Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Screening!

Wootza! I watched the Prince of Persia (PoPTSoT) and it was awesome! Thanks to Nuffnang and Mister Potato (product of Mamee-Double Decker) for the invitation to the screenings!

Great show, great storyline,
awesome special effects & computer graphics...
more on this shortly...


Sorry can't help it!
We were watching the local version, Prince of Per-Chee-Ahh
Hahaha, a typo error =P

The queue for the ticket collecting was long!
And guess what, people were early!
Collection started at 8.30pm, but these people were already there by 8pm!
Can you believe it?
They broken our cultural rules: +1 into our GMT
Awesome movie awaits them, that's why!

The line went past the escalator!
to almost the stall in the mid of the floor O_O

Jacquelyn noticed me with the new camera,
so she quickly got to me and *click* Tadah!

Here's my date for the invitation - Stephy-nie!

Here's the proof of the invitation (in case if you're still doubting me, LOL)
Oh yea, in the hall, Samuel was spamming his flash before the movie started
with his new camera (D90+SB900+Tamron1750, Wootza)!

After movies some of us went for yumcha!

Alright that's that, back to the review eh, shall we?

What Is It About?:

An epic adventure kick started by a rogue prince who is reluctantly joins forces with princes from the mystical lands. Together they fought against the prince's uncle who secretly leads a dark force in hopes of obtaining an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time (which is believe to be the gift fro the gods once a upon a time, a dagger that can reverse time).

Rogue prince not of the royal family, but was brought into the noble family. Later part of the movie, he was suspected of killing his father, the King of Persia and was head hunted by many. That is where the journey to uncover the truth begins~

What's Good?

Other than the special effects, computer graphics, and storyline, I consider it as one of the best computer games adaptation. The characters were very much a like the ones in the game, in terms of appearances (not exact but an acceptable similarity)

What's Bad?

Well practically if you know the game or the show itself, you would know how this would be like. After all, it is an adaptation. Besides that, was the uninspired romance which is completely obvious and unrealistic. There wasn't anything surprising, even the separation of PoP's body when he used the Dagger of Time. Almost everything was anticipated for.

My Ratings:
for a great action-adventure movie!
A must watch movie! =)
A good movie to test out your HD TVs at home! =P


  1. i was there bro^^ hahahas...

  2. @Lisa717:
    Omg you were?! Did you see me? gosh, I must have miss you entirely.. Nevermind, next time!

  3. I look so white in the pic XD hahahahaha. Thanks for the invites! *winks* XDDDD

  4. @Stephy-nie:
    no probs at all =D Glad to have you as company =)

  5. Broda!!!

    your back from the Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Suresh:
    LOL not really, I just needed some fresh air only :D Back to the graveyard already :P

  7. hahah Graveyard??few more weeks then your finally done!!

    then lets go chickas hunting =p

  8. @Suresh:
    Well it's more like a few months time to be exact.. Cant wait till I'm out of college man :D