Thursday, June 10, 2010


Finally! It's been a while that I wanted to write something. But every time I would like to do so, I ended up getting pissed at my ISP (or maybe it's just the area that I'm in, but isn't that the responsibilities of my ISP to ensure the quality of service here? Why aren't they ... here I go again with the long story, sorry about that) for my frequent disconnection and slow connectivity upon establish a decent connection.

So from one time to another, I've only to postpone what I am to write. If you're using blogspot and you're composing a post, you'd probably be clicking on the orange-box bottom-left of the new-post page by the time you're done in writing and editing your pots. That's what I did, but due to connection issues, I ended up getting "Time out errors"

An example of what I usually get once I have written/edited/commented
on something

All of them made me lazy to continue, and I end up procrastinating postponing my stuffs...

But tonight it all seems alright, nah it's not a rant that I'm pointing out..
I'm just coming up to "ROAR" it out =P
Otherwise people think that I'm easily bullied...
I mean people would think I've disappeared XD


  1. yeah bro!!!!
    good to hear that you turned to be a "tiger" cz u ROAR!!! hahhaa..lame 1, i know...well, can't wait for your update!!! btw, if you are interested in "Food Review", kindly check out my latest post ya^^

  2. @Lisa:
    heyya! Yeah needed to roar, didnt want to keep it inside xD hehehe Ooo food review eh? I wish I can join you, but I'm a little busy at the moment until at least September, but will check out your post... Thanks ya Liz! :)