Monday, January 05, 2009

Was Missing, Gonna be missing again..

In case if anyone ever wondered
why I sorta disappeared/was away/was not blogging for a moment,
well I'll let you know and show you why I wasn't around..

Well I wasn't the only one, that's for sure.. =P

I and my fellow coursemates had SHEET loads of works to do..
and to complete within a short time.. =(

This here shows that even one of the top student
in my class needs that many number of books for one subject..


A programming language called JAVA...
we had to create a "simple" program which requirements
you do not want to know..

Apart from that we had other assignments to submit
as the same time..

This shows how hectic it was, one of my friend was able to submit
that much of work within a week.. Believe it or not?


Some of us to the extend wanted to hide away from their work,
but had to complete it also no matter what..

as they all say: Life MUST go on..

We do have some who knows how to fully utilize technology..
and get job done concurrently.. =D

Cause even the simple maths wasn't that all simple for us..
Probability of getting the right answer is as shown.. 0.2592

So, to actually complete all the work we were given,
we had to come out with plans..
Plans that no one would believe..
Looking ridiculous? It saved out butts..

I was SO BUSY at the moment that my mum
had to remind me to bring my phone.. (=.=")

You know, I felt like crying at one moment..
But my wall did it for me, cause I was too busy.. =(

Everyone had problem trying to connect/reach to me..
I understand how that feels, I can't reach myself at times..

I had to work on two screens just to speed up my work..
and to do blogging.. IMAGINE THAT.. O_O

I'm only wearing specs to cover up the black rings
surrounding my eyes..

Well I guess I'll be away again...
Since exams are around the corner..

The work loop continues....


  1. very nice post. alot of funny pics

  2. @3.8:
    hahaha.. thanks thanks.. =D

  3. hey dudeeee
    guess wat
    i chaned my blog add already

    haha so pls update ur links ya?



  4. how i hate math and programming.. it gives makes my nose bleed.. hayy.. happy new year jeffro! vi-a-v! ;)

  5. Naks!

    Nerdy Nerd Cute type... Hehe!

    Lets adventure!

  6. @Kellster:
    Sure will update the link.. =D Thanks for the info..XD

    Hahahaha.. Well at least you know what I'm going through.. =D hahaha.. happy new year Bena!

    LoL.. Nerd? hahahaha..
    but I agree on you when it comes to a start of a NEW ADVENTURE! =D

  7. java give me a lot headace... i prefer java chip... lolz...

  8. You tell me Calvyn.. I've been stuck with it for 7 and 1/2 months.. O_O