Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY All Around

Well it might be a little to say this out loud, but it's Chinese New Year (CNY) season everywhere.. So how's your celebration? Don't take it wrong, but I believe everyone can celebrate it despite different cultural backgrounds, religion or origins.. So let's put everything aside and CELEBRATE!

=====New Year's Eve At MidValley=====

Some performance for CNY welcoming

FYI, Those are the legs of a girl...
Don't mess with her..

She could even lift up a guy with her legs..

Some acrobatic stunts

"Man-made" tower

Some displays that you can usual see
during the
CNY festival

=====New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner=====

The time of year where every member of
the family comes back to gather and eat
the traditional food:

And what's more joyous is that the
young and single ones will get to receive:

And most of the relatives' house are
decorated with:

If you're lucky there's a cute little baby
to play with:

Awwwhhh, isn't she cute??


  1. I love the chinese new year too! the Ang Paos and most especially the great food that my mom and aunt used to prepare. hmmm... yummy!

  2. heyya michy, it's been a while now ei? well hope u had a great and awesome time during CNY like i did.. =D