Saturday, October 31, 2009

Steamboat Dinner @ Sandra's Place

First ever dinner gathering steamboat style and I had it at Sandra's place. Was pretty cool though, there were plenty of food. Even though there were plenty of FFK-ers aka Plan-Ditchers, we had lotsa fun cracking silly jokes, doing silly stuffs, playing silly songs, chatting and eating together.

Some awesome compilation of food there!
We had Foo Pei (Dried tofu skin) Steamboat for 4-5 rounds..

That's Sandra, Joseph and Gary
See the amount of Foo Pei Dried tofu skin)?
We could just eat that only... LOL

Here's a picture of Toby!
with his favourite ball...

That's Jone playing with the dog...
He provoke the dog a few times, that it nearly bitten
the wrong ball... LOL

and so that's all from the steamboat dinner!
Till next time, see ya soon! =)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Penang Food-a-thon - Day 2

So where did we stopped? Hmmm... *scratches head and thinks* Oh yeah, I remember now! The second day, we woke up quiet late, due to sleeping at 3am. Jon said we must not sleep after eating (that was 1am), instead we should wait at least an hour or so. So that's how I ended up sleeping at 3am... *snickers* Haha, actually I was busy playing Shaz's IPhone till 3am while waiting for proper food digestion... LOL!

We should be staying active at all times..
But it doesn't look quite so... not at all...
"Shaz in bed"

Me showing my statement T-shirt
"Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!"

To the extend, we had to put down the temperature
to below 10 degrees Celcius... since we moved in..
Beat that yo!

What'ya know.. Our first destination:
Tanjung Bungah's Best Pisang Goreng!
Where everything's made fresh fresh.. Teehee!
What a breakfast/brunch we had!

Guess what? I saw Pam in the streets of Penang..

Lunch at Restaurant Kassim Mustafa...
"Famous Nasi Dalcha"

Upon walking/driving around, we saw this quite often..
as if it was a sign or a message thrown at us..
"Lose weight now!"

We went to Komtar and around the area to do
survey and check up on prices of our boy toys (camera stuffs)...
we checked the happening board..
"What's happening? Us!"

After walking around, our throats were a little dry..
and so happen we stumble across a gelato italiano shop..
selling ice creams that differs from that of KL,
it was cheap for a scoop - RM3.50
and I gotten myself the Whiskey Cream...
Yes alcoholic ice cream baby! =P
"Maxim's Cake Shop"

By the time we knew it, it was turning dusk...
Dark and all, Penang roads somewhat like KL's start jamming up..
"Jam ahead"

See those mirrors? No it's not for camwhoring or anything like that..
It's for security, to allow pedestrian to look out for anyone suspicious
of snatch theft, hiding behind the pillars...
but I was told...
"Those mirrors are for those people who run up very fast,
cannot see people coming, need those mirrors to see...
Otherwise it'd be like those hong kong movie, people bump into
others, drop and roll on the floor..."
I was conned =.="

Suppose to use slow shutter and high apertures values
to capture the city lights... but I guess I failed!
Was still too bright and I had up to F8.0 only T_T

Gotten tired of the walking around, we decided to have a drink...
We went to OldTown GeorgeTown's
and I ordered their White Coffee...
Apparently it sucks... Ipoh's white coffee was better...
and cheaper!

After our drinks, we continued on moving around...
We saw this apom at Jalan Chulia
Crispy fresh made ones for only 40 sens per piece...

While uncle is working on the apoms,
we bought a couple of it and ate it...
Shaz enjoys it =)

Then, we decided to buy something to munch on at the hotel...
The bakery of which we went to buy breads and stuffs...
Their bread are fresh and great...

Right after that, we thought of having ourselves some dessert...
This is the looks of the famous Tong-Yuen stall in Penang..
It's allocated at McCalister Road, near by the Sunway Hotel in Penang...
We're having them as desserts!

Waited for the fresh boiled Tong-Yuens
and had our sweeties...
One was with Soya Bean Soup, and the other was with
Osmanthus Flower Soup!
"Super nice and appetizing!"
No wonder even the Singaporeans (who've eaten them) praised it! =)

After a good and appetizing dessert,
we went for Nasi Kandar at
Restaurant Subaidah, Tanjung Bungah...
What a fulfilling night! =)


Stopping here for now... and
Leaving you with my name
created using a water boiler's steam
under the glass frame.. =)
"Steamy Jeffro"

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JonMing - Tis The Season to be Jolly (Continued)
JonMing - Tis The Season to be Jolly


Have been asked questions only to know that you've been answering them over and over again? Well I have, it's not that I'm finding it annoying or not, but having to repeat myself is rather tiring. Don't you think so? So I decided to answer a few people through this post. I'll provide this link to people who'd asked me the following in the future. =) I know, I know... Imma lazy guy. Yes I am! Teehee...

