Sunday, January 04, 2015

Start Anew

I've decided to restart my journey in 2015 with an entirely new blog. It's gonna be simple, it's gonna be brief.

Feel free to pay me a visit there. Oh here's my online-card :

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Putting it to a Pause

I've been so busy focusing on work and businesses, that I sorted forgotten about it. No, it's not because of any devastating event; it's just that life moves on, and plans come to action.

But I'm putting all updates here to a pause to focus on something more important. Right now I'm working on a new site, so that I can post up updates and share information that is able to give others some form of ideas or knowledge with hopes that they can use to it to their advantage and make a change (however big or small it may be) in their lives.

I've been doing in FB, so it might be about time to put up officially on a blog / site so that the whole world can see it =) After all, what better thing to do than to be able to inspire someone else to do what they want =D

Friday, March 01, 2013

Day #45

Work went on as usual, with the pace slowly picking up as people are coming back from hometown and have begun work too. Had a couple of appointments, he was in and out of the office and client site.

There is a special dinner gathering that evening. Good news there'll be good home cook food (specially cooked by her). Bad news is that she'll be there with someone else instead. He knew he would be feeling awkward there, so he decided to tag his bestie along so that he would have a friend that he could turn to, if things are just too much for him.

So after work, he went to pick his bestie up and headed to the dinner place. They were pretty early, despite going around town searching for a saloon. He had forgotten that it was still a festive celebration period and most places closed early or didn't open at all. Though spending some time going around the area, they still managed to be there on time.

It was indeed an awkward moment for him, but he doesn't want to show it as he knows she might feel bad about it. He met her someone else and casually engage in a conversation. Cracked jokes, casual chats and just not being a sourwuss there, he put on a smiling face the whole time.

Then it was dinner time where they all were seated at a table comfortable enough for the group, but he was almost directly opposite of her and her someone else - that made it almost difficult to look at, nonetheless feeling awkward at that very moment. He placed his focus on his bestie, 'cause that was seemingly the easiest way out. Occasionally, he catches the glimpse of her and her someone else being in such a chemistry, that his heart nearly gave out. Still he couldn't say a word; had mixed feelings - it was between happy-that-she-has-someone-who-cares-about-her-and-can-give-her-the-attention-she-needs but a little unhappy-'cause-he-still-hasn't-gotten-over-it. Somehow, he managed to "survive" through dinner, and still have his smiling face up whilst constantly being in communication with the group. He doesn't want to shut off because that would only create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Knowing that dinner was a gathering amongst friends, he didn't want to spoil it for anyone.

After dinner, they started with card games. He sent his bestie home, and thanked her for being around that evening. His bestie wanted to be there and hoped that he is alright. She got back safely, and he returned to the place. Things could not go anymore awkward than it has already been, or so he thought to himself. She and her someone else is seated opposite of him, again. Indulging himself with card game, trying not to pay attention to her and her someone else, it was a tough game. He had another buddy who arrived at the scene for the card game, felt it was a little awkward as well. Together they were just placing their focus on the cards. Didn't know how he should be reacting, he went weird on his game - upping the numbers and bets as well. But it seemed that luck was on his side that night, he was on a winning streak and it continued on the entire night.

As the card game continued, it got really tough because he could almost not stand the sight of her and her someone else especially when they were in their "zone" (being affectionate). But he knew in his head, that he just had to get it over and done it. He had to endure and break it down, otherwise it would be terrible for him at a later part. That night he took in, swallowed and gobbled down whatever he could. Knowing that was an end, because he finally understood what it was that she was looking for, and that the someone else could give her exactly what she wanted, he had to let himself be crushed - in order to give closure to himself, and be open about it to wish her the best of things.

That night also marks the end of this Project 365. Nothing left to be said. He walked away, moving on and looking forward to yet another chapter in his life.

-lasted 45 days-

 .Project 365 terminated.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day #44

It's Valentine's day today and boy oh boy, was he an excited fellow that morning. He had dedicated a post to all his female friends and the joy he had looking at the comments and hearts of those he had touched that day, leaves him smiling almost endlessly!

As much as he was enjoying himself, he was wondering about the flowers and cookies that he had arranged for her. Since she's seeing someone else already, the gifts might seemed a little inappropriate. But he couldn't do anything about it, as everything was pre-arranged a month before the date. Yeah he seemed to have things pre-planned and worked out before the event actually happened. Since it cannot be changed, he just left it as it is, hoping she won't be able to tell who it is from. Pretty slim chance of that happening, because it was pretty obvious from the way he wrote the message.

She had received it and only thanked him for flowers and gifts. He didn't respond much and just said he was glad she liked them. Thereafter, he just continued his work. By end of the day, he had completed nearly all his office tasks. He had a dinner appointment with his old time buddies. Knowing that would be another evening of red packet collection and good food, he went there with an empty stomach.

Filled himself with lots of cookies and dried meat, he was contented. The whole bunch were chit chatting the whole evening, no one was bothered to play card games. He sat in to listen and occasionally jump in with a couple of stories himself.

Then it was time to head back to sleep! It's another working day for him, the following day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day #43

It's back to work for him! Fortunately, he wasn't feeling blue about it. Rather he felt enthusiastic about going to work that particular morning, because he had a couple of things arranged at office - Meeting clients, working out some plans and settling some backlogs.

He managed to arrive at workplace early despite leaving the house pretty late, 'cause traffic was unbelievably smooth - the perks of a festive celebration where hardly anyone is in town *snickers*

Though got work started with a rather slow engine that morning, things picked up pretty quickly. By the time he realized it, it was half way through the day. Thankfully, there weren't exactly much to do when most of his colleagues and clients are away on holiday. So it was pretty much a leisure at office.

After work, he picked up his mother and he took for a dinner to somewhat celebrate her birthday in advance, only because his mother's birthday actually falls on a special occasion in which he would not be able to bring his mother to a good dinner. They had a simple dinner, but a good chat and then went walking around the mall together - good mother and son bonding time.

Got back home, cleaned the house a little, and he had to clear up some stuffs from his room. A good couple of hours to re-arrange some items in his room, he managed to make a lot of space for himself. All those effort exhausted him completely and he went to bed rather early that night.