Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day #44

It's Valentine's day today and boy oh boy, was he an excited fellow that morning. He had dedicated a post to all his female friends and the joy he had looking at the comments and hearts of those he had touched that day, leaves him smiling almost endlessly!

As much as he was enjoying himself, he was wondering about the flowers and cookies that he had arranged for her. Since she's seeing someone else already, the gifts might seemed a little inappropriate. But he couldn't do anything about it, as everything was pre-arranged a month before the date. Yeah he seemed to have things pre-planned and worked out before the event actually happened. Since it cannot be changed, he just left it as it is, hoping she won't be able to tell who it is from. Pretty slim chance of that happening, because it was pretty obvious from the way he wrote the message.

She had received it and only thanked him for flowers and gifts. He didn't respond much and just said he was glad she liked them. Thereafter, he just continued his work. By end of the day, he had completed nearly all his office tasks. He had a dinner appointment with his old time buddies. Knowing that would be another evening of red packet collection and good food, he went there with an empty stomach.

Filled himself with lots of cookies and dried meat, he was contented. The whole bunch were chit chatting the whole evening, no one was bothered to play card games. He sat in to listen and occasionally jump in with a couple of stories himself.

Then it was time to head back to sleep! It's another working day for him, the following day.

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