Monday, October 18, 2010

Unfairness, Really!

It's only my first 6th week of long-life-career, and guess what? Job opportunities are coming in to me like meteor shower - random time, random place, and numerous counts! Even I can't believe it! *disturbed expression*

"Are you free to come over this weekend to help us out?"

"Hey I've got a job for you in [insert month], would you be able to make it?"

"Hi, I'm calling from a recommendation of your friend, [insert name]
are you good to do [insert job scope] on [insert date]?"

Just great, of all the times, they had to come in now. What happen to weeks or even months ago when I probably could have even more free time? Well, if you'd asked me earlier, I most certainly would have said yes. However, ever since I started work, I had been placing my focus entirely on work that I only have the weekends off, and none of the jobs, I repeat, NONE OF THE JOBS were vacant on weekends (=.=")

Yes, my friend, I have no doubts about that now!

but still .......


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