Thursday, January 20, 2011

We'll Knock 'em Doors!

Opportunity is a unique thing - a thing that everyone searches for and for everyone, it appears in different forms and comes in different manner. How so? Simple as it sounds I'll just refresh your minds on 'Opportunity'

"The window of opportunity"

"Opportunity is knocking on your door"

"You found an opportunity!"

But with that being said, some of us just can't seem to find this "Opportunity" or know what "Opportunity" is. Fret not! Don't wait for it to appear or hunt something that you can't see/smell/hear (yes, in some cases people have said "I smell opportunity around the corner" or even "I hear opportunity's foot-stepping towards my front door"). Believe it or not, everyone will come across this opportunity but at different times, and for those who can't wait for that time to come, well what more can I say than, make the time yours! Do whatever it takes to get a breakthrough in whatever you're doing or I should say "Opportunity" in anyway...

Well, it's my way of saying:

"If Opportunity don't come knocking on your door or window,
then knock on Opportunity's door instead!"

You'd be surprised in what you may find then


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