Friday, February 27, 2009

Shyiok or Shock?!

This is a Shocking or rather Shyiok-ing news..

"She's not a normal neighbour.."
"..She's hot MAN"


Now that explains why the "shooting water"..

That's Mr.Suresh for you.

Note: Read the previous post to understand,
if you must.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's been a long time..

The last time I remembered having a yamcha with a friend, was like ages ago. Well it felt that way. And finally tonight, I had the first one of the year. Wtf

but Mr.Suresh had to come in
like 40 minutes late..

"I'm coming" he says,

took 20 minutes long..

What's the excuse?

"My neighbour's kitchen sink exploded
and is now shooting water out,
she was asking for help"

*wonders* Hmmm... *scratches chin*

She... kitchen sink... shooting water...
need help...


No wonder it took a while~

Just joking my friend..
Chill, chill..

But it's fun, thanks to Suresh..
Fun dude~
Ya rawk!



LOL @ Mamak dude..


Friend: Bang, gua mau Nescafe Kosong Ais

Mamak: Okay *makes order LOUDLY*, *comes back with Nescafe Ais* (note: it's not kosong)


Mamak: *wonders* *calls boss*

Boss: *speaks tamil/hindi/language that only they understand* (Then, suddenly..) Dia mau Nescafe Oh, Kosong, ZERO!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Imma Superman!

There's a saying that a picture says a thousand words.

As the picture stated =D

New Course + Subjects

The world as we know has come to an era, where a new generation of nations have arised - The world of filled with bloggers: bloggers of different ages, culture, background, from almost all parts of the world..

I recon educational institutions should start
a Blogging course!

Why? How will it benefit the people? Well, let's see. Since people (young and old) today (I'm assuming mostly) like to go online, following the current trend, the latest news, online SHOPPING, and READ BLOGS, as they are more attractive, colorful, so why not open an opportunity for the young one to learn more on how to blog, how to write properly, and allow them to see for themselves what are the beneficial blogs and what are not. *grins*

What subjects could possibly be included?
Hmm, I gave it some thought *coughs*
and helped name some of the modules:
Blog Engineering,
Blog Management,
Applied Blogging,
Intelligent Blogging,
TechBlog Entrepreneurship,

Hey, it may sound complicated but look at the current world we are in, ain't things complicated as it is? If they put in something interesting like blogging stuffs, heck I'm pretty sure they would be more students than rascals.n *rolls eyes*

The cost for such things may not come in cheap, but if it's truly an educational, would the "cost" of producing brighter, and advantagous bloggers who could not only, by then build, manage, or write, but also get involved in advertisements, socializing, and build international relationships. *looks far into the future* (fuiyo!)

Wouldn't that be more realistic?
Since the outcome would be very obvious?



Gonna be busy along this week, but before I'd go on with my work, there's someone I'd like to show-and-tell.. LOL! She's PamSong (aka TinkiTalks)..

Oooh Yeah, she's as mentioned as of the title of post.
Coz she finally learnt how to use FB notes.


Note: Imma kinda lazy today, so I'm practically plagriazing borrowing some stuffs from her.. =D

It's been a while now, that some (or rather most) of us been tagging on another on FB. Darn you taggers I find that quite interesting actually. But of so many, Pam is was one of those who didn't know how to use FB notes. LOL. But Hey, She's DONE it! *claps* *crowd applause* =)

Taken from: I. Am. Superwoman

Just in case, if you're wondering why I'm citing her. Well, there's a few reasons to that.

1. I believe in respecting individual's intellectual rights (Hah! learnt that from college).
2. I believe in giving proper respect and credits to the author.
3. MUST show respect, appreciation and give credits to PamSong.

Why #3?
Simply, Cos She's a Superwoman.


Monday, February 23, 2009

I Feel Like a Soccer Ball..

Today was a very "interesting" day for my friends and I. How interesting was it? Hmm let me see, woke up early despite not having any classes today (supposingly this week is my sem break, unfortunately nothing good comes from my assigment). Went for breakfast, and then started off our "expedition for world domination" (pfft, yeah right, it's just an assignment)

So what's about this assignment? I'm required to do a research on Internet Service Provider (ISP) in regards of the connection, configuration, cost, and anything that relates to a Wide Area Network (WAN). Actually, we started the research since last week..

