Friday, January 21, 2011

When I'm in Singapore

A few weeks back, I had gotten my first opportunity to work outstation (as in out of the country) and Singapore was a good start (there'll be more, and UK's one of the future destination *smiles*). Well, since I can't snap picture of work, and neither did I get the chance to roam Singapore freely on my own due to time constraint, what I managed to do is during my free time (after working hours) I got hold of Nathalie and YingZi (more like the other way around actually) for a dinner / supper. So that was the only time I managed to take pictures.

By the way, we had our dinner at Astons
(which requires a lot of waiting!)

Here's a snap of Nath while waiting in-line of the queue,
and also for YingZi to arrive

We finally got seated... look at their happy faces~~

Here's Nath and I,
she's my lifesaver in Singapore, and I'm geographically-retarded

They insisted that I did the Asian-pose...

Alright enough of them or me
(cause that's the only pictures I have on people *ashamed*)

Let's check out the food shall we??

Astons about western style, so here's what we ate:

Chargrill Chicken
w/ Mashed Potato and Tasty Rice
(served at SGD 6.90)

Lemon Lime Chicken
w/ Mashed Potato and Onion Rings
(served at SGD 6.90)

Hickory BBQ Chicken
w/ Baked Potato and French Fries
(served at SGD 6.90)

Awwww... Did I make you hungry?
I'm sorry... Not!! It's lunch time!
What are ya doing looking at this? You should be out eating by now!


Well, FYI, I only found Astons in Singapore..
In fact, I believe they're all over Singapore...

So which one doesn't require waiting?
My best guess is the outlet in Changi Airport...
How would I know? Simple, I ate there before I left back to ye' ol' KL

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