Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fate, Life or Decision?

Each one of us goes through tough and rough times. Some of face the same problem almost everyday, some may confront challenges that occurs in the chance of one in a millionth, while others may easily bypass these problem without much efforts.

But it all comes down to whether is it our individual fate that had already been decided, or life's just like that, or the decision we make that had led us into that struggle. I've witness and also encountered certain problems in which I'd normally say "I think it's fate, you know... No matter what I do, it just never goes my way... Maybe I'm not made for it..." I've been told whenever something wrong happens that "Shit happens... Life's a bitch... Live with it or die without it..." Not to forget when I sometimes make mistakes, and they tend to 'cause severe damage (hurt someone's feeling so deeply, financial loss, etc) and I'd get, "It was your choice, you should have seen it coming..." I don't know which is which.

Well, I'm curious, what about other people in the world? What do they see it as? Was it really fate, and that we can never beat our fate? Is it life that we can stereotype telling everyone the same thing, just because it happens all the time? Or is it our individual choices and decision that led us to misery and suffering? Which is which?

Don't get me wrong, this is not about pointing fingers or trying to blame something when things go wrong (but I assure you, for whatever situation, anyone and everyone will need to blame someone - whether it is oneself or another; otherwise we will not have a reason to do anything at all) But what could possibly be the reason behind the misfortunes? Is there such thing as luck? Or Miracles? Or is it just plain hard-worked efforts? Can things turn around, for the better, should we try and change stuffs as it is into something else?

I can't really say what is and what is not, and I'm certainly in no position to assure that one's fate cannot be change, life is always unfair or one doesn't have the choice at all. What I can say is that, for as long as I'm alive...
I will continue fighting on, pushing forward, even if it's against my fate and all odds...
Because it is my own life, and nobody else's, giving me the power to govern my own rules and principals...
For this is the decision I've chosen and made, and I shall live with it...

Simply because I believe there's something favorable on the other side...

How about you? I mean try take some time and give it a thought.
What has it been for you? Would you want to try and change it?
What approach would you take?


  1. OMG thats deep bro! and as for me, i wont let fate decide. I'll decide my fate ;)

  2. @Seraph:
    hahaha, it's deep? Hahaha, I guess that's what 3AM can do to you =P

  3. i think people wil go different path~~
    juz see whre u wan to go~^^

  4. @xijon89:
    yeah everyone has their different views too :)