really funny, definitely have to see this part..

This is the serious part..
Bang, bang, and Blood!

Apart from that, there's also some romance involve.. Well I guess almost every movie available in the market has this element.. Can't run away from it though.. That's why, it is said, LOVE IS BLIND! (It'll hit you where you can't see it?)

Joe falls in love at first sight when he saw Fon(Charlie Yeung)

What I like about the movie?
Interesting storyline, with an interesting combination of some comedy, a whole lot of action-pack (gun-shooting) and some romance in it. I like the idea a lot. Looks realistic enough. Unexpected ending (a plus point).

What I don't like about the movie?
Well there's nothing much to not like about the movie.. It's good, just that, by time you look at the poster, you know what the movie is all about - guns, bikes, cars, babes, bullets.. Though it is called Bangkok Dangerous, the movie wasn't really intense (was kinda slow going) unlike Die Hard 4.0. In fact, the main cast himself doesn't seem to appear to be hurt much (or maybe the character was to be a VERY professional hitman, that's why).

My ratings: 8.5 of 10 for action-pack
Good movie, though it's a little predictable..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm so Wanted!

In case, if you guys don't know what Friends-For-Sale (FFS) is about, well it's an application on where you get to buy & sell your friends as pets (through Facebook only) and raise their value..

So a few days ago, Queen told me that she'd dropped my net worth by to its original, FFS $500, and today, woahlah, I found myself worth more than FFS $500,000.. *touched*

Thanks guys! *hugs*

Well, I know to some of you, it's rather silly, childish, or however you want to put it, but c'mon can a guy feel happy about it? It may not mean much to others, but it does mean something to me.. =P

I feel so wanted!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I find kinda hard to sleep lately without having to bother about the next day's agenda. Seriously I've lots to cope up with, especially amongst my friend. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but ya know, sometimes people like me just like to rant about it.. Hehehe =P

So what's helping me to sleep easily and comfty recently..? Well, my "buddies".. Tell ya, it's not simple keeping them around.. Someone's bound to take them away from me.. *stares at mum and sis* *ROAARRR!!* "They're mine, I tell you!!!"

LoL.. Kidding! But the part where they take away my buddies is true.. =P

Sorry to disappoint some of ya.. Of course I won't be revealing myself with them, this time, yal gotta use ya imagination.. Errmm.. Then again, DON'T IMAGINE anything.. Skip it..

Talking about them, I can almost hear them calling for me.. *yawn* Aite, seriously I need to get some shut eye now..


Strafting away...

Honestly, lately I've not been able to blog as frequent as I used to, no thanks to my tight schedule. Feels like I'm slowly been dragged away from the blogosphere.. *darn it*

Luckily I do have my friends who's constantly reminding me about the blog (via calls, sms, face-to-face chats, and even through my shoutbox). Thanks ya guys+girls! *group hugs*

*sigh* I do wish things lighten up for me.. Else I'd be slowly fading away, and eventually disappear *poof*.. *yikes!*

Blogger Buddy award!

given to me by my pal, Dhemz, a friendly blogger buddy whom I met not too long ago, and have been chatting via the shoutbox eversince. Cool ei? You can get yours too (click here)!

So since I was tagged, I'm not gonna let it stop just right here. It's ma turn to tag others around.. *winks*

Tag! You're it!:

Those whom I haven't got a chance to tag. Don't worry, it's not for long till I start again.. *winks*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Scary.. But Funny.. O_O

My friend said I wasn't scary.. instead I looked funny..
WTF.. *sigh*

Check out the rest of the related pictures here.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some things that I learnt in class this week...

Well, apart from the normal learning outcomes that my coursemates and I have achieved in class, there were some additional stuffs that we happen to learn of recently..

My Maths lecturer really cracked us up.. Check out the below:

Old Stuffs --> New Stuffs

Earthquake --> EarthQuack
"This topic is useful, for example to calculate the probability of a second earthQUACK happening not long after each other"

Jeffro thinks: What in the world??

Uncountable noun: Thunder --> Countable noun: Thunders
"You might just get a question on how to calculate the probability of 2 thunders occurring concurrently"

Jeffro thinks: HUH?? What the heck??

These are two new major lessons of the week! lol xD

Monday, October 13, 2008

SanDisk! She Smiles @ me!

During my journey in Low Yat, I won the 8GB SanDisk Cruzer Pendrive. Well that adds into my collection of SanDisk stuffs.. On that day itself I bought two 2GB memory cards for my camera because I believe that I'd be making use of it, not very long from now..

Seriously I'm not a fan of SanDisk..
It's so happen that the stuffs I had are from them..

