Thursday, August 23, 2012

Have You Decided What Needs to Be Done?

This morning I stumbled upon an anonymous brilliant quote (after much searching found out who wrote it), which made me think quite a fair bit on my personal stuffs as well as office work. I believe that everyone has a decision to make at any given moment, and that many (including myself) have hesitated a while (some even longer) to decide on some things - it could be something as simple as "Should I take shower this morning?" (and yes, I did shower this morning, thank you. Smell me if you don't believe! *laughs*) to something as difficult as "Which road should I take to office today?" (it used to be my usual morning question, pathetic I know). I'm just pulling your leg, but the real tough question is yet to come - "Am I going to do what it takes to [fill in the blanks]?"

Apparently, I find that question to be left unanswered most of the time. I'm taking a daring guess that 90% of the world's population are caught up in this cycle of LifeQuestionGiven-Ignore-LifeQuestionGiven-Ignore. I made a number of pretty big decisions over the years (and even recently) - Some tough ones, some simple ones; and they have changed my life for the better (that much I know). I was once told by a wise person that "There are no bad or good decisions - every decision we make will lead us forward. But the question is do you want to move forward with hopes, or with regrets?" I find that pretty powerful, don't you?

Recently, I've been reminded by some friends that "Action speaks louder than words", and the action in the context simply refers to decision with commitment. Not just deciding (making a statement of choice) on a matter but also put in commitment (put in effort & work it out). If I want to see the results for any matter at all, that's all I have to do. They told me that "Anything's possible, if you know what you want, willing to work it out, and believe in yourself; Don't give up, don't let anybody steal your dreams, constantly remember what you want, and don't forget that"

I don't know about you, but don't 'cha love the support and encouragement shown there? I know I do! <3 


Anyhoo, here is the quote which came about earlier this morning:

It doesn't matter what you are thinking or what fear u have, if you juz do it! Action is the only thing that matters. I can see at the end of my life, im not going to look back & say "Gosh, I wish I had taken more action" - Diana Von Welanetz Wentworth

Friday, August 17, 2012

Safely Back?

I'm not sure if I'm really "back" for good, but am making efforts to stay. Too many reasons which kept me away from blog itself, but it's far too long to be away that I just had to come back I guess. Or at least drop by to say hello =)

How are things on my end? 2 words - Awesomely Busy! It's been some months since I actually upload a post. To be honest, I don't know why my other posts just didn't got my finger to click the upload button. 

So why awesomely busy? New Job, new priorities and new dreams! Changed profession (yes, again~) and it's much convenient now. Met and got connected with some amazing people, which gave me a lot of ideas of what I should be focusing on. Thanks to bigger and better perspective from meeting leaders in the past few months, it led me to believe in wilder dreams =) Just came back from my first ever trip to India with some friends, and boy was it an amazing experience! The saying of "it's not where you go, it's who you're with where ever you are that matters" is 150% true! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the more senior and mature friends.

Whether or not, I'll be back for long, I guess there's no safe way to determine that. All I can say, is that I'll do my best =) Wanna make sure the next update splendid!