Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry X'mas! [Part 1]

Tis the season to be jolly...

Fa la la la la la, la la la la..

Yeah.. Christmas is in town yal!

And SO AM I!

Finally, I'm updating my blog after disappearing for so long..
(will blog on that later on)

But let's get on to what I've been doing this time around..
My family was invited to a X'mas gathering
last Saturday (20th December 2008)
by a friend of my mum's..

So as a little courtesy we decided to contribute some food..
and as for me, and my friends (whom I've invited along),
we contributed some "hardship" LOL

Check how the day went out...
Hold onto your chairs

=========At Home

Doing preparations..

Wai Hong and I were assigned to cut the watermelon.. XD

With a blunt chopper! So no choice,
I had to step in to hold the watermelon still..

Took a piece!

Cos it was too slim, it got..

Wai Hong helped to cut the rest..
I was behind the scenes doing
the other parts of the watermelons..

Final results..
Woahla! Tadah... See nice right?

Mum decided to add in little oranges..

Then, all of us put together this as well.. =D

The unpaid photographer went berserk..
She demands a reward..

Took a chance to camwhore.. Teehee xD

Quickly change to new set of bedsheets..
P.S: Actually I sent them for washing,
and I put them back on..
What? It looks new ok?

To Siew Mei: This should be rewarding enough?
Hehehe.. I'll add in hugs for you.. =P

=========At Mum's Friend's Place=========

The Setting up..

I was attracted to this..
It looked so dang delicious.. YUM!

Okays, SiewMei thought that was a pig..
We all know that's a lamb..
Hence, to satisfy her and all,
I call it plamb (pig + lamb)!
Am I a genius or what? wtf LOL

I told my friends secretly:
"If the plamb is not enough, we can roast this dog...
They'd looked the same when roasted.."

They went: =.= *wtf*

This is the name of the alley where my mum's friend's place
is allocated.. To those who don't know what Pisang is..
See the next picture..

This symbolizes the area well enough...
Why? There is:
Bukit Pisang (Banana Hill)
Jalan Pisang (Banana Road)
Lorong Pisang (Banana Alley)
Orang Pisang
(Banana Man = this refers to Chinese men who dunno Mandarin)

Ermm that person is me.. =(

I see both my friends getting along just fine..
So I decided to leave them chatting there,
while I go and snap snap pics..

Took a picture of the Xmas tree..
It's really nice, so many colors.. =D

Dinner Time..

Joshua and Samantha at the Ais Kacang Section
doing what they can do best..
inheritance from Ah Ma's Ais Kacang Recipe..

Looks a lot right?

Plamb is big enough?

Satay on the plate!
(but this finished within 3 mins, wtf...
I took a picture of it, turn around,
and it's GONE!)

This section alone is enough to fill up several people,
without having to go through the main course.. =D

Everyone enjoys the food..

After dinner: Entertainment...

Macarios and Samantha were going through again the notes..
for a little carolling session later on..

Then everyone stood up to sing along..
It was really lively..
I sang along while taking pictures.. =)

There was some game sessions too..
This part: Who's the tallest person in your group?
The guy on the left clearly won..
Winner: Abu Bakar

Yesh, this round:
Who has the slimmest waist?
Guess what a guy was part of it too!
Psst, SiewMei's waist was being measured there..
I tell you everyone there has *whistle* a nice waist..
compared to me.. LOL

Samantha won with the slimmest waist..
OMG.. so slim right??
Btw she outbeat everyone by an inch..
Okays, that's all.. No more details..
Only I get to know them... =D

Of course, every game has a prezzie for the winners..
And for those who did not win, but did attend gets to bring home a gift
that was prepared by the fellowship.. =D

Time to go home..

Oh well no matter fun it is, time is still a constraint..
So this is how we say bye for now:



  1. hey jeff... merry christmas! where have you been?

  2. heyya Michy! Well been busy with assignments until lately i got some time off (holiday seasons) but will continue again the busy times in january.. =(

    oh ya, merry xmas to you too!