Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine’s Day!

So this post is about MY valentine’s day *jeng jeng jeng* But before I go into that, HOW WAS YOURS?! *grins* Did you have an amazing time like me? Hahaha, alright was totally kidding on that. But, I did had an awesome time! =)

Hurry, hurry, get on with the story!
Well, hold ya horses there!

I won’t be telling you everything, but I will be sharing some stuffs that can help those of you in getting ideas to make your date more interesting, especially single-but-not-taken people =D This is also in respect for my date for valentine’s as she isn’t comfortable with me sharing much details about it. Well, some GOOD stuffs should be kept a secret and a mystery in order to keep it interesting *grins*

First off! - Gifts!

Check out what I have in place for the lady hehehe..

P1050693 copyP1050697 copy

P1050696 copyP1050699 copy

P1050698 copyP1050695 copy
*stand proud*
I must say, the tad bit of creativity in me sure makes things a little different =P
These are very much affordable, but it is the effort of putting the bits and pieces together
that made a lady very happy to begin with *smiles on cloud nine*


 Second Plan – The Date!

The first rule you got to know that romance is a incremental thing.
So on the first date, NEVER be overly romantic or creative
(otherwise, you’ll face trouble for the second time)

So, I did somewhat plan for the night, BUT it wasn’t like all luxurious and stuffs like that.
There were any reservations, neither was there any peak-city-view where we spent the night.

Cut to the chase! WHAT DID YOU DO?
Hahaha, that’s something many would like to know, wouldn’t you? *evil grins*

Took her to dinner, thereafter for a walk, and then finally sent her home safely.

P1050733 copyP1050731 copy
That’s what I wore for the night =D
Pretty simple, and meet the criteria right?

Wah, look so handsome tonight!” – That’s what the owner of the restaurant said.
(Errr, it was not in exact words, but you get the meaning =P)

Keep in mind, that no matter what your date says whether she’s gonna wear casual or elegant,
you’ve got step up to the game, and not let him/her down on the day itself.
Trust me, this is from many experience and I’m glad I did well in terms of attire *grins*
(that’s me putting ‘money’ into your pocket)

photo 4 copyP1050734 copy
We had a fine meal, but it was a little too much for her,
so I had to take in quite a fair bit extra meat that night hahaha.

I can’t show you more than the holding hands =)
(btw FYI that’s not her hand; and I don’t want to ‘cause her any awkwardness, hence shall not upload more)


Third Move – Tah-dah!

That’s all for this post!!
Thank you… you’ve been a great audience!

*walks out the door*

OI! Dafuq?! Come back here and finish your story

*slides back in*

Well, folks, shouldn’t the final part be mystery?
You wouldn’t reveal the ending of your ‘story’ too, right?
Plus, I scared later you jealous and can’t sleep, then I’d be in dilemma =P

Kidding guys, but it’s private matters and also to be respectful to the lady…

So, it means that you guys got do, do ah??

Like I said, that’s a mystery!
Thanks peeps!
I hope you had yourselves an enjoyable valentine’s day,
and feel free to share with me your story too!
*runs out the door*


  1. AWESOME!!! Hi to Jeffro's Valentine ;) ;)

  2. the hand u holding looks like a guy hand. maybe it's your own hand ROFL

  3. @Terri:
    Hahaha a big Hi back! =D It's gonna be a yearly thing =P

    @Cow that Bite!:
    O_O i hope the lady whose hand i borrow for this picture isn't offended. Btw, there's no way my hand could be in that position, you can try that =P but i assure you in NO WAY you can do that =P

    1. Yupz that's definitely a lady's hand, my hand's rather hairy though =)