Monday, July 05, 2010

Audrey's Farewell

Yeah it's rather sad, but it's the fact. She dumpedleft us and Bolehland for a better place... Hahaha, it sounded wrong for a moment. Truth be told, as of this moment, she's on her way to her new home in Ireland =) So last Thursday, she held her farewell party in one of the parks nearby her house... Guess what? It was raining! (O_O)

We'll miss you Audrey!
Your mad jovial laughter...
Come back and visit sometime!! =P

I swear, it was raining! See those umbrellas?
Ok maybe it's not that obvious...

Nah, is that obvious enough?
There's plenty of food, but some of them went soggy, hahaha...

This is the past where they camped when it was pouring, LOL
(by the way, see there's more umbrellas!)

After being there, we found shelter! we went to
Samuel's place a while to chillax and get away from the rain...
Also to relax before moving on to the next party =)

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