However, something was different today..
I made a huge discovery..

There are so many headquarters in TM Net..

I went to one TM Point, and they redirect me to another stating "Our HQ is located at [place]. You can get further technical details there". Then, when we got to the so-called HQ in another TM Point, we were told the same thing, however this time the HQ is refering to another place. Wow, total genius ei? Who would have thought that an ISP would have so many HQ. I guess it's for security purposes, or maybe it's just to keep us - the information-seeking-idiots away from their office.

We wasted half a day, just to find out that the ACTUAL HQ was located in Menara TM. But the story does not end there (oh surprise me).. We only got to know that it is the actual one, after speaking to one of the higher-positioned staffs there.. Before that, the same story happened, but we were too lazy to listen to them any further, we decided to request for their manager instead. Smart right?

Not long after speaking to the manager,
it is sad to know that our efforts
are simple a waste of time
(or maybe not)

We were told by the manager that we needed some specific details, in regards our of enquiries: who were we, why we needed to know, where were we from, authentication.

That wasn't the shocking part. The part where our college, one of the BIGGEST (did I say that clearly?) IT institution, is not known to them, nor even being heard of the name APIIT was the SHOCKING part. I mean, c'mon, how many IT institution are there that is as BIG as APIIT?

We showed our Student ID's and that wasn't enough, the manager didn't believe us. WTF. So we're asked to go back to college to get an official letter (when he could actually provide us the details we need on the spot). Then, off we went back to college, request for an official letter from the lecturer, who needs endorsement from the adminstrative staffs. After waiting a few hours, we finally gotten what we wanted, but I was too beat up to go back down to that part of KL. So I decided to fax in instead. By then it was already 3pm.

So TELL me,
duncha feel that I was in a soccer game?


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snapshot =D

Today I decided to try something out..
Put on some decent cloths (with a lil extra stuffs)
and snap some shot of myself..

but out of 10 only these few made it..

Note: This is not camwhoring,
this is self-portrait photography...


I Went Online and Chat!

This is something miraculous to many people, especially among my peers.. Seriously, for weeks, for some it's months ever since I went online and chat.. It was always "I'm sorry, but I'm kinda busy" or "Auto-message: I'm not around, please kindly leave a message" (usually when I'm only online to transfer files to others)

One of the most hated phrase coming from me is "Find one day, when you and I free, we go YamCha".. Cause most of you know that, that day ain't coming anytime soon..

So today, finally I managed to find myself sometime to come online, quickly do my work and started chatting like there was no tomorrow..

This proves it..

Angel saw me and this is what she said:
"Wad u duin online?
u normally dun come on for like ever"


Found this on my ShoutBox:

I'm lonely too..
My work is killing me..


Was asked to join along in the
Innit chatbox..

Some stuffs going on in NN..

dustyhawk: im a social dater
vox: fuah, hen ure the very first
to be outta my bf list!
*kicks dusty*

dustyhawk making his moves..

dustyhawk: *hugs vox from behind*
(LOL, serious issues going on ei?)

Here's one good news and one sad news:

Let's start with the good one..
Vox:...I feel like belonging to josm today..

bad news:
AngelKein: jeffro womanizer.. -.-
(so not true weih)

Some stimulating conversations as well
(well not for me la)

AngelKein: Vox's is a hill XD
Imma mountain. LOLLL WTFF

To be honest, I haven't had so much fun chatting in a long while.. and thanks to these bunch of whacky nuffnangers who are there to entertain and cheer things up, I felt lighter.. Thanks yal!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's down?? TMnet!

Case: Went on a formal trip to retrieve information in regards of my current assignment.. Dang, went through so much trouble just to find out a certain truth..

How much trouble am I talking about? Well let's see...

Problem faced:
  1. I went to the nearest TM Clickers (give no answer, redirect me to TM Point)
  2. Sent an email (No reply)
  3. Called them up (only to find out that they don't know anything)
  4. Did I mention I called them 3 times (total duration of call: 1 hour)
  5. Search high-and-low for the nearest TM Point (only to know that it does not provide the services we are seeking for)
  6. Called the centre again (No one there)
  7. Saw this:
Sistem down.. I thought was System Down?
Hmmm.. thinking about it, direct translation
would be: Sistem Bawah

AngelKein was asking why the Internet sucks so bad?

