Monday, January 03, 2011

HOLLA from Me Office!

Time flies and little did you know that ... Well, if you're guessing that I was going to continue with "it's the new year already", you're about to be corrected. Here's what I was about to say:

"Time flies and little did you know that, I'm already back in office and it feels like an old year again (doesn't feel any different out of the norm, especially for a new year). Guess it's back to the rush-for-deadlines moments for most of us. Yes, note the 'most of us' statement, because some of you reading this ain't rushing at all. In fact, some middle-schoolers have just completed their SPM about a month ago and have been enjoying their holiday spree. Yea, yea, yea, enjoy it while it last! *evil laughs*"

Well, that was exactly what I wanted to say. See, told ya (especially SOME of you out there) not to try and play guessing with me =P Anyways, I've gotta get back to work.

Those of you feeling the Monday-blues,
chillax, it'll be in no time till its off-work hours!
So have a great day, and enjoy the splendid week!


  1. Happie New Year to you, bro!! May God continues to bless abundantly^^

  2. @Lisa717:
    Happy new year to you too... thanks for the wishes.. May you get the best of things =D