Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dining @ T-Bowl Sucks!

Just when you think another weekend couldn't or shouldn't get any worse than the previous one, I'd say it's Strike TWO! Bad weekends on a streak =( and this time it's on T-Bowl (aka Toilet Bowl) Concept Restaurant. Heck I think it's a rip-off as well, I've seen its serving a while back, and compared to that, I'd say they'd drop the ball on quality of their food. Thought I'd give it a try at the Sunway's Branch (well everyone deserves a chance right?) so brought family and a friend of my sis there... just to be disappointed...

Before you read the rest, take a short look
at the site and the picture of the food I ordered

Now brace yourself ...

Tasty Crusine (they got it spelled wrongly, it's Cuisine for crying out loud!) Chicken Rice

See what's missing?
Not only that, picture couldn't even tell me it's actually
a Kung-Pou Chicken Rice...
Worse still, doesn't taste like Kung-Pou at all, more of black pepper

Blue Curacao Bubble
I feel kinda cheated, it's like liquid sugar with blue syrup,
heck the icing you see on top, doesn't have any taste...

My opinion, they should have added a lil' sprite at the very least...
At least if you wanna cheat your customers, do it properly...
Otherwise, it's not even worth it...

Mushroom Chicken Chop Rice & Chinese Mambo Pork Rice
It's literally a MUSHROOM (original there were 2 mushrooms
and an extra wonton) and Chicken Chop Rice...
But oh c'mon! if I'm gonna order lemon grass chicken chop...
you mean I'll get lemon and GRASS? sheesssh people...

I mean I do have a sense of humor, but it's not quite there,
especially when a person's hungry...

And you know the saying "when you're hungry everything's good" ?
Well, it's wrong, it's good, if it's truly good...
but this... Arrrggghhh!

Japanese Style Fried Rice (Vegetarian) & Honey Lemon Tea
Don't get me started on this as well...
I don't expect much from this meal, but again,
even so, I should have been given a decent meal right?
The drinks were very PLAIN... so no comment..
(or rather, it's just not worth the additional words)

Donut Delight & Fried Pumpkin
Ice cream came melting its way to our table.
I manage to quickly snap a picture, before it really melts into soup
the Fried Pumpkin? I guess I didn't like it at all..

Complimentary fruit from a dinner set
The setting is just wrong...
But I guess this is alright after all ;)

Long stuffs short, if you'd asked me,
that would be my first and last time...
But hey, don't take my word for it,
you give them 1-time business, and be the judge of it yourself!
(please don't say I didn't warn ya...)

but of course, if in anyway, should they have improved themselves,
(in which I highly doubt it's possible, especially in a short time)
then you're very lucky!

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