Well, I guess this answers that Angel..

Conclusion: I still haven't gotten any information that is needed to complete my assignment..

Resolution: Next week, will continue doing research on more Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Using DownThemAll (Add-ons) on Mozilla Firefox

Having hard time downloading stuffs? Don't know where to get a free download accelerator? Well, here's something I can suggest for you. It's legal, it's free, it accelerates downloading, and it's integrated in your browser (only Mozilla Firefox).

Get your Mozilla Firefox here

What is this thing? It's called the DownThemAll!, the first and only add-on that is integrated into Firefox. It allows certain file downloads to pause and resume, and also multiple downloads at one go with just a simple configuration. DownThemAll! is user friendly too, so even if you're totally new to it, you will be able to use it.

Below are some guides on how to get it, and how to use it.

1. First of all, go to the menu bar of the Firefox and select Tools>Add-ons

2. Then, a pop-up appear. Select the "Get Add-ons" tab and either search for the add-on call "DownThemAll!" or click "Browse All Add-ons"

3. At the page you can search for it, and then click on "Add to Firefox"

4. A pop up will notify you of it, just wait for the "Install Now" button to be available, then click on it.

5. Allow it to install by itself. The speed of the installation depends entirely of your connection. Note: Make sure you're not loading a video, or downloading any other files at the same time.

6. Then restart Firefox once installation is completed.

7. To be on the safe side, check again whether or not it has been installed by going to Tools>Add-ons under the "Extensions" tab

8. Right-click on the desired download materials (works on most materials), and you'll find two extra menus there.

9. Select "Save link with DownThemAll!" and a pop-up appears. Browse your desired download-to location and then click "Start"

10. Another window will appear, showing you the progress of the download. At the same time, if permitted, you can pause and resume the downloading, or download other materials at the same time, using the same method (start from 7)

Hope this helps you on downloading files faster. =)

More info:
DownThemAll! ( via

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blogger's Gathering @ MidValley

Victoria aka Vox, and Angelina aka AngelKein held a bloggers' gathering at MidValley today..

Time: 1.00pm | 1300hours
Date: 15.2.2008
Venue: MidValley Starbucks
People expected: Many

However the number of people was not really much to shout about. Turns out many people FFK us - some claimed said they were sick and some not free.. But it was still good, cause we have a GREAT time.. =D

Then, it was time for lunch!

We took 20 minutes to crack our heads
over lunch, while waiting for others to come..

The funny thing is we went one big round,
up and down again,
just to end up at:

Yeah, we had lunch at Chili's Grill & Bar

This is Victoria. =D
(ooo.. she's so gonna give me a nice butt kicking xD)

There's other 4 + 1 (me of course) = 5 people
Kai Chi

Then, while awaiting our meals to arrive,
we overheard a Birthday song at one corner..
So I had this whacky idea:

Victoria and I was forced went happily
and wished them surprisingly..
(Well, practically anyone will be surprised,
seeing a stranger suddenly coming up to you
and say
what more do you expect when there's 2 of us? xD)

See how surprised HAPPY she is??
Oh dang! I forgot to ask for her name.. LOL!

Then, suddenly we were shoo-ed we moved
to another table to allow a BIGGER group
to intrude our space sit because we
are such good people.. =)

Oh well, that doesn't change a thing does it?
We could still smile and laugh xD

Lucky for us, the manager was kind enough
the Nachos were on the house.. Wootza! =P
maybe he knew we were bloggers and that
would result in bad publicity

He's alright =)

But it seems there was a lil' conflict going on
earlier with Angelina and the manager:

I think this is how it went, I think..

Angel: Hey mister, got leng chai or not?
(referring the people who stole
our table
were waiting for us)

Manager: haha.. I think you surely did not
have a date yesterday
(yesterday was Valentine's)
Angel: Hmmph! Pfft..


After waiting for sometime,
finally LUNCH is SERVED:

I had this giant size "baby"..
Seriously it's not that easy to "handle" it..
I couldn't finish it.. =(
Was good, but a lot for me..

