Friday, February 04, 2011

It Keeps Getting Longer...

Let's compare my list of things-to-buy-'cause-I-want-slash-need-them:

Year 2010:
  1. DSLR (Gotten a D300)
  2. Travel Lens (Gotten a Nikkor 18-105mm)
  3. Macro / Portrait Lens (Gotten a Tamron SP90)
  4. Wide Angle Lens
  5. Heavyweight-tripod (Gotten a Victory 3080 Tripod w/ ballhead)
  6. Flashgun unit (Gotten a SB-900)
  7. Handphone w/ Wi-Fi (Gotten a N95)
  8. 50" LED FULL-HD TV
  9. 24" or larger LED Monitor
  10. Another PC desktop set that supports basic gaming
  11. 15" or larger laptop that supports gaming
  12. In-ear earphones with good bass (Gotten a Creative EP-830)
  13. Gaming mouse (Gotten a Steel Series Kinzu)
  14. Unifi connection
  15. Table Lamp (Gotten TWO lamps)
  16. A new sofa set
  17. Another stand fan
  18. A steam iron (Gotten a Hagiss multi steamer)
  19. Shower unit
  20. Car seat covers
and the list goes on ... (Note: there is more than 40 items on that list)

Year 2011:
(Note: the following would be an addition to the previous list)
  1. Camera Backpack
  2. Dry-box
  3. Dehumidifier
  4. 8GB CF card
  5. Single hanging rack (Gotten one from Carrefour)
  6. Sound system for car
  7. Power window replacement for car
  8. USB charger for phone (Gotten a set from E-bay)
  9. Flash Soft Diffuser (Gotten a set from E-bay)
  10. iPhone
  11. Sticky board
  12. Water pressure pump unit
  13. Casual-work shoes (Gotten a pair from Line7)
  14. Formal shoes
  15. UPS Unit
and the list goes on AGAIN ... OMG!! How to become rich now??!!

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