Wednesday, February 08, 2012

CNY 2012 is Over! Valentine’s Next-up!

How did you celebrate your CNY? What was the best moment for you? For me, I had one of the best times celebrating it with family and friends! Last year, I didn’t enjoy much, so this year I made sure I got the best out of it =D So, here’s some shots to share with you what happened during CNY (you can also see my previous post on CNY celebration):

Gathering with Highschool mates:

P1050469 copyP1050472 copy
I find it almost unbelievable that it’s been 7 years since we left highschool!
7 years already!

P1050437 copyP1050440 copy

P1050441 copyP1050443 copy
Lou Sang!

P1050435 copyP1050446 copy
Preparation of Steamboat dinner

P1050465 copyP1050463 copy
Desserts and after-meal chit-chat

P1050438 copyP1050439 copy

P1050477 copyP1050467 copy
Snappy snap snap


Gathering with Bloggers:

P1050492 copyP1050490 copy
We played card on Jackie’s newly built balcony!
*It’s kinda dark and eerie if you’re the only one there*

P1050493 copyP1050496 copy
There’s not many shots, ‘cause it’s dark..
but there’s some takes on after-game and Samuel counting his win! *pfft~!*
What a sore-winner! =P


Gathering with Neighbor:

P1050498 copy
I focused too much on eating, and totally forgotten about everything else…
hahahaha *shy away*


Chap Goh Mei:

P1050687 copyP1050688 copy

P1050689 copyP1050690 copy

P1050691 copyP1050692 copy
Fun thing to do eh?
Too bad I didn’t go to the nearest river…
Would love to see the faces of the people who sees this =P


So that’s practically what I did during CNY…
Enough about that (since it’s over).. Let’s talk about the next soon-to-be-happening thing!!

Valentine’s Day is coming in a week’s time!!

So what’s your plan?


P1050489 copy
P1050698 copyP1050699 copy
Btw the dog’s Patrick… Shot him for fun while being in a slow drive..
So, who could possibly be the recipient of the valentine’s gift box?!
What’s in the box?!

Could it be her? jeng jeng jeng…
That’s a mystery for now Winking smile


Wanna know more?

Stay tune…

P1050430 copy
I’ll leave you with this! =P
Jeffro d Afro is in town!

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