During my run-test on the memory cards..
I was just randomly recording and picture-snapping away..


She smiles at me!!

I swear, I didn't even know her..
Now that's new for me!

Went to Low Yat

Last Wednesday I headed down to Low Yat for the same reason I did the last time.. Fortunately this time, I headed straight to their headquarter office.. (the name will not be mentioned due to intellectual rights)

On the way, I happen to see a guy playing the er-hu on the streets.. He played well, and earned quite a lot.. Hmm, I should try playing some instruments on the streets to earn some pocket money too, lol. But then again, I'm only afraid that I'd be earning some punches instead... hahaha..

Went back to the shop that sold me the memory card, and was told that the service centre has been closed for some unrevealed reasons and that I should head to the headquarters building next door. So I went there, only to find out that the lift is broken.. *sigh* What a bad day...

I thought I could get an instant replacement since it was still under warranty, unfortunately that's not the case. In fact, according to their PROCEDURAL system, I've to wait for a week before getting my stuff changed..

Then for no reason, I decided to linger around Times Square (just opposite of Low Yat). Actually I didn't want to go back so early, because I had to rely on public transportation (and we all know how "good" our public transports are). However, I knew that my mum would be free after working hours, so I thought I'd hanged around until it was time to take a free ride.. *winks* (I know I'm lame, =P)

Went into Borders,
grab a random book..
actually I was attracted to the picture..
(I know I'm still behaving like a kid.. Hehehe)

it's good FOOD for such a warm weather...

The so-called largest indoor theme park in Malaysia,
seems so EMPTY, not today,
but almost every time that I'm there..
Maybe it's just me.. =P

After a while, I got bored of Times Square so I headed back to Low Yat.. I prefer to be surrounded by gadgets that I can't afford to buy, but love to see.. rather than things I can buy, but can't afford to see.. hahaha.. I know, I know.. I'm W.E.I.R.D.

Got attracted by this SanDisk Promotional thingy..
There was some sort of game..
Thought I'd give it a try..

It was a Mix and Match game:
Mix 7 pictures with the 7 statements correctly
and Win a 8Gb SanDisk: Cruzer Pendrive

Tell you the truth,
I was distracted by the lady,
She kept smiling and blinking her eye..
I thought there was something wrong with me..
However, due to my unknown-HIGH-intelligence,
I won myself the first prize easily..
*it's just a way of flattering myself*
*Pats self on the back*

And then it was time to head home with the free ride..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Don't you just love halloween? I know I do!! Seriously, I've never been to any halloween party, and I mean NEVAH.. Been watching Halloween movies and hear how others had fun celebrating Halloween - doing the TRICK or TREAT!... Man I was really envious of them.. But Lucky me, this time around Nuffnang opens up an opportunity for us bloggers to SCARE THE HECK out of others, and BRING in THE FUN!

Ooo Silent Party?? What's so special about it?? Well well, with Nokia, the official sponsor, and Universal Music Malaysia, the official music sponsor... ANYONE can PARTY,SCARE and GROOVE along with the music loaded into each one's mobile phones...

In short, people are gonna attend a party and being "silent" at the same time! Awesome ei?? Okay to pump up the excitement, there's PRIZES to win.. such as Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic and others.. Wootza!

Here's something inspired by Nokia+Nuffnang+friends...

Was walking all alone...

Suddenly a freaking Zombie appeared from behind..
It wants to EAT me!

being a ..
human being,

I was scared the shiit out seeing a Zombie!

I took out the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic..
hoping that it'll take it and go away..

It worked!
Mr Zombie loves it! Mr Zombie enjoys it..

Halloween has never been better
without NOKIA..


Honestly I'm FREAKING excited about it... but at the same time, kinda worried... Worried about what?? Well...

I have no halloween costume...
Plus, I have no idea what to dress T_T...

Who knows where I can get/borrow some awesome-looking-and-scary-shiit-also clothes? Can anyone help me?? *pweetty please, with cherries on top*

Another award received! ^_^

The Butterfly Award (For the Coolest blog BLOGS ever I know) was given to me by Dhemz. Swweeet! Another award to add into my inventory.. lol!

Well I won't be making it a long post about it, though I'm really delighted to have received it. I'll be explaining what I should do with this award...

Here is the rule:
Once accepting this award, Put the logo on your blog. Add a link to the person who awarded you. Nominate 10 other blogs. Add links to those blogs on yours. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs. With that I nominated 10 other bloggers for this award..

And with this... I proudly nominate:

Monday, October 06, 2008

Flowery Pichas..

Well, the following pictures are taken during a raya visit.
Hope yal enjoy the pictures.
Comments/feedbacks are welcome. =)

it wouldn't be nice if there isn't a picture of me,
would it? *chuckles*

Just for fun..

Ohh kaay, dark clouds signifying it's time to go back..


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raya Visit @ Serendah

Yesterday, my family and I paid a Hari Raya visit to a friend of my mum's at Serendah (a town which is slightly further up after Rawang). The house was on top of a hill, Wootza! So I get a chance to breathe in fresh air and also enjoy the cool breeze of the hills... *ahhhh, feels relieved* My mind felt even clearer being there..

Unfortunately, since it was a friend of my mum's, I was a little reluctant on snapping pictures 'cause it seemed a little awkward for them (when I took out my camera, you could see their faces O_O).. So I only managed to snap pictures for the other half of the time T_T Oh well, the ones I took weren't too bad either.. =)

They had space for mini garden..
This is only one of the many!

A nice spot to relax when reading,
or just simply resting under the shade..

I was kinda afraid and confused when I first saw her.
Afraid 'cause of it stance:
it looked like wanted to pounce at me!
Confused 'cause of religion belief:
I always thought that muslim's cannot have dogs around,
but apparently they can,
just that they MUST wash their hands once
in contact with the dog's saliva..
(ooo.. new info to me xD)

Turns out, she was a friendly dog.
Very playful too!

Ermm, just for fun.. ^_^

That's only a portion of the view I saw..
When the clouds are lesser and clearer,
I could even see Genting Highlands from there..
that info was told by the residents there..

Sorry there weren't pictures of the Raya food and decorations.. However, before leaving the place I managed to snap something that was kinda significant to the Raya Festival.. xD

So that was Raya Visit from me. Sincere wishes of Selamat Hari Raya to all my fellow muslim and non-muslim friends. Have a wondrous season of festive!


I'm pretty sure many people have heard of Twitter. To those don't know what Twitter is, I'll just briefly explain it. Twitter is a social networking and mini blogging service that allows anyone that uses it to do instant messaging with limited length of text (≈140 characters). In terms of social networking, updates of messages can be seen by everyone you're linked to. In terms of mini blogging, well it allow users to blog up short messages, for example, current situation, current status, current location, current event, etc. Also, Twitter can be used in a way that friends can leave a message for another so that they can see them the moment they're on it.

In short, Twitter answers the frequent question: What are you doing?

All that are needed:
#1 register yourself (and your blog, if you have),
#2 add/find your friends, and
#3 start writing.

There is the mobile version of Twitter, normally for those who are in need of quick access and quick post

It's easy to use, simple interface and it's FREE!

I've seen so many of my friends using it, so recently I decided to use it for myself, and hey it's really good *thumbs-up!* but to make it better, I gotta start adding friends into it. Not only I can write short messages, I can follow any of my friends messages.. Then I wouldn't be left out.. *winks* =P

Find out more about Twitter.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hennessy Artistry '08

I was invited to the Hennessy Artistry '08 by Celine. Yeap, I know, I am one lucky dude! I was indeed very excited too! Well it's my first event-attending for Hennessy's...

This is how the outside looked before 9pm..
Seriously there were so many people..
By 10pm, the place was over-flooded with humans..

Registration took quite a while though..
But once done, it's a great relieve..
I was scared I couldn't enter..
Why? Simply cause I was underage..
and someone told me that there's an age limit..

Yeahh... Nooo..
Yeahh, it's the brand that we're gonna have..
Nooo, it's only for display.. We're not touching that..

Doing the Karen Cheng..
Seriously I envy how Karen does her's so well..

The stage where all the invited artists are gonna perform

Now THIS is what we're gonna be having!

Went back out just to see more people arriving..
More photographers, cameras, flashes!
*flash flash, eyes becomes O_O*

Artists to expect:
Until June, The Dey and Shayne Ward

There's a DJ's Booth at the front..
I was the VIP DJ of the night..
hahaha.. NOT! just kidding..
Well, I had my part of fun too!

Met Joshua there!

I wanna CamHo too!

Meet my new friend, Patrick

And also three other new friends,
Florian, Sasha, and Robert.

They weren't that great..
but heck, it's individual's preference right?

And the artist that most of the girls
were waiting for!

Envious, girls?
She's just a dancer only.. don't worry..

man it is hard to get them in one place!

Lucky shot that turned out alright..

Enough of Shayne,
time to give the guitarist some credits too..
Good play.. *claps*

Aite, That's the end of the night..
of course I wouldn't be showing you,
the part where we drank like crazy,
and nearly ....

Okies, I'll stop here..

That's all for Hennesy Artistry '08