Thursday, August 23, 2012

Have You Decided What Needs to Be Done?

This morning I stumbled upon an anonymous brilliant quote (after much searching found out who wrote it), which made me think quite a fair bit on my personal stuffs as well as office work. I believe that everyone has a decision to make at any given moment, and that many (including myself) have hesitated a while (some even longer) to decide on some things - it could be something as simple as "Should I take shower this morning?" (and yes, I did shower this morning, thank you. Smell me if you don't believe! *laughs*) to something as difficult as "Which road should I take to office today?" (it used to be my usual morning question, pathetic I know). I'm just pulling your leg, but the real tough question is yet to come - "Am I going to do what it takes to [fill in the blanks]?"

Apparently, I find that question to be left unanswered most of the time. I'm taking a daring guess that 90% of the world's population are caught up in this cycle of LifeQuestionGiven-Ignore-LifeQuestionGiven-Ignore. I made a number of pretty big decisions over the years (and even recently) - Some tough ones, some simple ones; and they have changed my life for the better (that much I know). I was once told by a wise person that "There are no bad or good decisions - every decision we make will lead us forward. But the question is do you want to move forward with hopes, or with regrets?" I find that pretty powerful, don't you?

Recently, I've been reminded by some friends that "Action speaks louder than words", and the action in the context simply refers to decision with commitment. Not just deciding (making a statement of choice) on a matter but also put in commitment (put in effort & work it out). If I want to see the results for any matter at all, that's all I have to do. They told me that "Anything's possible, if you know what you want, willing to work it out, and believe in yourself; Don't give up, don't let anybody steal your dreams, constantly remember what you want, and don't forget that"

I don't know about you, but don't 'cha love the support and encouragement shown there? I know I do! <3 


Anyhoo, here is the quote which came about earlier this morning:

It doesn't matter what you are thinking or what fear u have, if you juz do it! Action is the only thing that matters. I can see at the end of my life, im not going to look back & say "Gosh, I wish I had taken more action" - Diana Von Welanetz Wentworth

Friday, August 17, 2012

Safely Back?

I'm not sure if I'm really "back" for good, but am making efforts to stay. Too many reasons which kept me away from blog itself, but it's far too long to be away that I just had to come back I guess. Or at least drop by to say hello =)

How are things on my end? 2 words - Awesomely Busy! It's been some months since I actually upload a post. To be honest, I don't know why my other posts just didn't got my finger to click the upload button. 

So why awesomely busy? New Job, new priorities and new dreams! Changed profession (yes, again~) and it's much convenient now. Met and got connected with some amazing people, which gave me a lot of ideas of what I should be focusing on. Thanks to bigger and better perspective from meeting leaders in the past few months, it led me to believe in wilder dreams =) Just came back from my first ever trip to India with some friends, and boy was it an amazing experience! The saying of "it's not where you go, it's who you're with where ever you are that matters" is 150% true! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the more senior and mature friends.

Whether or not, I'll be back for long, I guess there's no safe way to determine that. All I can say, is that I'll do my best =) Wanna make sure the next update splendid!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Coming Back Afresh!

It's been a while since I step forth in my own blog. I've got much to write or even talk about, particularly in the things that I've learnt over the couple of weeks to months.

Not only with new looks and new attitude, but I'm coming back with new goals! Same person, clearer vision, sharper thinking and steadfast in my beliefs and principles.

"Hey, you look totally different!" ,
"You look great!" ,
"What happened to you?!"

These were some of the comments I had received over the couple of weeks *grins*

Well, that's all for now, meanwhile, as I'm instilling a habit of reading, I'd reckon you to read some of the following books too:

  • Copycat Marketing 101:  How to Copycat Your Way to Wealth by Burke Hedges
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen F. Covey's
  • The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki
  • The Art of Dealing with People by Leslie T. Giblin
  • The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Fantastic books and authors! Well, until the next time, I'm sure these books will do a lot more than just being an eye-opener for you people =)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The reason as to why I haven't been updating anything is that I'm currently undergoing fitness training. "Fitness only ma, how can you not have time?" Well, given the fact I work from 8.30am to 6.00pm on weekdays, and I go gym during lunch and workout at home after dinner, any other tasks are actually pushed to weekends (like car wash, errands, family time, car maintenance, side jobs, etc.). There goes my time for blogging.

Fret not, it's not like I stop or anything, it's just that I've put on hold some posts. Yes, I still remember I've to post something about Melaka trip, Penang trip, Office times, and so forth.

As of this moment, my main target is to build my fitness and shape up. I'm giving myself about two months, and so far I'm about half way through. You can check out the results so far! (Click here and here) Of course, it's nothing impressive to as 6-packs and overly-sized biceps and triceps. I'm not even aiming for that, I just want to be in shape so that I look good and feel good.

