Monday, June 21, 2010


No I'm not talking about programming, neither am I talking about going into the world of programming. But I am referring to a new world in which I'm about to go into. Just a few more months away and I'll be joining the world where many of my friends are already in - The Real World aka The Working Society.

I'm gonna reach there soon!

Well, I would say I've been amongst friends who've been asking me "Where you working?", "How's work?", "Don't you have work to do?" and etc. It's been really bugging me, 'causing these questions came to me years ago... So yeah, finally in just a few more months, I can proudly tell them, "YES, I'm WORKING now at (TBA) as (TBA). Looking forward to doing business with you one day" or something like that.

Yes, I'm fed up of studying, fed up of academic theories 'cause being a practical person who learns hands-on, I'm actually being held back by the theoretical bullshit that I've been put through. Like seriously, we all clearly know that not all taught in class would be practical or implicable in the real world - so why bother putting so much effort on that, where we could be spending time learning the newer methods to resolve issues, adapt to changing environments and discover new possibilities? (Well, definitely better than re-inventing the old wheels, in which that's exactly what I'm doing)

Nevermind that, if I were to dispute on that matter, it'll be a neverending matter to argue, debate or even discuss on. As of now, it's rather pointless, as I'm nearing the end of what they call it, the tertiary education aka college. Am looking forward to the new world (I've been unofficially in it a couple of times, but after this, it's gonna be permanent). Actually I've looked forward to this day, since I was a kid, always wondering how big the world actually is and how small can I be? How much can I grow, and how far will I go? Who will I meet, and what will I be? All that to come, in just months away *gets excited*

Alright back to reality,
I ain't there yet...
Assignment calls...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Alex's and Chooi Yen's Wedding! - The Day of the Sims

CONGRATULATIONS to the new couple! Meet the Sims! Haha, if you're wondering why I say that, well the groom's surname is Sim, so get the picture now? =D I was very lucky as my family and I was invited to witness the precious memorable moments of the newly wedded couple. It was a simple, yet nice and sweet wedding! Check out my pictures! P.s: I wasn't the official photog, just another guy with a camera at a wedding =)
Disclaimer: This blog post will contain many pictures and comments. If you wish to view only the pictures without any commentary, please head to my photoblog instead (Click here).

Nope I only took these pictures, the one in the frame
is taken by the officials =D

The man of the hour, Alex!
He's nervous, but he's still cool as ever! =D

He has his band (left) and his best men (right) awaiting for the bride
to walk down the aisle of joy...

Alex planned, decided and then sings for his lovely bride...

Mum and sis was just amazed how well he sang...
So was everyone else, engrossed with ambiance created..

Then, comes the bride guided by her father...

Father smiles at daughter as he walks with her...

They continue walking proudly...
Look how gorgeous the bride is!

Father of the bride hands over his daughter to the groom...
"With this I entrust my daughter's happiness to you, congratulations son!"

Alex continues to finish his song, while leading his bride to the stage...

He looks to her and finishes his song...

Oh did I mention it was FGA KL Church?
Haha I guess not...
Then, comes the prayer to bless the couple

"Let's bow our heads and pray for Alex and Chooi Yen..."

They pray and worship the almighty God to thank Him for his blessings

And sat to listen to some scripture reading...

The moment was GREAT... no... I mean SUPERB...
Can you imagine that these two lovebirds have known each other for a decade?
That's a pretty long time before settling down eh?
For those who needs guidance, 1 decade equals to 10 years! hahaha xD

As they hold each others hand...

standing in front of solemnizer, as he celebrates the ceremony of marriage
for the bride and groom...

"Thou shall not argue...
Thou shall not doubt each other...
Thou shall not have bad thoughts of each other..."
LOL kidding, that's not what the solemnizer said...
But I think the meaning should be about the same
Oh yea, there's the classic part,
"Do you take Chooi Yen as your lawful wedded wife?" and
"Do you take Alex as your lawful wedded husband?"
with "I do" replies... then
"I now proudly present you man and wife"

I wanted to take a picture of them putting a ring on each others' hands
however there was an obstacle...

can you spot "it"? LOL
Well, what to do right? I wasn't the official one,
so I have to give way to them (yes there's more than one) hahaha

Went quickly to the screen and shot this instead!

Signing the official papers!

See how happy she is?!

Shake hands to officiate everything

The lighting of the unity candle =)

Another prayer is made thereafter

Then it's the Holy Communion

Groom hugs his parents (both biological and new),
and bride did the same thing too!

What you're seeing now is exactly what I saw when I'm not snapping away
This is my spot xD

The couple tells us their story, how they met
what they've been through...
Touching story with hilarious moments in it...

Some of us teared a little listening to the touching story...
Some of us laughed at how funny they can be...
The couple got to know each other back in varsity days,
and have been together for 10 years...
Why they took so long?
Plans for the future, perfect timing at the dot of a decade...
Yes they first met each other on the 12th June 2000 =)
How cool is that? Romantic isn't it?

Moments before leaving the stage...

They danced their way out~

"Wishing you days ahead of countless laughter, greater and louder than thunder, always, together and forever" (Jeffro, 2010)

"May neither of you never ever again be haunted by lonesomeness...
May each and every day you live be blessed with unity and endless happiness... Congratulations and more fantabulastic wishes to you"
(Jeffro, 2010)

They came back! For?

For group pictures!

The bride with her sister =)

Ahhh can't forget me can you?
I must have at least 1 picture of me in the entire album,
just to be fair =P

[Left] bride and friends
[Right] Mum & Sis with The Sims

Alright that's about all the pictures I have here,
But I know you want more don't you? Hehehe...
Well, I think I can get you a few more shots though...

but decorations-lah, hahaha
Aren't they pretty?!

Yeah, we're officially done now! LOL
So thanks for viewing, and hope you enjoyed the pictures as I did taking them...
Before I take my leave, here's what I gotten just before I left the place

A fridge magnet of the Sims (left) hehehe

See ya!