Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shooting Awkwardly..

As some of you may know, I'm currently busy preparing for my exams (which is gonna take place for the whole of next week).. So I've been pretty busy.. But throughout the busy times, not always I was on the books and lappie.. Instead, I'm been playing around with my camera.. =D

This is taken with my camera phone, W700i

In the midst of revising, it is necessary that
I should slack a lot play some game


It has been a while, that I felt the lightnings of my shots aren't good at all.. That's mainly because of the basic flash that's built-in with the camera.. So I took the initiative to try out something new..

Behold ...


Well, not yet..
But Continue looking though.. =D

A clean shot of the flower, as there was only one..

My phone.. =D

Buddy's doing a good job checking on what's scheduled up..

Ahhh.. How I wished that was a real car for me..
*day dreams*

Belongs to my sis..

A souvenier that I'd gotten a few years back

Graphics drawn by a friend of my sis..
Cool ei?

Hang on ya.. just a few more.. =D

Close up on the audio jack

close up on my 8GB thumbdrive/flashdrive/pendrive

close up on one of my keychains

close upon my other key chain

The few pictures on top were taken with flash,
but how is it that the shadow is in a different angle?

No I don't own a external flash..
I wish I had one, make things easier for me..

So How did I do it??


Yeap, the top of a tin can,


a white box..
with white paper around.. =D

That's all that is needed..

Believe me..
Otherwise how would I produce such pictures?



  1. *giggles* Buddy checking on my schedule while me doing my work... Schooo CUTE!!! darling u still hvn't send me the pic of that

  2. Hahaha.. Yupsz.. =D yeah.. Will get on that ya.. Sorry ya.. I sorta forgotten XD

  3. Like the photo of you... cool!

  4. hahaha.. thanks Curry.. =D
    You should give it a try too.. xD