Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day #43

It's back to work for him! Fortunately, he wasn't feeling blue about it. Rather he felt enthusiastic about going to work that particular morning, because he had a couple of things arranged at office - Meeting clients, working out some plans and settling some backlogs.

He managed to arrive at workplace early despite leaving the house pretty late, 'cause traffic was unbelievably smooth - the perks of a festive celebration where hardly anyone is in town *snickers*

Though got work started with a rather slow engine that morning, things picked up pretty quickly. By the time he realized it, it was half way through the day. Thankfully, there weren't exactly much to do when most of his colleagues and clients are away on holiday. So it was pretty much a leisure at office.

After work, he picked up his mother and he took for a dinner to somewhat celebrate her birthday in advance, only because his mother's birthday actually falls on a special occasion in which he would not be able to bring his mother to a good dinner. They had a simple dinner, but a good chat and then went walking around the mall together - good mother and son bonding time.

Got back home, cleaned the house a little, and he had to clear up some stuffs from his room. A good couple of hours to re-arrange some items in his room, he managed to make a lot of space for himself. All those effort exhausted him completely and he went to bed rather early that night.

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