Also, I'm training for my first marathon ever! You'll never guess what this out-of-shape-and-haven't-played-sports-in-over-3-years is registering himself for! Hint: It's Double-digit distance, and it's 75 minutes cut-off-time! =D I'm a little worried, but at the same time excited about it!

So yea, I'm hoping I'll be able to slot in a few post here and there, but until then I'll be busy working out! =D This is Jeffro, over and out!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine’s Day!

So this post is about MY valentine’s day *jeng jeng jeng* But before I go into that, HOW WAS YOURS?! *grins* Did you have an amazing time like me? Hahaha, alright was totally kidding on that. But, I did had an awesome time! =)

Hurry, hurry, get on with the story!
Well, hold ya horses there!

I won’t be telling you everything, but I will be sharing some stuffs that can help those of you in getting ideas to make your date more interesting, especially single-but-not-taken people =D This is also in respect for my date for valentine’s as she isn’t comfortable with me sharing much details about it. Well, some GOOD stuffs should be kept a secret and a mystery in order to keep it interesting *grins*

First off! - Gifts!

Check out what I have in place for the lady hehehe..

P1050693 copyP1050697 copy

P1050696 copyP1050699 copy

P1050698 copyP1050695 copy
*stand proud*
I must say, the tad bit of creativity in me sure makes things a little different =P
These are very much affordable, but it is the effort of putting the bits and pieces together
that made a lady very happy to begin with *smiles on cloud nine*


 Second Plan – The Date!

The first rule you got to know that romance is a incremental thing.
So on the first date, NEVER be overly romantic or creative
(otherwise, you’ll face trouble for the second time)

So, I did somewhat plan for the night, BUT it wasn’t like all luxurious and stuffs like that.
There were any reservations, neither was there any peak-city-view where we spent the night.

Cut to the chase! WHAT DID YOU DO?
Hahaha, that’s something many would like to know, wouldn’t you? *evil grins*

Took her to dinner, thereafter for a walk, and then finally sent her home safely.

P1050733 copyP1050731 copy
That’s what I wore for the night =D
Pretty simple, and meet the criteria right?

Wah, look so handsome tonight!” – That’s what the owner of the restaurant said.
(Errr, it was not in exact words, but you get the meaning =P)

Keep in mind, that no matter what your date says whether she’s gonna wear casual or elegant,
you’ve got step up to the game, and not let him/her down on the day itself.
Trust me, this is from many experience and I’m glad I did well in terms of attire *grins*
(that’s me putting ‘money’ into your pocket)

photo 4 copyP1050734 copy
We had a fine meal, but it was a little too much for her,
so I had to take in quite a fair bit extra meat that night hahaha.

I can’t show you more than the holding hands =)
(btw FYI that’s not her hand; and I don’t want to ‘cause her any awkwardness, hence shall not upload more)


Third Move – Tah-dah!

That’s all for this post!!
Thank you… you’ve been a great audience!

*walks out the door*

OI! Dafuq?! Come back here and finish your story

*slides back in*

Well, folks, shouldn’t the final part be mystery?
You wouldn’t reveal the ending of your ‘story’ too, right?
Plus, I scared later you jealous and can’t sleep, then I’d be in dilemma =P

Kidding guys, but it’s private matters and also to be respectful to the lady…

So, it means that you guys got do, do ah??

Like I said, that’s a mystery!
Thanks peeps!
I hope you had yourselves an enjoyable valentine’s day,
and feel free to share with me your story too!
*runs out the door*

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

CNY 2012 is Over! Valentine’s Next-up!

How did you celebrate your CNY? What was the best moment for you? For me, I had one of the best times celebrating it with family and friends! Last year, I didn’t enjoy much, so this year I made sure I got the best out of it =D So, here’s some shots to share with you what happened during CNY (you can also see my previous post on CNY celebration):

Gathering with Highschool mates:

P1050469 copyP1050472 copy
I find it almost unbelievable that it’s been 7 years since we left highschool!
7 years already!

P1050437 copyP1050440 copy

P1050441 copyP1050443 copy
Lou Sang!

P1050435 copyP1050446 copy
Preparation of Steamboat dinner

P1050465 copyP1050463 copy
Desserts and after-meal chit-chat

P1050438 copyP1050439 copy

P1050477 copyP1050467 copy
Snappy snap snap


Gathering with Bloggers:

P1050492 copyP1050490 copy
We played card on Jackie’s newly built balcony!
*It’s kinda dark and eerie if you’re the only one there*

P1050493 copyP1050496 copy
There’s not many shots, ‘cause it’s dark..
but there’s some takes on after-game and Samuel counting his win! *pfft~!*
What a sore-winner! =P


Gathering with Neighbor:

P1050498 copy
I focused too much on eating, and totally forgotten about everything else…
hahahaha *shy away*


Chap Goh Mei:

P1050687 copyP1050688 copy

P1050689 copyP1050690 copy

P1050691 copyP1050692 copy
Fun thing to do eh?
Too bad I didn’t go to the nearest river…
Would love to see the faces of the people who sees this =P


So that’s practically what I did during CNY…
Enough about that (since it’s over).. Let’s talk about the next soon-to-be-happening thing!!

