Monday, July 25, 2011

Gone? Back?

Most people would have thought I'd give up on blogging already. Nope, I did not. Just that I've been REALLY REALLY busy to the point, I'd barely have time for myself. That's honest to the heart.

So what's happening? Well, I've been traveling lately, BUT it's for business purposes. Recently, been assigned to certain project (of which details I cannot disclose to you due to private and confidential matters) and it requires me to be onshore/on-site at my client's office(s). What I can share with you is that I've been around Jakarta and Bangkok these couple of weeks =P Unfortunately, due to time constraint I didn't have the luxury to explore the cities nor have time to take pictures - unless you're interested in hotel views from the inside, and the buffet breakfast in which I had most mornings, or even the canteen/food court food during lunches and dinners. *takes a look at you* Well, I guess not.

So what's before that? Seriously, busy office works. No doubt, I was the runner for many projects (yes, I'm involved in various projects). Organizing, planning, development, coordinating, leading, you name it - I've been in many areas, far beyond my job scope as well. Now you know why I'm busy? Why? I guess I wanted to make a point to everyone - Jeffro's in town, and he's playing a strong game!

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