Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Clouds Are Blue

Being busy, I managed to find sometime to keep my mind off stressful stuffs. In doing that, I buried myself in thoughts of others - what I've seen, heard, felt personally or from others. And so, I came up with something short, a simple story that tells more than its word-count:

"how did I meet her? It started in a low cost flight.. A careless flight attendant bumped into me, made me drop my pen.. Just when I picked it up, the blazing sun struck my eyes and that's where I saw her.. Staring out into the blue sky and white fluffy clouds, her soft and warm eyes melted my heart and that's where it occurred to me, "where has she been all my life?" I couldn't get my eyes off her and so I started a conversation with her with "clouds so blue eh?" without realizing my mistake... She laughed and that's how we began our story *smiles*"

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