Valentine’s Day is coming in a week’s time!!

So what’s your plan?


P1050489 copy
P1050698 copyP1050699 copy
Btw the dog’s Patrick… Shot him for fun while being in a slow drive..
So, who could possibly be the recipient of the valentine’s gift box?!
What’s in the box?!

Could it be her? jeng jeng jeng…
That’s a mystery for now Winking smile


Wanna know more?

Stay tune…

P1050430 copy
I’ll leave you with this! =P
Jeffro d Afro is in town!

Friday, January 27, 2012

News Print Still Going Strong

I was listening to BFM radio this morning when I heard Phillip Karuppiah (CEO of TheMalayMail) talking about some insights in regards to his company. They set to release their renewed news prints (prints and online) coming 30th January 2012. They'll be kicking off at RM1.00 per copy. I think that's a pretty fair and competitive price as compared to TheStar (selling from RM1.20 per copy).

According to Phillip, there's still a need for the prints and it won't die off that easily. Even with the online heat, hard copy is still preferred by many, especially those that goes for morning coffee. Honestly, I think that's pretty true. No matter how good things are in the Net, nothing beats good ol' school hard copy print outs. I'd still prefer to sit at a cafe browsing mags or papers, over eReading on smart devices. It may not be as quickly updated as the online content, but one thing's for sure is that what's printed stays printed, and can't be altered. And it's already printed (like duh~!) so I just need to keep a copy of it, rather than trying to find a printer when I need one.

As how print ads are still ongoing, I think newspapers regardless of which it is, will continue to stay strong, so long the content is compelling, factual, non-biased and perhaps opinionated (Personally, I think it's good to display one's perspective and views on a certain event or occasion, rather than just publishing what everyone else is publishing).

"As the world progresses digitally, the needs for analogue material keeps growing at the same time." DSLR vs Film / Polaroids, Wireless vs Wired, Email vs Post Mail, eNews vs Newspaper, & etc.

Conclusion: news print (like any other analogue materials) will inevitably continue on and will grow stronger in demand.

Enough of my thoughts, what's your take on this? Are you pro-digital news or are you still hooked up on the good newspaper prints? Share with me!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY 2012 1st Day!

As always, CNY 1st Day is dedicated to family members and relatives, but what makes it different is that I have my baby Luxian w/ me as part of the new family member! I guess it’s because of her, there’s a post on CNY =D (my DSLR is too heavy and bulky for quick P&S (Point&Shoot)). So, let’s check out how my 1st Day of CNY is =P


P1050363 copyP1050364 copy

P1050365 copyP1050368 copy

P1050369 copy
Yummey! The same breakfast every year, and it taste awesome each time! =D
Mouth-watering delicacy! =P


P1050362 copyP1050376 copy
My mum and sis


P1050370 copyP1050372 copy
Here’s the star baby of the day!
Jaden’s the name, attraction is what he gained!
(P.s: That’s not the mother)


P1050379 copyP1050381 copyP1050382 copy
More of Jaden
(P.s: She’s his mum)

P1050383 copy
Initially this was silhouette but after some tweak and adjustments,
I managed to add colors and tone it up =D
*proudly shines*


P1050388 copyP1050386 copy
See what I mean?
He’s like here and there from one pair of arms to another!



P1050389 copy
Saw this at Sunway - what an awesome display!



P1050391 copy

P1050392 copyP1050393 copy

P1050394 copyP1050395 copy

P1050396 copyP1050397 copy

P1050398 copyP1050399 copy
Truth be told, I think I gained much here!


P1050402 copy
GrandAunt, Cousins, Uncle & Aunty, Mum & Sis, and me of course!
eating CNY 1st dinner together =)

P1050403 copy

P1050405 copyP1050407 copy
Other relatives arrived shortly after we finished our dinner =)


P1050409 copyP1050410 copy
Here comes the star baby of the night!
Stealing away (my) crowd’s attention


P1050413 copyP1050421 copy
“Sorry Girls, Daddy says I can’t date until I’m 28!”
Wicked cool tee!!
Awwww.. poor lil’ girl have to wait until he’s 28 =P


P1050423 copy

P1050427 copyP1050426 copy
Baby seems to be taken away by gadgets…
nowadays, all babies are like that too, aren’t they?

I know a kid that is so used to an iPad, when shown a laptop, was practically calling the device stupid…
”This thing stupid wan, cannot swipe!”


P1050428 copy
Well, that’s my 1st day of CNY…
Pretty exciting, I’d say =D


So, how was yours?
Share with me, by writing in your comments =)
(Post a link, if valid, to your blog, FB or twitter,
so that I can read up too!)