Monday, June 21, 2010


No I'm not talking about programming, neither am I talking about going into the world of programming. But I am referring to a new world in which I'm about to go into. Just a few more months away and I'll be joining the world where many of my friends are already in - The Real World aka The Working Society.

I'm gonna reach there soon!

Well, I would say I've been amongst friends who've been asking me "Where you working?", "How's work?", "Don't you have work to do?" and etc. It's been really bugging me, 'causing these questions came to me years ago... So yeah, finally in just a few more months, I can proudly tell them, "YES, I'm WORKING now at (TBA) as (TBA). Looking forward to doing business with you one day" or something like that.

Yes, I'm fed up of studying, fed up of academic theories 'cause being a practical person who learns hands-on, I'm actually being held back by the theoretical bullshit that I've been put through. Like seriously, we all clearly know that not all taught in class would be practical or implicable in the real world - so why bother putting so much effort on that, where we could be spending time learning the newer methods to resolve issues, adapt to changing environments and discover new possibilities? (Well, definitely better than re-inventing the old wheels, in which that's exactly what I'm doing)

Nevermind that, if I were to dispute on that matter, it'll be a neverending matter to argue, debate or even discuss on. As of now, it's rather pointless, as I'm nearing the end of what they call it, the tertiary education aka college. Am looking forward to the new world (I've been unofficially in it a couple of times, but after this, it's gonna be permanent). Actually I've looked forward to this day, since I was a kid, always wondering how big the world actually is and how small can I be? How much can I grow, and how far will I go? Who will I meet, and what will I be? All that to come, in just months away *gets excited*

Alright back to reality,
I ain't there yet...
Assignment calls...


  1. lol... Trust me, once you started work you will wish that its better to continue on study. But that's just a temporary thing. Once you been in the 'real world' for a year or two, you won't look back on study. Imagine the satisfaction of getting your monthly income instead of finishing monthly assignments. XP

  2. @Josh:
    hahaha it is because I've stepped into the world once (actually a few times, in and out) that I like the 'real world' where real matters are... Another point exactly as you've mentioned - Salary over assignments! :P

  3. yes bro, you are really over-excited to step into the working world worry..I'm sure you are going to hav a lot fun once you step into it..but u gotta b very careful with the ppl out human beings are sometimes very selfish.

  4. @Lisa717:
    hahaha.. not over-excited, just excited :P
    Yeah, it'll a place that will groom me into a smarter person... A place to truly develop myself in many ways... :)