Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Honeymoon Experience Sucks!

I personally had one of THE most disappointment experience eating a dessert. To make things worst, it's the night of Mother's day where my sister decides to take us to eat at My Honeymoon! Don't know what I'm talking about? You gotta follow through on the story.

I got to know the place through a friend. Searched the net and found the Honeymoon site, and it looks amazing, they had lots of varieties, having my saliva dripping all over the keyboard just by looking at it!

So, Sis and I decided to head over (Kuchai Lama's branch),
and guess what we got there...
*shows angry fist!*

we specifically told the waiter to separate all the toppings and sauce from the main dish, and this is what they gave us (=.="). Unsatisfactorily, the kitchen gave us a lump of shit with different colors.

My mum had the chocolate set. The chocolate melted so badly, and for a moment I thought they had a war going on back there, that it turned out to be this way! *sigh*

I believe the war lasted a while, because the strawberry set that came in later, was alright *relieved*

Not only that, you see this mango above? In the earlier picture, if you'd noticed the mango was in a "mess". So we returned it to them and told them to change it because it was "messy". They went in and guess what? *points to the picture above* That's the same mango, but was washed with water before giving it back to us. WTF! Is this the way to do business? I asked for a new set, they CLEANED (with water) in hopes we'd believe it's a new set? You can still see the traces of "mess" there! OMG!

Very annoyed, disappointed and a little embarrassed (that our mum got a treatment she didn't deserve), we just finished it off to quickly get away from the place. FYI, the price for the dishes above aren't cheap either.

If you were me, what would you have done?

Note to Mum & Sis: So sorry to put you through this bad experience...
If only I'd knew better, that Honeymoon SUCKS!
I'd brought you to a better place...


  1. Saw from some of the bloggers blog post when they had a food review at one of then outlet looks like WOW! maybe this is the differences between food review & the real one ;)

    Happy mother day to ur mom ^^

  2. @Feeq:
    Well food review and the real thing is different. Food review, they "hire" you to write good words on their best menu at their best time. Once done and published, they slack like 2012 is coming (no need to do so good, 2012 on its way)

    Nways, on behalf of my mum, Thanks man! :D