Why am I always busy?
Simple, it's cause there's many things to do,
and I've got bad timing-luck, hence I schedule things
accordingly and sequence, that when you look at it,
it's like I'm always packed. (Indeed I am)

What happens when I'm free? What do I do when I'm free
Ahhh, if only there was a moment I was truly free...
But nonetheless, when I have my own spare times,
I'd be playing games, watching TV, or finding friends...
Most of my time are divided to family and friends...

It seems like I spend a lot. Am I rich?
That answer is obviously no. It may seemed like I spend a lot.
But the fact is I don't spend that much, even going out,
I do watch my spending. Oh by the way, I work for my spending...
Every now and then when I get the chance doing part times...

How come I'm involved in this and that?
Simply because I have interest in this and that.
Also because there's a long story as to why I
even develop interest to those fields. But it's too boring
to talk about. I'll leave at, "I'm interested in all of them"

How I got into photography? Never heard of me saying it before?
Well, I like taking pictures since young. But never
had the chance to explore, due to financial problems in the
past. But even so, I do take pictures with an old Olympus of mine
which is rotting to nuts right now. Only recently I had gotten
the Powershot Canon S5 IS (a semi pro) to start off...
And that's what brought me officially into this field.

How come I didn't go for DSLR?
'Cause that was what I could afford buying. A DSLR
would cost 1.5 times the value of camera back then? I'd
put in more for the DSLR, if I didn't need to buy a
laptop as well (for college purposes). But I've learnt
a lot even though I'm using just a semi pro. Soon,
when I earn enough, I'll buy a DSLR, to better myself.

How do I cope up with everything?
Actually and honestly, I can hardly cope up, but I try my
best to do so. That's why I look so busy, 'cause whatever
I can't catch up, I put it to the following day or free slot...
Resulting in me being busy almost all the time. It's not
something to be proud of. I wished I was more organized
and had more endurance in life.

Back from Magical Halloween

Just came back from HELP University's Magical Halloween not too long ago. Thanks to Schmae *hugs* for the invitation and AbsolutPitch for the costume. *phew* Am tired and exhausted now. To those who may not know this, but I was the "Harry Potter" aka known (for tonight) as the Asian Harry Plopper. Why, how, huh? Well, I shall fill yal up on it later on... As I was performing earlier that night, pictures were taken by Alex. Only after the performance and wash up that I took up the camera (Schmae's D80)

Party was awesome... People looked great...
Though started off late, but everything was still organized and
went WELL without much problems at all...

All, if not, many who were there, said it was AWESOME!
especially the Haunted House...

Yeah, you wished you were there huh?
No worries, I've gotten the pictures from Alex,
So I'll post them up later on, so you won't miss out a thing.. =)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson - This is it!

Just got back from one heck of a show - the MJ's last show/shot, THIS IS IT! Yes people, THAT WAS DEFINITELY IT! Never have I seen such great moments put together, nor have I felt the strong feelings and passion coming from someone, who didn't even knew it was an unofficial filming of his final performance... This I would like to thank Nigel n Sony Pictures for the invitation.

I've shown it before, and I'm showing it again...
Those colors had their reasons, because the show itself was meaningful...

Michael gave his very best effort into putting a great show. He spent hours and hours choreographing and rehearsing every single part - from dancing & singing to how the lighting, sound and special effects should be. He is truly passionate on what he set his mind to doing. I felt that strong enthusiasm from him.

For the first time in my life...
After the show ended,
I've saw an entire movie hall of audience who sat so still
watching the credits playing on screen...
Some stayed till after the credits! Wicked!

Not only that,
during the show, my legs were practically
dancing themselves, as if his music guided them to the beats...

I saw people applauded to the show...
Going "Wooohoooo... AWESOME THING!!"

Honestly, there's no regrets in buying This Is It
on CDs or DVDs...
You'll love it! =)

For that I strongly believe, Michael, you will always be in our hearts, for everytime your song is played, your spirit and passion surrounds us. I may not be a huge fan of yours, but I'm glad you were around even though it wasn't that all blissful to you. You changed many lives around, and given many hopes to people and motivate them with burning drive. Thanks. *smiles*

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Penang Food-a-thon - Day 1

I's 19th October when we - Shaz, Jon and I went up to penang. Now you're wondering what can 3 guys do in Penang? Originally, the trip was about enjoying ourselves, eating and also to explore our skills in photography learning from one another - different exposures, angles, lighting and bla bla bla... (all photographer's talk xD) But what became unexpected was that the trip itself turned into a food-a-thon! Yes, ladies and germs (what Shaz always say), it's been a race for food! And by that I mean, it's like on the average of 10am to 1am (YEAP 1AM BABEY!) in search of food...and according to Jon, we've almost completed a whole list of food that we had!

