Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saturday's Dinner with Friends

Am lucky to be invited to a house warming dinner last Saturday by Anne and her friends... Sorry it took me so long to process the pictures.. Having hard time to sort out the number of pictures I took..

It's a simple dinner which I enjoyed very much, and of course was able to make new friends..

So let me pictures tell you what happen the throughout the dinner.. =D



Plus, there's tong shui (sweet dessert)..

Don't shy shy...

Yeah, satay..
Finally I get to snap a picture,
and actually eat them!

Some other Chinese style dishes.. =D

Yummy I tell you..
Wish I had brought an extra stomach for that.. =)

Took a snap of the gals..

Sayang didn't snap the hostess as well.. Aiseh..

Okays.. No comments ya..

Already people are saying that it looks like
I *coughing manner* humping the garfield..

But hey, garfield's enjoying it right?

Oh btw, did I mentioned there were booze earlier?
Nyek Nyek Nyek.. XD

Cecelia and Anne decided to join in then..
Well I was kicked out.. =(

All Man Hong could do is stare.. O_O||

Later on, Cecelia did the exact same thing..
S.T.A.R.E.... O_O\

Then lastly a picture of us.. =D
Well I had to select from a bunch of pictures we taken..

Even hostess and everyone else was going =.="
"These two... really can go on... "

And that's how that Saturday dinner went.. Sorry ya I couldn't snap a picture with the hostess and the rest of ma new friends.. Next time, next time.. Hehehe

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A whole day out..

Yesterday, I drove my mum and sis, and my mum's friend to visit a friend of ours in Selayang.. Should have brought my camera along.. but left it at home =.="

If not I would have shown you guys the house.. But then again, that would be rude of me to snapshot the house with out without permission (it is known as intrusion of privacy)..

So the only picture I got was these (with my phone).. Cause shortly after that I saw eyes on me, as if I was doing some freakishly unacceptable.. LOL..

An added family member to my mum's friend's..
Furry, active and lovable.. =D

Check him out..
imitating Firefox =D
but actually I firstly thought that it was a carpet..
Almost stepped on it.. Oops.. =P


Well, dogs do need some drink too.. XD

I tell you this dog is living a more luxurious life than any of us..
Monthly do's: Spa
Daily food: Lamb, chicken, pork, or fish chow..
Daily activity: walk around, laze around, entertain people and self
Current home: Big bungalow
Self benefits: Get lotsa love from people, get fed, bathed and brushed..
Expenses: MINIMUM RM100 every month

Woah.. I also want!! *envy*

sad part is: it has trouble finding its spot..
so yesterday it peed on the mattress..

EWWWWWW... I had to help clean up..

Then got placed at the CORNER..
Brownie's scared of heights.. it did not move..
awwwwh.. poor Brownie.. =(

but less than 10 minutes, it was brought back safely onto the ground..
cause it was making that sad and sorry face with poor-thing sounds..
I also beh-tahan (translate: cannot stand it)
so what more the owner?

After all that pictures... is back to listening to Aunty talks again.. What to do? I was the only guy there, the rest all gone don't know where.. Plus I'm the guest, was suppose to sit still =D

So before we left the house, I took a quick snap shot of this, which I find it to be the summary of the whole and entire conversation the aunties were having (sorry mum I called you aunty *pulls ears*)

After that, went home only to join my mum's friend for dinner.. and by the time I actually got home, it was time for me to go to bed.. cause I was dead exhausted already...

And that is the day out.. =D

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry X'mas! [Part 2]

============On X'mas morning...============

I Was dragged am lucky to be invited to a Christmas service,
down at Hotel Flamingo, by the young AngelKein.. *winks*

Thought of sleeping it off at home, luckily went there..
However I was suppose to attend another church with someone else..
(So sorry, next year k? *hugs*)

I'd be glad to share some of the moments down at Hotel Flamingo..

AngelKein and I wishing all a MERRY XMAS!

Ooo Ooo.. btw I met RoyalShortness and HsuJen there too..

Ps: there wasn't many pictures, well simply cos I didn't charge
my camera's battery.. Sorry my bad...

On X'mas night...============

Was also invited to a BBQ session with my ex-classmates from
secondary school.. was a last minute thingy

At the same time, it was also a birthday of a girl.. =D

Nickname: Kyoko

So let's check out the pictures..
and you'll find out what happen.. xD

As usual most of us practices MST
(Malaysian Standard Timing = L.A.T.E)

Lucky food was prepared earlier..
Thanks Aunty!

Even the BBQ was hot and toasty... =D

Soon everyone gathered around..
seriously it became splendid! and hot...