Zhao order Lamb Shank..
Shyiok-nyer seeing him eating it..
Zhao said it tasted good.. =)

Looks like a clean spaghetti ei?
Well, it's the "second plate".. Why?
After eating it for 5+ minutes,
both Angelina and Victoria said
it doesn't taste good

Angelina called the Manager, and instead of
saying that it doesn't taste nice,
she said the food is cold..
So the manager did his duty like a good manager
and sent it to the kitchen only to have it
warmed up in the microwave (or so he said)

Both Angelina and Victoria, still couldn't
finish the plate of spaghetti, cause the food
taste the same.. LOL!

After a while, Aaron and SuAnnT joined us
(Sorry, I don't know how to spell her name)
for a photography session? Nah, of course
they joined us for the chat.. Duh...

After lunch!
We Go Jalan-Jalan!

Kai Chi suggested that we should go
window shopping =.=" wtf

But look where we end up going to?

LOL! He can still smile over it..

Entering the pool area,
I can conclude that guy like balls
of different sizes.. (sounds so wrong, wtf)

Pool-ball (picture above),
Snooker ball (thought of it after pool ball),
Foot-ball (saw on tv),
Foos-ball (I played a game with Zhao),
Bowling-ball (was below the Pool bar),
PingPong-ball (known widely as Table Tennis),
Basket-ball (couldn't find a good court),
Soft-ball (I heard it somewhere),
and of course, MEAT-BALL!!

Angelina wanted to watch a movie,
but there's just too many people,
most of them wanted to see GENG..
(a malay animation)

Aaron and friends managed to get themselves
some movie tickets.. SO LUCKY~~! Grrr!
and went in earlier..

We on the other hand ended up laughing
over something that Angelina said..

We were talking about Benjamin Button,
and suddenly the blur Angelina came in:
"Huh? MyBelly-Button?"

LOL! How can something like that sound
so far apart.. I just don't know.. Hahaha XD

At the end of the day:

After all those laughing moments,
we decided to walk around again..
Zhao had to leave
Then we got tired, and we found
ourselves the SoFa..

Believe, 5 of us could fit on that sofa,
and we sat there for more than 30 minutes..

What did we do then?
We crap, laugh, crap again, laugh again,
rating people, laugh and laugh, and chat
random topics (boobs and butts were involved)..
And that's what we did before ending the session..

Thanks to Victoria and Angelina for inviting me..

See you guys sometime soon,
in person or online.. xD

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CNY All Around (Part 2)

Sorry for the late post on CNY (yeah, of all the thing, it's a week after CNY)... Alright, so from the previous post, let's continue with the CNY show-and-tell.. =)

Occassions like CNY are one of the happiest moments,
where friends and/or family, would visit one another
to celebrate with one another.. =)

On one of the CNY days,
I visited my ex-classmates' house:

Kar Mun aka Jenny's family called up a
Lion Dance performance..

Lion in close-up

Both Lions' going for the "Fatt Choy"

The drummer boy

Then, we had some tit-bits served
inside the house:

We saw this cute lil doggie =D
The girls were totally attracted to it..

Colbie and Jenny showing off their ang pao's (red packets)

This is our classmates =)

Then we head to Ee Von's house:

and Camwhored!

Of course, that is not all...
The usual things to do at each house is:
  • Eat the food (hopefully finish them all)
  • Drink the drinks available (too bad no booze T_T)
  • Chit chat (seriously we can talk A LOT)
  • and the most important thing: COLLECT ANG PAO!!
(note that the last reason is VERY VERY important -

The girls with their talk..

We managed to get hold off
our former teacher, Mr Tiew:

Everyone's happy, and feeling good.. =D
Look at all the smiles and laughter.. ^^

Another day, my family and I got invited to
a CNY lunch gathering at Sam's place:

What a lunch..
By the way, it only took Mrs. Pong less than 3 hours
to cook up this whole meal.. Woah!

And yesh I was spying on Sam's cards..
Cause I wasn't playing at that time.. LoL!
Believe me, I lost at every round I played..
Lucky thing we didn't place any bets *phew*..

Then I joined the game of RISK where
dominating the world is the only aim..

Soldiers of 4 different colors..
Very patriotic ei? =.="

Last but not least, the wise words of the day:

very true indeed..
I've waited a year for this.. =D