Only to be fair with you, we've had a list (in which I shall show you shortly) of food and places to dine and visit. What happened then? Well, since we had plenty of food choices, we eventually became too tired to continue on our journey for sight seeing - we stopped to rest. The moment we had enough rest, guess what? We looked for food again! WTF? Yes! FOOD was unconsciously became the ultimate goal. "What's next to eat?" never failed to become our very next question. Hard to believe? Will prove to you with the pictures I have to show! Oh by the way, this ain't gonna be all about the food, okay? *winks*

This is proof of the list we had!
Embrace it, it's real!

[left] Our pre-breakfast as someone *coughs* was late...
[right] Yeapz! Fast car (Perdana V6 Twin Cam) we are in!

Reached Ipoh at not-that-early-in-the-morning...
This was our first destination (before entering Penang)
"Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong"

That's a reflection of Jon
We're waiting for food...

Finally, breakfast!
"Roti Bakar and Roti Telur"

After breakfast, we headed off to the next place..
On the way.. we saw something amazing..
The sound of it was as if it was powered by some generator!
"High Pressure"

We're here!
A place well-known for its morning breakfast - Dim Sum!
Was told that its the GrandFather of all dim sum shops around...
"Foh San"

And so we ordered our share...
They're great! But we missed out on their famous custard...
T_T *blames Shaz for being late*

Our parking tickets.. Had to buy a book with
each ticket worth half an hour...
"RM1.50 Parking Tickets"

Oh this is me! and I'm in the front passenger seat...
Guess who took it?
THE DRIVER! Nooo.. Not even Jon, twas me...
How could he possibly do that? LOL
"Reflecting myself"

We're already on the way to Penang...
[left] I notice a bad weather up ahead...
[right] I think that's the cause of it.. LOL! kidding..
but it's a picture of a vehicle belonging to Health Ministry!

Passing through the tunnel!

[left] You'd think it'd be a clear weather...
[right] bored with camera in hand... what to do?

Then it rained... And we're caught in a slow traffic...

At one point, I thought we're lost...
We were on the way to the ferry terminal
to cross over to Penang...
Look where we are... *blink blink*
"GPS not functioning"

After traveling 2 hour plus on the road,
we're finally on the ferry! Wootza!

Jon looking out to the sea..

The empty top deck of the ferry

What's the view like?
You tell me!

The first thing getting off the ferry, was to activate the GPS
to find out very location of food!
"GPS activated"

Yeap! That's where we stayed for the next 3 nights..
And no... There's no Wi-Fi...
That "FREE" isn't free at all...
It comes in a package, that is if you PURCHASE the package
Oh well, we unloaded all our luggage at the room and then headed out
continuing our journey!

Went to Tanjung Bungah to find the finest
Goreng Pisang stall! They open from 12pm to 5pm approximately...
And everyday they sell out even before 5pm!
"Tanjung Bungah's Best Goreng Pisang!"

Goreng Pisang @ 80 sens per piece
Ubi Keledek @ RM1.20 per piece
others? Range from 80sens to RM1.50(max)

If you think that's wrong...

This is WAY wrong!
Ish banana pun he don't let go...
Imagine how terrified we were? *grins* =P

Right after that, we stopped at Subaidah's
to eat something proper...

We ordered
[left] Nasi Kandar Ayam
[right] Ayam Goreng

After makan, went to Plaza Gurney to jalan jalan...
And at the same time, window-shopping..
I tried on this cool shades!
But it was expensive... so i decided to forsake it *sigh*

After some walking in the mall, we headed out to Gurney drive..
Only to find the sunsetting... =)

Decided to eat dinner at Gurney drive...
So many people.. and nice breezy evening...
"Dusk at Gurney drive"

I was still kinda stuffed..
So I had drinks and dessert instead.. *grins*

headed back to the hotel, to drop off some stuffs..
[left] LOOK! Jon has a 5 by 6 rubics cube! OMG!!
AWESOME! but I totally sucked in it...
[right] we washed and freshen up ourselves before heading out again..

There's Jon finishing up the rubics cube before we headed out...

Went to Batu Ferringhi, to look for stuffs..
Shaz - DVDs (but that night had none, *sobs*)
Jon and I surveying for clothes (price not bad, but we didn't get any)
"Street of Ferringhi"

Headed to Hard Rock Hotel to meet up with some people...
Apparently they were LATE, that we did some shots...

I like this.. Their lights were SO AWESOME!

[left] I look so tall with this rounded reflection
[right] Jon's trying to get a good shot of the lighting

After meeting up with the peeps, we became hungry...
Decided to eat at the famous Line Clear
Check out the dude! He's preparing our food..
Nasi Kandar Ayam dan Daging tambah Telur
"Cowboy at Work"

Check out the people who were there before! =D

"Nasi Kandar Line Clear"

Well that wraps up the 1st day of the Food-a-thon..
Hope you enjoyed it..
Stay tuned for day two =D

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