Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saturday's Dinner with Friends

Am lucky to be invited to a house warming dinner last Saturday by Anne and her friends... Sorry it took me so long to process the pictures.. Having hard time to sort out the number of pictures I took..

It's a simple dinner which I enjoyed very much, and of course was able to make new friends..

So let me pictures tell you what happen the throughout the dinner.. =D



Plus, there's tong shui (sweet dessert)..

Don't shy shy...

Yeah, satay..
Finally I get to snap a picture,
and actually eat them!

Some other Chinese style dishes.. =D

Yummy I tell you..
Wish I had brought an extra stomach for that.. =)

Took a snap of the gals..

Sayang didn't snap the hostess as well.. Aiseh..

Okays.. No comments ya..

Already people are saying that it looks like
I *coughing manner* humping the garfield..

But hey, garfield's enjoying it right?

Oh btw, did I mentioned there were booze earlier?
Nyek Nyek Nyek.. XD

Cecelia and Anne decided to join in then..
Well I was kicked out.. =(

All Man Hong could do is stare.. O_O||

Later on, Cecelia did the exact same thing..
S.T.A.R.E.... O_O\

Then lastly a picture of us.. =D
Well I had to select from a bunch of pictures we taken..

Even hostess and everyone else was going =.="
"These two... really can go on... "

And that's how that Saturday dinner went.. Sorry ya I couldn't snap a picture with the hostess and the rest of ma new friends.. Next time, next time.. Hehehe


  1. awwww.... picture of us.... giggles... Hugs n smooches... glad u enjoyed urself... no worries u can curi photo of the hostess from me or u can go to her blog... XD

  2. hehehe yeah.. saw the sephia like.. Looks interesting.. =D alright will get onto her blog.. XD