CS Lin says it's better sitting while BBQ-ing..
O_O He can stand the heat.. *Salutes*

Then all of us ate together..
Had good chats as well.. =D

Since there was no alcohols..
Anglia is the only "beer" we had.. =D
Oh.. there was orange juice.. LOL

We had a carton of these.. XD

In between the dinner,
some of us head inside to chill out and

The number of people keep increasing..

MC Yap tagged along!

And I shall not be left behind!

Someone went missing 3/4 of the night..
She was on the phone.. for a V.E.R.Y L.O.N.G time..
Dunno how she can stand talk and stand so long.. 8-S

Some of us were still clinging onto the cameras.. =D

I'd joined in of course! why not right?
Xmas spirit ma.. =D

Looking up to the Xmas tree..

Ka-ching.. It's me!

All of us inside the house!

All of us outside the house..
with the host, Aunty =D

wishing all a MERRY MERRY XMAS!!

Merry X'mas! [Part 1]

Tis the season to be jolly...

Fa la la la la la, la la la la..

Yeah.. Christmas is in town yal!

And SO AM I!

Finally, I'm updating my blog after disappearing for so long..
(will blog on that later on)

But let's get on to what I've been doing this time around..
My family was invited to a X'mas gathering
last Saturday (20th December 2008)
by a friend of my mum's..

So as a little courtesy we decided to contribute some food..
and as for me, and my friends (whom I've invited along),
we contributed some "hardship" LOL

Check how the day went out...
Hold onto your chairs

=========At Home

Doing preparations..

Wai Hong and I were assigned to cut the watermelon.. XD

With a blunt chopper! So no choice,
I had to step in to hold the watermelon still..

Took a piece!

Cos it was too slim, it got..

Wai Hong helped to cut the rest..
I was behind the scenes doing
the other parts of the watermelons..

Final results..
Woahla! Tadah... See nice right?

Mum decided to add in little oranges..

Then, all of us put together this as well.. =D

The unpaid photographer went berserk..
She demands a reward..

Took a chance to camwhore.. Teehee xD

Quickly change to new set of bedsheets..
P.S: Actually I sent them for washing,
and I put them back on..
What? It looks new ok?

To Siew Mei: This should be rewarding enough?
Hehehe.. I'll add in hugs for you.. =P

=========At Mum's Friend's Place=========

The Setting up..

I was attracted to this..
It looked so dang delicious.. YUM!

Okays, SiewMei thought that was a pig..
We all know that's a lamb..
Hence, to satisfy her and all,
I call it plamb (pig + lamb)!
Am I a genius or what? wtf LOL

I told my friends secretly:
"If the plamb is not enough, we can roast this dog...
They'd looked the same when roasted.."

They went: =.= *wtf*

This is the name of the alley where my mum's friend's place
is allocated.. To those who don't know what Pisang is..
See the next picture..

This symbolizes the area well enough...
Why? There is:
Bukit Pisang (Banana Hill)
Jalan Pisang (Banana Road)
Lorong Pisang (Banana Alley)
Orang Pisang
(Banana Man = this refers to Chinese men who dunno Mandarin)

Ermm that person is me.. =(

I see both my friends getting along just fine..
So I decided to leave them chatting there,
while I go and snap snap pics..

Took a picture of the Xmas tree..
It's really nice, so many colors.. =D

Dinner Time..

Joshua and Samantha at the Ais Kacang Section
doing what they can do best..
inheritance from Ah Ma's Ais Kacang Recipe..

Looks a lot right?

Plamb is big enough?

Satay on the plate!
(but this finished within 3 mins, wtf...
I took a picture of it, turn around,
and it's GONE!)

This section alone is enough to fill up several people,
without having to go through the main course.. =D

Everyone enjoys the food..

After dinner: Entertainment...

Macarios and Samantha were going through again the notes..
for a little carolling session later on..

Then everyone stood up to sing along..
It was really lively..
I sang along while taking pictures.. =)

There was some game sessions too..
This part: Who's the tallest person in your group?
The guy on the left clearly won..
Winner: Abu Bakar

Yesh, this round:
Who has the slimmest waist?
Guess what a guy was part of it too!
Psst, SiewMei's waist was being measured there..
I tell you everyone there has *whistle* a nice waist..
compared to me.. LOL

Samantha won with the slimmest waist..
OMG.. so slim right??
Btw she outbeat everyone by an inch..
Okays, that's all.. No more details..
Only I get to know them... =D

Of course, every game has a prezzie for the winners..
And for those who did not win, but did attend gets to bring home a gift
that was prepared by the fellowship.. =D

Time to go home..

Oh well no matter fun it is, time is still a constraint..
So this is how we say bye for now: