Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Happens at Work?!

Coming week will be my sixth (6th) week at work. And yes, the reason why I've stalled updating my blog is due to the workload I've been given. I'm involved in quite a big project, which is certainly a good opportunity for me to gain exposure. However, at the same time, it has been draining my energy every since I started, because I had to absorb a lot of new knowledge, apply them and improve/enhance my skills throughout the entire process.

No worries, it's not going to be all about boring text post,
what you'll be seeing from here forth is what I've been doing so far =P
(in a rather unique manner I'd say)

That snail represents me...
That's all I see...

Created by an ex-colleague during his free time..

I get to drink coffee/milo/teh tarik

"Sometimes we just walk pass someone but we don't say Hi,
or maybe it's just a "HI!" and that's all, then we move on...
At times we'll walk in different directions heading to different/same destination,
and we'll not see each others back when that happens..."

"But no matter what, we'll always need the support of another,
even if it looks like we're hitching a free ride..."

LOL Random-nyer =P

Alright that's how my desk looks like when I'm busy doing work...

This is how it looks like when I've sorted out the place properly

At first week, it was blank and nothing but an empty drawer...
Then comes second week, where I start placing tasty "animal" there...

Subsequently and there after, it's fully packed! =P
Colleague: "People's drawer full of documents, why yours full of food??!!"
Me: *snickers and smirks* "Jealous ar? *grins*"

Yes that's what I put up to keep my stuffs as it is =P


  1. thanks bro for updating your blog again~~
    yes, i had the same experience jz like urs during my 1st month working after graduated from Uni..
    we were sort of not to really Say 'hi' due to busy busy at work.. but we were prone to say 'bye' as all of us can't wait to go back home after a long hustle bustle day~

    anyway, you are creative enough to represent yourself with the snail^^ haha..enjoyed reading this post.. keep up with your good spirit in your working field^^ wish u the best of luck ya~

  2. @Lisa717:
    Hey lisa! Yeah, been uber busy lately that I hardly have time to update. Those pictures there were secretly taken in between work over a span of a week. Hahaha.

    Well, I do hope you get along with all your colleagues, as I am too =) Hahaha glad the creativity in me hasn't faded off =P Thanks alot!

    likewise, all the best to you too =)

  3. LOL so many foood! walao eh. Yeng betul XD

  4. @stephy-nie:
    Yeapz! Plenty of food for me everyday! =D